The Artisans: a solutions-focused small business consultancy.

We design clever systems to make businesses love what they can do (sooner and easier than they once believed possible).

Working with businesses to leverage what they have to achieve what they want with two of their big assets—IT and their people. We see time and time again that having strength in one does not always lift the others (or it can buckle under the pressure).

This is where our other thing comes in. Because we can hold a tune and step to the beat, we know how to harmonise the clunky parts, open the bottlenecks, and set you up for your people and IT to work together with ease toward what’s important to you—your big.

Oh, there’s one more thing we are known for: being super practical and enjoying the process of getting it done.

Our Service

  • Empowering business leaders to connect with business systems that support businesses to thrive
  • Bespoke system design and process development specific to your business needs
  • Offering ongoing support options that enable operational continuous improvement

Our Approach

  • Aligning business strategy with operational business-as-usual practices
  • Personalising the best solutions for your business
  • Following our tried and tested Four Phase Transformation approach

Our Results

  • You’ll experience improvement in efficiency and team engagement
  • Return on investment as a result of enhanced productivity
  • Space to focus on business growth activities

A word from Nicole…

Director & Virtual COO, The Artisans

Systems are an area of any business that can be easily hidden away out of sight and therefore many times are placed at the end of the priority list for investment. However, I have seen firsthand, the exact moment when a business leader identifies with a small shift of focus results in a positive return on investment and supports their plans to scale, and the words “Why didn’t I do this sooner” dance across the airways.

The fabulous thing is that at any stage or size of business, you have the opportunity to evolve your current ways of working. As the owner of a small business consultancy, I work with successful business owners every day to design business solutions that not only support their businesses to thrive and opens up the space to lean into the areas that support their bigger goals.

Seeing you thrive is my passion

Designing solutions for my clients is my happy place. Understanding the unlimited possibilities available to each client, and seeing the look of realisation when it dawns on them there’s a simpler way that will save them time and money is incredibly rewarding. Add to that, knowing that they will have the freedom to have a life beyond their business is the cherry on the amazing sundae that is life in small business consultancy.

CAUTION: My enthusiasm for what I do is contagious. So watch out!

Learn from my experience

With over 20 years of experience implementing systems and processes for a range of businesses large and small, I have experienced firsthand the experience business leaders can have when systems are letting them down and they’re failing to get the outcome they need

Every business, or more importantly, CEO, is unique and deserves the best business support that aligns to the way that they want to work.

I don’t judge where you are, I’m excited about where you are going.

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Connection is key

Building genuine, long-term connections with my clients is something that I value.

Working with me you will:

  • Share my knowledge
  • Be supported in your growth
  • Instantly see the benefits of having slick solutions and processes in your business

And it doesn’t stop there. My involvement with my previous clients is ongoing – and I often feel like an honorary member of the team. And likewise, you will become part of my network, being the first to know if I learn about something that would be useful to what you are looking to achieve.

Meet The Artisans Team

“We partner with our client to transform and introduce sustainable operating practices as your business-as-usual experience.”

Nicole Smith

Virtual COO

Don't just take it from us

Here's what out clients have to say

“Now I feel like ClickUp’s starting to create a real freedom of thought for us and allowed the humans in our business to do what they do best.”

Ami Summers, Director and Lead Coach | Craft Coaching & Development

“If we were chatting over coffee about how hard the little things are and what they are stopping you from achieving in your business, I would say to you, 'You want a Nicole, and not just any Nicole, you want Nicole Smith of The Artisans Business Solutions”

Kathy Rast | Lingusitiologist

“My hour with Nicole from The Artisans got me so fired up last week! Her ideas and insight gave me so much to work with for the next six months in managing the growth of my business. Thank you so much for an amazing hour of your time!”

Gill Noonan | Latitude Health

“Nicole is an absolute pleasure to work with, and she has a genuine caring approach to the success of my business! She is an incredible leader and educator in time management processes and implementation. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her across a variety of occasions, she has introduced me to new programs that have increased my productivity and professionalism, from paper to computer with SO MUCH organisation! I’m now excited to work on my business each day with fun new systems that provide clarity and regular wins!”

Sarina Lowe | Androsia Connection

"Working with Nicole has allowed us to break through the clutter and create structure and systems within our business. We have now introduced a new booking/scheduling system that has improved how we now manage our client bookings. This has not only complimented the way we interact with our clients but also increased internal communication with our team. You have helped us so much Nicole! We could not have done this without you."

Tiana and Holly | Cleans To A Tee


Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.