Episode 31

Growing your Business with FLOW with Sukhy Bansal

August 25th, 2021


Today we’re chatting with Sukhy Bansal from Your Soul Biz all about growing your business with flow.
We dive into:
  • Sukhy’s journey in business and how she got started
  • Creating a business that feels aligned to you
  • Embracing running your business ‘outside of the box’
  • Masculine and Feminine in business
  • Paying yourself in business
  • Outsourcing so you feel supported in your business
  • Finding your support system and community in business

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Sukhy Bansal | Your Soul Biz

About Sukhy

As a business coach my mission is to change the way women feel about finances and growing a business. After 15 years as a chartered accountant in various leadership roles I decided to bring my corporate experience to small business.
In my coaching programs I use my signature framework FLOW to help clients set up their business for long term and sustainable growth. It has also been a way to blend the finance & strategy experience I have with the mindset side of business, which goes hand in hand.
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Full Episode Transcription

Nicole Smith 0:02
Welcome to Take Control With Nicole. As business owners, we experienced firsthand the fine line between our personal and business life. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce, overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.

Hello, Hello, and thank you for joining me for this fabulous episode of take control with Nicole. Today, I have the amazing Sukhy Bansal here with me. And we are going to be talking about keeping your business in flow. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? So lovely. That’s the first thing I would love to introduce you to Sukhy. Sukhy is a business coach for service based and online entrepreneurs that want to grow and scale their businesses. Her mission is to change the way women feel about finances and growing a business. So important. That’s such a good mission. Because, yeah, love it. And I’m sure we’re gonna dive all into that. But Hello, thank you so much for joining me here today and sharing all your amazingness with my community.

Sukhy Bansal 1:21
Thank you, Nicole. lovely to be here. It’s exciting and to be doing something in lockdown at the moment. And yeah, it’s lovely to speak with you today.

Nicole Smith 1:32
Thank you. Yeah, it’s we were just chatting before we press that record button. Obviously based in Melbourne and you’re in you’re in Sydney. So you, you are in a space where we were last year with the lockdowns but I really hope that things start to open up again soon.

Sukhy Bansal 1:50
Thank you. Yeah, it’s five weeks and counting. So it feels like more when you have young kids. But no, it’s all good. just hoping everybody gets out of it safe. And yeah. In the meantime, just carry on doing what we’re doing. Exactly.

Nicole Smith 2:05
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Kids have kids at home is locked down is it’s fine. But we just do what we do. We just as we say we move around house, we find our space.

Sukhy Bansal 2:16
Yep. And I think as women where you know that this is where multitasking really gets put to the test I’m finding.

Nicole Smith 2:23
Yeah, exactly. Now, I would love to start with you sharing and telling us about you and your business and what makes you sparkle.

Sukhy Bansal 2:32
Amazing. Yeah, so I my business is called Your Soul Biz. And so a bit of background behind sort of how that came about. I actually qualified as a chartered accountant 15 years ago. So I did the typical, went through the corporate ladder, worked at many firms, banks, organisations and Sydney. And at the same time I had, I’d had two of the kids. And so I was working part time and balancing. But small business and having my own business was always something that I thought about and dreamt about I, my family were both my dad, my grandfather, my brother, they’re all entrepreneurs with their own businesses. So it was very much at the back of my mind to want to start something one day. And then when I had my third baby who’s now two, I just something just clicked just I didn’t feel like going back after maternity leave. And I thought if I’m going to I’m going to start something I just felt that push towards now Now is the time to do it. So I really go back and I started my own. I started a consulting business that first led to me the accounting side. So it was a virtual CFO business where I did some consulting work for people. And it was a nice way to sort of ease into ease into entrepreneurship and into something that was, as I said, more in line with my skill set at the time. And 18 months later, I just started to get those feelings again, where I just didn’t feel like it was aligning or as satisfying as I thought it would be. And it was really, it was a bit of a tough time to work out. Well, why why that is. I’ve got my own business. Now. It’s thriving. I’ve replaced my corporate salary, but I think I was just missing that connection. And I was missing the feminine side that I wanted to fulfil by going into business. And I was also talking to a lot of friends who were starting their own businesses and it just felt that they needed you know, they needed that support in understanding their finances and more so than the larger corporations I was working with. So I decided to pivot into business coaching And that’s been about a year now. And it’s taken me on a path of entrepreneurship, which really feels more fulfilling. And, as I mentioned before, just staying true to more of the feminine side and, and a lot more balance at the same time. So yeah, that’s, that’s how I guess your soul base came about. And it’s definitely still a juggle with, with, with balancing it with family priorities, but at the same time, it’s just given me the opportunity to work with who I want how I want to when I want to see my language.

Nicole Smith 5:39
That’s exactly right. That’s exactly the reason why I started my business as well, being able to have that choice and support people through that journey from you know that to, oh, I know what I’m doing. Now, I feel in control. And I understand that. I’ve got the awareness now. And yeah, like the corporate that CFO roles in the big organisations like I can totally understand that’s a very different from where you are now. But how wonderful, they’re different. You can get to be doing what you love and supporting the people that you want to support. So how wonderful. So again, making that change moving from the corporate back, you know, a couple of years ago, it is a time where you kind of like always, it’s the right thing to do, like, how did you? How did you deep down know that it was time that you weren’t going to go back that you’re going to expand and explore that entrepreneurial space that I think you always knew that you were going to go into?

Sukhy Bansal 6:46
Yeah, that’s a great question. I think, I can’t say I ever knew 100% that it was going to pan out the way it does. And don’t get me wrong, there’s some days where, you know, I am pulling my hair out thinking maybe it’s better just to have a nine to five, nine to five role,

Nicole Smith 7:04
or to that every doesn’t matter what stage of business, right?

Sukhy Bansal 7:08
Exactly, exactly. So I guess it was just a leap of faith. And it was having that support, firstly, for my husband, to where he’s actually an accountant as well, to accountant, but we’re very different, very, very different. And his his line of work is in data science. So it’s completely different type of finance role to what I was doing. But yeah, it was it was a combination of the encouragement from him. And also, what I felt was best for my family. I think that was a big driver, Nicole, because I could see in order to get to that next level in my corporate career, there would have been sacrifices I would have to make personally in terms of potentially putting the kids in after school care and before school care and not spending as much time with them as I wanted to. Yeah, I mean, I appreciate that. Some people have no choice. And, you know, but it’s all it’s all different. And for me, while they’re so young, I just I really wanted to be there when they got home from school. And to be honest, that was the main driver of wanting to leave that rigid nine to five role and start my own business. And then the how I was going to do that, I guess that just kept on evolving. Yeah. From the consulting side, and now to coaching and who knows, you know, where this is going to lead. But for the moment, it’s just interesting to look back and see how that’s changed.

Nicole Smith 8:35
And isn’t that fabulous? So that journey of entrepreneurship of, you know, starting out here and tricky to try and finding. Look, I’m good at that. But actually, you know what, it doesn’t really lock me up. So I’m going to now move over here, give that a go. And I love it, or maybe not quite right. refitting and refitting. That’s what it’s all about. I love it.

Sukhy Bansal 8:57
It’s very much been just to your point there, it’s very much been also reprogramming that you can, you can do things any way you want. And that’s what I’m finding. That’s the biggest learning for me right now. It’s just that there’s no set way to structure your day, there’s no set way to go out and get more clients as whatever feels aligned to where you are at that point in time. And that’s the bit I really love and, and obviously not having people tell you what to do.

Nicole Smith 9:28
Yeah, the designing your day element. That’s something I work with my clients on. Is that, okay? their mindset about, you know, you are in control of your time, if you want to get up at 4am and you’ve done your day by lunchtime, yes, fabulous. If you want to work till midnight, fabulous. No one tells you what’s right or wrong. You know, it’s that flexibility of being a business owner and as you said, with family being able to go Hey, I need that time now to go and pick the kids up from school or sit down and play Pokemon battles, which is what we were doing. I did that one, our Pokemon Have you not explored the world of Pokemon?

Sukhy Bansal 10:13
No, we’re on Sonic at the moment, Sonic, and Sonic for the eight year old in cocoa melon for the cocoa. Yeah, don’t even get me started, I think that the songs are just programmed into my brain.

Nicole Smith 10:27
We’ve got frozen Charlotte’s into frozen. So she’s working on an outfit runs around like screaming, let it go to the world. I love it. She’s amazing.

Sukhy Bansal 10:41
And that’s the other thing. I mean, I remember I used to be so conscious of what you know, talking about my kids too much in my, you know, in corporate and I used to, like, guess it’s not always like that. I mean, some organisations are different, but in finance was very much you know, just go go go. And even when we had if I was working from home, and we had sort of online calls, and you know, it was so has petrified of somebody walking in and you see those means that the guy in the suit, and his kid comes in, and he pushes them away. And now I’m just embracing it, because a lot of my clients are the mothers. Yeah, and they get it, they get that it’s not always going to be perfect. And the kids might come in when you’re in the middle of a call, and it’s okay. You know, and I love that.

Nicole Smith 11:29
Yeah, I have to agree with that. I know, because I’ve, I’ve come from a financial services background as well. I’ve always been in that sort of space. And when I lived in London, I know we’ve got that similar and common newborn there. Obviously, I just lived there for six years. But you know, those old school English investment banks, like the very, you know, and the suit and the outfits and the, you know, everything was like, bang on point, don’t go outside the square or the box, because that’s just like not done. It’s not the way. Whereas now in this space, you’re absolutely right. Sometimes I do have the kids that come in and say frozen to whoever is on the call with me. And, you know, like, it’s, it’s me, yeah, there’s still a level, of course, or professionalism. But there’s also a level of we are humans. You know, and this is life. I’m not just a worker, or a business owner. I’m a mother and a family person. I’ve got a husband and friends and all the things going on. Yeah. Sorry. Yes. Sorry. so important. Yeah. So I know that you’ve got a framework that you particularly use with your clients. I was just wondering if you’d like to sort of tell me a little bit about that. And how does it actually support your clients and the journey that you you go through with them?

Sukhy Bansal 12:53
Yeah, I’d love to tell you more about that. So the framework, so when I talk about framework, it’s a coaching framework, and I guess it came about quite naturally, I realised I had a framework without knowing I had that. Yeah, so good. And I did, you know, I still do I very much like the structure of things just to keep me on track, particularly when I’m, you know, working with clients and making sure I deliver to

Nicole Smith 13:23
you talking to the converted here, like, that’s my Well, that’s my whole business is developing those things for business owners. Sorry, I see, you’re not gonna judge me on that. Bring it talk prep, talk it at me all day long. I love it. Yeah. But yeah.

Sukhy Bansal 13:40
So I guess, I guess that that’s where it began, it was just okay, understanding what are the things I feel their business needs in order not just to grow it but profitably, so not, again, not just focusing on the sell side, the actual profit, and also in a sustainable way, so that they achieve long term long term growth, sorry, as opposed to something just, you know, a short, quick cash flow influx. And what actually, so what I’ve tried to do with this framework is it brings together the masculine side and the feminine side into managing money, and financials. And a lot of people at first, you know, what do you mean by feminine side to financials. And for me, it’s, it’s really, in the way that you approach things. So the masculine side, as you know, you know, is very Go go go, and that’s the background I came from. And it’s, you know, having those really astronomical financial goals going hard and fast to reach them. clearly defined goals and projections of you know, where you want to go in three to five to 10 years and all about the strategy and how to scale your business and Initially, that was very much what I was focusing on with my clients. But I with the framework, I introduced more of a, okay, well, how can we, how can we turn your business around, but also have more of a, an aligned feeling to what you’re doing, and integrate it a little bit more creative as well. And basically, what I’ve done is, I’ve introduced elements that are about things like creating visions, and ensuring that your core values are aligned with what your business is doing. I mean, I feel like they were key things that I missed out on. When I initially went into the consulting side, it was all about, okay, well, how much money can I earn in a business? Yeah, I don’t know whether you’ve experienced that. But I didn’t really take the time to sit back and say, Well, what type of business do I want to build? What’s the vision? Like, how do I see this integrating into my life? And, you know, that’s, that’s really what I’m trying to do with my clients. And we’re having, it’s, it’s working, which is why I love the framework, because it just forces them to, before we go into the structure, the systems, the financial goals, is taking that step back to be clear on their vision.

Nicole Smith 16:21
Their Why isn’t there Why? Why am I doing this business? Because, you know, I’ve seen a few things on social media about recently around, you know, I’m gonna give my nine to five, so I can work like 120 hours a week, or whatever, you know, like, yeah, don’t don’t move into this space for, you know, because it’s easy. That’s it, like we it’s something that we have a passion about. And really understanding that why and can help you make those decisions. And I love that that’s the place you start. Yeah, coming back to that is, helps you make all the things so yeah, I love that. That’s right.

Sukhy Bansal 17:01
And that’s what the f so that that’s what the F stands for. Yeah, it’s focusing in your vision and goals. And it’s basically just an it helps me also understand what their business is about and who they are. And I think as a coach, that’s really important, and it helps us build a relationship, firstly, and then it also helps you understand more what, what can I help them with in their business so that the end of three months, six months, 12 months, it’s really made a difference to them? And not to say your vision can’t change. And it’s not really it’s just a blueprint at a point in time that keeps you on track. And then the L in the florist is that’s more of the masculine side, then. So then we flip into, okay, what are some key tools I can give you that can really help you sort of create that revenue and translate it into profit and a positive cash flow? Yeah, so we talk things like budgets and cash flows, forecasts, and, you know, different profit driving tools. And, yeah, it’s a lot of spreadsheet work, I won’t lie, but it sounds

Nicole Smith 18:10
I do love a good spreadhseet, I do count on a spreadsheet all day long.

Sukhy Bansal 18:15
But I make them pretty nice colours for them. And, and they enjoy it, they enjoy learning, you know, and they build it into their processes of actively revisiting their cash flow forecast every week, for example, or having you know, we’ve just come through in Australia to the new financial year. So a lot of the work I was doing last month was helping my clients set up a financial budget for this year so that they feel empowered and knowing sort of what they’re doing each month and making the right decisions and being confident about their decisions. And again, that’s where the femininity comes in. Being confident and clear in, you know, your money habits and your financial decisions, which I feel at times women shy away from, but it’s knowing that it’s okay to go and hire. You know, this many people in your business or it’s okay to, you know, take a bit more money out a few business if that’s what you need is your wage, it’s empowering them to make those decisions.

Nicole Smith 19:15
So I’m part of Suz Chadwicks VBA. So brand builders Academy. Yeah, yes. Yeah. One of the things that really stuck out to me when I when I first started going through the programme was being a fat banker. So she talks about how the money in your business account and not actually paying yourself. That’s it. Yeah. And yeah, that’s something that really sort of was like, vision, mission and vision, isn’t it in your mind. I was being a fat banker for the longest time and I now have in my clickup as part of my monthly processes, pay yourself like do the review. pay yourself.

Sukhy Bansal 19:57
pay yourself what you’re worth. Don’t just pay yourself what you think is the norm or it’s it’s, you know, it’s paying yourself for the time that you’re putting into the business. Yeah. Not just the time that people can see, but all the backend work, you know, you and I know it’s sometimes it can seem so breezy on face value for people think of running a business is light, but there’s all the backend work that goes, you know, behind it. And it’s, it’s, you know, making sure you’re compensated for that as well. Yeah, absolutely. And yeah, so you know, that, that I find is one of the number one things that goes hand in hand with the mindset work, it’s people also just knowing their self worth. And that’s where I mean, like blending the two, it’s Yes, you need to pay yourself, but you also need to be confident in your value. Yeah, but again, I’ve been on that journey. So it’s,

Nicole Smith 20:52
it is that whole, you know, overcoming those limiting beliefs as well as being able to, yeah, no, I know, for me, stepping into transitioning. I have spoken about this before, but transitioning from corporate Nicole to business owner, Nicole, and like, yes, I’m wearing colours today, because it’s way too cold, it’s cold. But, you know, when I first started, I imagined my business looking a completely different way to who it was. And I was not a completely different person. But I was still in the corporate way of working. And you’ll notice anyone who’s been in corporate there is just a way that you become away Yeah, away, let’s just call it away. Whereas now I wear the bright colours, I’ve got the big earrings, I have sparkly now polish on every week, I’ve got love it, my daughter would look. So fun. I do ballroom dancing, and it started from a competition that I did want. And I said to my beautician I’m like, let’s go full sparkle. Ever since you know, we just add extra glitter every time I see her. So I love that. It’s stepping into who you are, though, knowing that you can be exactly who you are, and how amazing when you are and you attract the people that that want to be surrounded by and work with and support and, and that limiting belief is that sort of, I think the next stage of that, like knowing who you are, and then moving into, okay, so I am this, and I deserve this, you. Yep, exactly. Just interrupting this episode for one little message. If you have been listening and love what you hear and want to come in Connect, we have a take control with Nicole’s Facebook community, right over there on Facebook that I would love to invite you to come and join us. We are a supportive community, we are looking to really take action in our businesses, and change the way or evolve the way we’re working right now. So I invite you to get hold on over and join our community and connect with us all community is the essence of everything in business, being able to really build those relationships that you can nurture, and grow and support and celebrate each other are how fabulous, I hope to see you over there, pop on over to Facebook, take a troll with Nicole thesame.

Sukhy Bansal 23:22
And it’s really nice to see, you know, the, it’s not i’m not saying three months can change your life. You know, with a coach, it really does depend on the work you do as well. But, you know, it is nice to see how women particularly get that confidence when you say it’s okay to want, you know, to potentially draw another, however many dollars out of your business in order to fund you know, like, like getting your nails done or getting your hair done and you know, your business can afford it. You don’t have to keep that big lump sum of money there. Yeah. And there’s nobody, there’s no taxman watching you like as long as you do it, you know, and I’m an accountant. So I would never give them bad advice. But as long as you pay yourself in the correct way, it’s fine. It’s your money. Yeah.

Nicole Smith 24:10
That’s it. That is so true. It is your money. Like, you know, I guess that’s so sorry. I’ve just had a like a ping moment myself. Yeah. Yeah. You know, in business, it’s a business but ultimately, when you’re a solopreneur particular or it’s stuck, you know, it’s you are the business you are that’s every, every dollar that you earn, and you make comes from the work that you are investing in your business. Yeah, yeah. And the more I find, you know, the more that I make a big bold moves like you know, bringing on it my VA or just super scary like, bringing in an OBM because I know that I want to go to the next level and to do that. I want I need that support from from her to do that. I know I’m capable of doing it, but sometimes you just need that extra, you know, help but exactly,

Sukhy Bansal 25:09
Yep. And that’s a really good point, actually. Because, um, that that aligns really nicely with. So your your love the next one. So O stands for operating with Alliance structure systems and people? Well, and it’s exactly what you just said in a call. So it’s knowing it’s talking to clients about when’s the right time for them to start outsourcing. You know, typically you it is very as a start up, yes, you might need to be doing all the things but as you start to sort of experience those growing pains, it’s being okay to let go and focus on your zone of genius and let the right people handle everything else. And in other words, you know, have those experts around you and I really encourage my clients to do that. Because I think Firstly, there add a depth of experience that you might never get, because you don’t potentially don’t enjoy that area as much. And it’s just surrounding yourself by people who also have your business values at heart, but are adding value to use what your organisation as well. So I really love it. I love I love that. That particular part of the framework.

Nicole Smith 26:20
I’m loving that particular the framework. Again, that’s exactly what I’m about. And I had a conversation recently with my OBM. But she came on on my podcast before she has my again anyway, she’s fabulous. But we were talking about that by outsourcing. Yes, you stay in your zone of genius, but you’re also supporting the consultant or the person that you’re outsourcing to, to stay in their zone of genius. Yes. So how wonderful that you’re, you’re doing a two fold the win win.

Sukhy Bansal 26:52
Yeah. And and what I really love about that is, again, it aligns very much with I feel like a lot of the time, yes, you can just go and hire everybody. But you also have to be clear on and it comes back to that initial work with focusing on your vision, your values and your goals is knowing Well, what, what are the core values of your organisation? And it’s finding the right fit at the same time? Yeah, I feel especially for the bigger so I’ve got, you know, six figure seven figure organisations that I work with clients. And it’s, it’s, it’s saying, well, you might have somebody who’s a gun in this area, but if they’re not, if they don’t align to your values, and they they don’t really represent the business in a light that you you as the business owner do, then it’s not an aligned fit. And it’s a lot of the time yet, it might be tough conversations. But it’s ensuring that it’s it’s giving the it’s giving my clients the the confidence to be able to see that and question it. And then because there’s so I mean, there’s so many amazing people out there, you don’t just have to go, you don’t just have to hire based on skill set. You know, I very much believe it’s who you resonate with, who you align with, that can ultimately also help your business.

Nicole Smith 28:13
That’s it, you know, and it’s not just on a roll it is on a personal level as well. So my my VA I she’s been with me now for a couple months, maybe three, almost three months. And in the initial conversations, like I kind of got that really good feel about her. And anyway, a week in we started talking and we found all these things that we had in common like we’re both from Queensland, we both went to William Angliss hospitality School, which has now been here. Wow. Okay. Yeah, I know. But not only that, we both love musical theatre, and she’s an ex ballroom dancer. So like there were those like elements that we had in common and it’s just it’s Yeah, it was just a really lovely discovery and yeah, it kind of you know, sets things off in in the right motion and I know that she’s the right fit for me before even that but now even more as we work together it’s just the right fit.

Sukhy Bansal 29:11
So yeah, yeah, no, I love it and you know, going out and hiring so people who are experts in the HR space or you know, the right sort of legal legal advice and and even the right accountant you know, not all accountants, contrary to popular belief are the same. And it’s it’s knowing the ones you resonate with and the ones that you really feel a with you for the long term in your business and I often similar same with bookkeepers, you know, I often, you know, empower my clients to go and ask questions. And it’s not always about price. It’s knowing well, who’s who’s really going to help me in my business and asked me the tough questions and identify things that maybe I might not see day to day. Yeah. And again, no matter what size I mean, I’ve got clients I’ve got clients who are a million dollar companies, and they’ve just redone their whole organisation chart to align more with what they need at this point in time. And it’s helping them to see that as well as, I guess the other element to that is the processor side of things, it’s, you know, ensuring that they simplify their processes and automate it. So when they do, which sounds like you’re you’re doing at the moment, when they do start to scale, you know, it’s, and they start to get more people in the business or take on board more work. You know, it’s not too hard to replicate processes, because you understand what they are, and it’s documented and all those sort of masters

Nicole Smith 30:43
Absolutely, that’s exactly how I support my clients. So they come to me, and they’re in that transition of scaling, you know, that maybe they’ve got one or two contractors, and they they’re a little bit of a love of one of my clients arrived to me, she’s like, I’m just a hot mess like that. Well. I’m like, oh, wow, that’s fabulous. Oh, and, yeah, just being able to actually take a step back. And to your point about, you know, having somebody to see things that you may not be able to see, when you’re in the hot mess. It’s really hard to see all of the things really hard. Yeah, it’s really hard to detach, and particularly in business as an owner. Yeah, you live it and breathe it every day. It’s just getting this fresh, that fresh perspective, and it might not always be from family or your husband. He isn’t. Like, I told me a lot. But yeah, no ID in case he’s listening. We love you. As much as I supportive, I learned very early on that. I don’t look there for what I need. That’s it in my business side of things, because they just as they support me, they love me. They think I’m fabulous. All the things. But yeah, I don’t get it. Your family might be a little bit different. Because they’re actually entrepreneurs, you know, they’ve got their own business.

Sukhy Bansal 32:10
Again, it’s very different. Yeah, yeah. And I think you need that right support network around you and women. And I mean, I’m part of a mastermind, it was probably one of the biggest investments I made quite early on in my business. And I think that’s how we both met. I think we’ve got some people in common that yes,

Nicole Smith 32:27
Yeah. Yes.

Sukhy Bansal 32:28
And, and, you know, it was, yes, a big financial decision at the time, but you know, it’s just been the confidence has given me and the and the community, it’s given me of like minded women. Yep. Yeah, I feel like you really need that in business, because it can be quite lonely.

Nicole Smith 32:46
Yeah, that was my, Well, a couple of my first investments was I joined she mentors. Okay, so that was my first one. Last year, then I joined. My big investment was BBA with Sue’s and I okay, absolutely, whenever those doors are open, if people are listening to this, they’re just close for this next round. But if you’re looking to make those big things, she’s fabulous. Such a fabulous support. I’ve also just joined another community called we’re one roof. And again, it’s like that sort of next step up, surrounding yourself with those people that are just amazing. And they’re not taking big, bold moves. And, you know, just being in the room with those people is just as I’m really, really excited to get involved in that community. I’m a community minded person. So

Sukhy Bansal 33:36
I’ll look into that one. Yeah, definitely. And I think you also realise that, you know, the struggles that you potentially are going through, you’ve been through, it’s common, and, you know, not not to feel get down about it, and you help each other you lift each other up when, you know, I know, for example, when I, in the beginning, particularly, it was just really hard to get that traction, and I had so much I wanted to offer, but it was just getting the clients. You know, it’s having people say it’s okay, it will come to you and showing you, you know, another way potentially off of showcasing what you can offer and yeah, it’s just, it’s really nice to have that community. I definitely agree. And that’s where just to, I know, we’ve gone a long time on the flow framework, but that’s what the, that’s what the W is it’s working on your growth, mindset and confidence. And that’s a part that I sort of blend throughout the framework. It’s not just towards the end, but it’s things that I’m learning that I’m sharing, so things like journaling, you know, Rick just

Nicole Smith 34:42
Started which was good. I was just I was talking to my business besties rely on Instagram voice messages every day. And they’re my go to, but obviously I love that business. besties Yeah, fabulous. They were amazing people but um, For ages, I’m like, Oh, I don’t know how I can’t journal I self edit. I do all the things. I don’t have the right. Pen. Oh, yeah, yeah. All the things right? Yeah, stop at my journal. It’s Friday. And we’re having a conversation on Friday. And we’re talking about she was actually talking to some of my other one of my besties we’re talking about misty eyed. She was just saying, Why can’t you just start just talking about meditating? Why can’t you just do it? Let’s just do it. So it’s a thing. Now, let’s just you know, so over the weekend, I couldn’t sleep, brain, the entrepreneurial brain waking up in the middle of the night. And I came into my study, found a notebook found a pen. And I think I wrote about six pages. And then I went out. And then the next night did the same thing. And I’m like, okay, so I journal now. That’s a thing now.

Sukhy Bansal 35:56
That’s such a natural way to get into it. And I think sometimes that’s what stops that’s like, I know it did for me, how how do I journal like, What? What question do I write, you know? Or what if I write the wrong thing? That’s it. I have to do it in linear order. You know, I have to Yeah, comments the day it has to be this time. But it’s, it’s just working out what what fits with you. And I did, I did a live on Instagram a couple of weeks ago with the lady. Her name’s Leticia from a sexual shift. And I had a lot of my clients and myself in mind when I was asking these questions, but she gave some really good tips around, you know, what are some habits or rituals that you can implement? If you’re not used to it? And you know, there were really simple examples, like taking a walk. Yeah, being out with nature in the middle of your day, you know, when the sun’s up at 12 o’clock, it’s just having a ritual at different points during the day that lifts you up. And maybe I think, as a mom, especially, gives you that time to yourself. Yeah. And for me, similar to you, meditation is something I’ve always done, but not in that sort of strict 20 minutes at this time of day, it’s it’s just been whenever it fits in so far. For example, I’ve dropped the kids at school Hindi, then I’ll come home. And and if I remember, most the time I do, you know, try and do it, then. It’s not being too hard on yourself. Yeah, I think that’s the biggest thing. I have found, and I encourage my clients to just do what works for them. Yeah, anything, but just do something that continuously expands your mindset and gives you that downtime as well.

Nicole Smith 37:34
So important. So one of the, the processes I go through with my clients is designing your day in this respect about it. We literally like, envisage what it would be like, and a lot of the time at the start of the journey, you hear that I don’t have enough time, or I’m not doing all the things and you know, blah, blah, blah. And anyway, we sit down and got a spreadsheet. That’s where we start. And I actually map out I love it. When do we wake up? What are the first sort of things we do? When do we want to go to sleep? Well, how does that sort of end of the day routine look like? When are we having our breaks because I always say if you gotta have your breaks, like I’m a massive fan of the Pomodoro method. And if you’ve used that, it’s that, you know, people have heard it, but the sprinting with the breaks in between, and I find the most started doing that, actually, yeah, I love that. But that you find that you’re the most you get so much done once you’ve had those little break that rejuvenation time. And it’s that awareness of Oh, wow, okay, I can do all the things I want to do. That’s still work plus time for myself, and my family is super women, right? And it’s just rude. I love I love going through that process. It’s just that light of that peeling off.

Sukhy Bansal 38:54
Yeah, I do have the time. Yeah. And it that ties quite nicely to what you said right at the beginning, which was, you know, cutting out of corporate, I don’t know about you, but in the first couple of years of corporate I was working in chartered, so you had to keep timesheets, and he had to, you know, keep a count of every single thing you were doing. And then again, you know, even when I was working from home, it was very much you know, I know, my manager would be checking up to see if I was online and it was getting it was getting out of that mindset that I can structure the days as I want. And if that looks like working, you know, a good two, three hours in the morning, and then having the rest of the day with the kids and then maybe logging on again. It’s up to you how you want to do it. And that’s the bit I really love about entrepreneurship

Nicole Smith 39:45
and understanding your natural working rhythms as well. So if you’re a morning, kid, you say if you’re the most productive in that morning, sorry, yes, do it. I one of my one of my business besties where I’m gonna say that all the time now. I love that. Did you say yes She’s like, I’m really no good in between like two and five like to enforce, like, hate me for photo seven, and then I’m on there. I think I’m the same. Yeah. How good that you can do that, like this flexibility? Sorry.

Sukhy Bansal 40:20
We could talk all day I think I’ve never spoken before. But yeah, it’s, um, it’s really nice that when you align with people who think the same way, and then some people are different, you know, they do like the very rigid, you know, but again, in a business, I feel like you attract what you put out. And, and that’s something that I’m finding more and more. And yeah, I’m just really trying to practice gratitude as well, because I’m just so grateful that to have landed into something which I truly am enjoying, you know, and, and even with locked down at the moment it yes, it is a juggle, and it is hard to give the business 100%. But it’s knowing that, like last night, I had a client call at 730. But I was actually excited to do it. Probably because my husband was doing the bedtime routine. When Yeah. But I was reflecting that, you know, four years ago, if I had to go on a work call at 730. At night, I would not be happy. But you know, it was just a totally different vibe.

Nicole Smith 41:23
Because it’s your choice. It’s you’re doing something that you absolute, like it makes you shine inside. Yeah, I know, whenever I’m working with my clients, every session I go in, I’m like, exciting I want to explore today, I wonder what we’re going to build in this hour together. Like it’s so fabulous. I just wanted to quickly touch on you talking about the structure, look at structure as not, like, yes, it’s solid. And I actually don’t see it as concrete, I see structure as being able to actually give you the space, and the capacity to actually be doing the things that you want to be doing. It’s that guide along and that’s I think, a really powerful thing. As you you know, you develop your business and putting those processes and and those systems in place to support you to be able to really create that freedom that you truly want to be doing. So. Yeah, I love it talking my language. I think we’re gonna be chatting for a long time. I think so. Oh, is there anything else that you’d like to share? Or talk about or anything like that before we

Sukhy Bansal 42:36
could talk all day? I do have three little ones who are probably waiting for lunch soon. But look, you know, I think the main message out there for me, I think, and to your listeners is that, particularly when it comes to finances and managing your money is that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and scary. You know, I think there’s a lot of stigma, particularly with the word finance attached to it being very linear and data driven. And yes, there are elements to that. Absolutely. But I think what, where I’ve seen a bit of a gap. And what I like, the way I like to teach as well is that you can have you can incorporate more of a balanced feminine side to your business and to particularly managing your money and your financials. And, and that’s what I love to teach. That’s what I love to teach my clients and who knows, you know, that might change in the future. But for the moment. That’s, that’s what I am enjoying. And I’ve got a master class coming up. So my first master class next week, next Thursday, exciting. And the title of it is three steps to managing your finances and feminine flow.

Nicole Smith 43:52
Oh, nice.

Sukhy Bansal 43:53
So yeah, it’s a funny story as to how I came up with that name. Actually, I, you know, I spent, I think at times, I do very much get in my head about what, what sounds right and try not to come across two fights. All the time. If you see if you see my Word document, I went from three ways to grow a profitable business, you know, to something that aligned, it was just seeing how my brain sort of went straight from the head to the heart in terms of what I wanted to talk about. And yeah, I’m really excited. I mean, I don’t even care who joins up. I just I’m excited to deliver something that I’m passionate about. And I’m not hung up on the numbers. Yeah. So yeah, that’s coming out next Thursday. So well, I’m delivering it next Thursday.

Nicole Smith 44:38
How fabulous so this episode will come out after that. But please share that with me on Instagram and stories. Yep. So I keep thinking I’m live. Yeah. Oh, it’s so good. It’s okay. No, I will I will definitely how exciting. so important. I think the key message I’ve got is that you’re making finance as fun

Sukhy Bansal 45:00
Yes, you know, you find it funny. Yeah, exactly fun. Yeah. Especially when you reach those financial goals, you know, it’s what what do they represent? And it’s not always just about money, money money. It’s like, what’s the abundance it represents to you and your family as well. So, yeah, I do have a free guide as well, which is four key steps to keeping your business in flow. So there’s some really, really nice checklists and tools for whatever stage of business you’re at, that people can download. And that’s on my you can grab it either from my website, or from my Instagram, link in the bio.

Nicole Smith 45:43
Fabulous, I’m going to be putting that in the show notes as well. So amazing, amazing. Find that. Now, what I do with each and every one of my fabulous guests is these three magical questions at the end. So are you ready to magical questions? Yes. I call them things I’ve called the magical question. be called magical questions out loud. It’s really fun. Just Okay, what and just answer whatever you feel. Sorry, they’re probably a little bit more simple than you’re imagining. Now they like unicorns and rainbows, but it’s actually not that anybody’s storybook sorry, to my face on to the book that’s really under there that mirror. Love it. Okay, you’re ready? Yep. Ready? What is your go to app that creates ease in your day? Whoo.

Sukhy Bansal 46:38
I use an app at the moment called air table. Oh, yes. Yep. Yep. Which I store all my content. Work on. So from a social media perspective, and I really like it because it was very structured. And it’s because the days and exactly what I’m going to post and the captions as well, the graphics so yeah, that I’m saying day to day what I use the most is probably that, yeah.

Nicole Smith 47:05
Are you at online or paper to do lists lover?

Sukhy Bansal 47:08
Oh, I’d say on paper. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Right now I’d say on paper. I’ll show you my little folder with all my

Nicole Smith 47:18
love, love colour and colour paper. have purple and pink? Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s why I say I use a system called click up. And one of the reasons I love it is the ability that you can to add the colours in there. Talking about a table, they have a view, or you’ve got click up, you know that click

Sukhy Bansal 47:36
On views, click up for a client back in the CFO role and sort of add in all our processes there and divvy up different people in the team? Were doing so yeah. Loved it was very visual. Yeah. Trello sorry. Yeah, I think. Yeah, I think between Trello and air table. Yeah, it’s probably a tie between the two. I love Trello as well for putting everything in.

Nicole Smith 48:04
Yeah, having a system a centralised system is my go to whichever you think, yeah,

Sukhy Bansal 48:10
Trello is really good to share as well with clients, you know, we have a Trello board, when we eat Sham coaching. So he will at the beginning of the coaching session, everything just goes on there. So whatever I want to upload or share with them, it’ll get stored in Trello. So yeah, I like that fun to

Nicole Smith 48:25
Love that. Awesome. Now, what would you do if you created more space in your world?

Sukhy Bansal 48:32
Well, it sounds ironic to say now, I would love to travel more as a family. You know, I think the kids are still young. And I travelled quite a lot when I was younger. And it just gave me such a different perspective on life and different cultures and people. So if I had more time, and we weren’t in the situation we were in and, you know, the financial commitments, and you know, I hope that’s answering it. But yeah, I’d like maybe because travel was at the front of my mind right now. And spend more time with my loved one. So you know, my extended family, my parents, and I feel like as you get older things just become busier and you become so don’t have time to see them and don’t have time to do this. And now it’s just that, no, I want to make more time because nobody’s around forever and

Nicole Smith 49:21
Prioritising that, isn’t it like, yeah, we can be busy and do all of the things but by doing that, what are we actually missing out on?

Sukhy Bansal 49:29
Exactly. And I think when you become a parent as well, you realise the sacrifices your own parents made and you’re just ever more grateful, like are sorry, I put you through that because now I know exactly what it was like. But now I’ve got a I’ve got a six year old going on. 13 It feels like

Nicole Smith 49:47
like two year olds going on. Like 20 Wow, is it? He’s Yeah, hilariously named for that, isn’t it? She’s probably a teenager. Yeah, he Yeah. My story. She’s Two and a half. But um, yes, my attitude is and I know that I know what I want. I want happiness. My mom always laughs because she’s like oh Nicole, just like you and I say, how fabulous. She’s going to be amazing when she’s older, isn’t she? We’ll just get through these years.

Sukhy Bansal 50:24
It’s lovely seeing them grow up with their different personalities and making sure you answer your question as well. Making sure that I make time and space to spend with them. Not just get them, you know, to do things. It’s just being with them. Yeah. While while they still want to be with mom.

Nicole Smith 50:41
Yeah, I have to share like last night before I went to bed, but I was taking Sebby to beds, my five year old. And I’d started a puzzle. We hadn’t quite got into the whole COVID puzzle. Yeah. And he spotted it on the table. And it’s like, Can we do some puzzles? And like, yes. We did that 1000 piece puzzle I’m talking yet, but we didn’t water last night. And he every moment it was like, Yes. And we did high fives every time and I’m like gorgeous.

Sukhy Bansal 51:13
That point in time to say it’s bedtime. You know, you have to go to bed or, you know, school or or mommy’s got work to do. But yeah, it’s just like you said to Dory, saying okay, well. Yes, I can read. I love

Nicole Smith 51:27
Do that puzzle. Yeah, sleep, we can catch up on sleep. Later. Oh, thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been lovely to chat with. I’m

Sukhy Bansal 51:36
I’m sure I could talk to you for ages. I love the magical questions. And yeah, I love to chat. And like I said it is on my list my goals, six month goals to start my own podcast. And I would love to have you as a guest as well, I think listeners would would have a lot to gain from your knowledge.

Nicole Smith 51:57
Oh Thank you. Thank you so much. And yeah, it’s been a pleasure having you on board. But before we go, yes. how can how can we connect with you? That’s really important. It’s been fabulous. where are you? Where are you?

Sukhy Bansal 52:11
I am. So I hang out on Instagram. Instagram is my main platform. So it’s your_soul_biz. And then my website has all the information you know more about me my background. And then also just a list of ways people can work with me. download my freebie. So yeah, they’re I think they’re the two main places where you can get in touch. And I’d love to, I’d love to chat and see how we can work together in the future.

Nicole Smith 52:42
Wonderful, fabulous, thank you so much that I’m going to put all of those links, the link to the guide to download as well and how you can get in contact in the show notes. So please, hop on over there and have a look and connect it. I love that and yeah, I’m gonna make sure you share that workshop is value masterclass coming up, because I will put that in my stories for that. Yeah, I’m excited for that one. Wonderful. Well, thank you again, for joining me today. And I hope you are all good with the rest of lockdown.

Sukhy Bansal 53:15
Yes, it’s just ticked over 11 here. So it’s 12 and actually see what the latest update was.

Nicole Smith 53:23
Yeah, I’m wondering if we are actually going to be getting out or not. Yeah. Check out your feed in an hour. Oh let’s have a glass of champagne. Let’s do it. That’s all me about it. Yeah. Wonderful. Thank you so much. And everyone call

Sukhy Bansal 53:42
Thank you Nicole, I really appreciate you having me as well, like pleasure,

Nicole Smith 53:45
My absolute pleasure. Well, thank you, everyone for tuning in today. And I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and enjoy creating space and time freedom. I know. Well, there we go. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you on board. Have we connected on social shares? If not, please come on over. Say hi, I’m on all the platforms at the artisan solutions. So I’d really look forward to seeing you over there. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I’d love it if you could leave a review. And of course share this with others so others can come and join us next time. All right, then everyone have a fabulous rest of the week. And until next time see you then.


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