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Please find below how you can access the two downloads we mentioned during the conversation.

The Four D’s Method

During the busy life of daily work, it is very common to experience times of overwhelm, especially when viewing your growing task list. This method is a simple and straight forward way that provides.

When you look at your task list, there are four high-level categories under which each task can be reviewed. This guide will provide instructions on how you can apply this method to your task review process.

The Pomodoro Method

Use this simple method to encourage focus with intentional breaks

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Time Activator Group Program

Are you reaching business overwhelm,  juggling multiple tasks? Let’s get your time and task management process under control so you can be working where you add the most value.

Next Round Commencing October 2020

Within a three week process, you will receive:

✔  A method for managing your tasks that is tailored to your style of working

✔  An understanding of your working rhythm and designed time work blocks

✔  An application of “best practice” structure for your new system

✔  An implementation action plan

✔  Virtual implementation support (3 x 45 minute sessions)

“Nicole, OMG I have had the most productive day.  I’m doing really well with the blocking and scheduling as you suggested.  I got sooo much work done it’s crazy.”

Erin Hardy | The Excel Lady

Your investment to create your new way of working


     $497 + GST

BONUS: 30min individual review of your current process to identify custom areas for enhancement


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