Episode 36

How Facebook Ads Can Evolve Your Business with Amy Wyhoon from Sugar Pop Social

September 29th, 2021


Today we’re chatting with Amy Wyhoon from Sugar Pop Social all about Facebook Ads for Online Courses.
We dive into:
  • How Facebook Ads can be used in your business
  • What to expect when you’re first starting out
  • How to build a relationship with your audience with Facebook Ads
  • Why testing is so important
  • The biggest misconception about Facebook Ads
  • Why it’s important to not compare your launch to somebody else’s
  • The recent IOS changes and how it’s affecting Facebook Ads

Connect with our fabulous Speaker

Amy Wyhoon | Sugarpop Social

About Amy

Amy enjoys a good cafe feed with the fam and friends (check out @inbetweendesserts), binging the latest Netflix show and sipping quality wines. When she’s not hanging out with her family (hubby and 2 boys) and friends you’ll find her creating popping Facebook + Insta strategies and killer Facebook ads for her clients.
She is the founder and owner of Sugarpop Social. As a Facebook ad strategist she helps course creators, coaches and service providers make their brands stand out to the right people and turn followers into loyal customers with Facebook Advertising.
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Full Episode Transcription

Nicole Smith 0:02
Welcome to take control with Nicole, as business owners we experienced firsthand the fine line between our personal and business life. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.

Hello, hello and thank you for joining me for this fabulous episode of take control with Nicole. Today I had the amazing Amy Wyhoon here in here with me and we are going to be chatting all things Facebook ads, and how these can support your business to evolve to the next stage, whatever that may be for you. But firstly, I would love to introduce you to Amy, Amy enjoys a good cafe feed with the family and friends. You can actually pop on over and draw at all her outings at @inbetweendesserts on insta you really should do that it’s a fabulous account over there. She also enjoys bingeing the latest Netflix shows and sipping quality wines. Absolutely my gal that’s for sure. When she’s not hanging out with the family, her hubby and her two fabulous boys and her friends. You’ll find her creating popping Facebook and Instagram strategies and Facebook ads for her clients. She is the founder and owner of sugar pop social as a Facebook ads strategist she helps course creators, coaches and service providers make their brand stand out to the right people and turn followings into loyal customers with Facebook advertising. Well, hi, Amy, how are you? Thanks for joining me here and sharing your fabulousness with my community.

Amy Wyhoon 1:52
Hi, Nicole, thank you so much for having me.

Nicole Smith 1:55
So excited to have you on I know we’ve had this on the potential chat for a while. So I’m really excited to finally have you in the Zoom Room and we’re recording.

Amy Wyhoon 2:05
I mean it is lockdown.

Nicole Smith 2:07
It’s so good. We got to have some fun in a lot in our lives we were locked in, isn’t it? Absolutely. What zoom is all about? Sorry, I would love you to share a bit about you and your business and what makes you sparkle.

Amy Wyhoon 2:22
I have been running Facebook ads for watches and cost creators for probably the last 12 months now. And I am loving digging into their funnels, and working out what’s working and just building strategies around it to sort of build my customers brands up so that they just have like an endless flow of people coming in to their business. And yeah, it can be like at any stage, I’ve helped people that are starting out. And especially like people, the iOS changes at the moment.

Nicole Smith 2:58
So yeah, all of those changes for iOS, I think with everything, it’s just like, as a newbie to ads. Now, Amy’s been helping me educate myself and helping me with some of my stuff in the background. It’s a world of like, what that basically in a nutshell. If you don’t know about it, you don’t know about it. But I would love you to share sort of what is the first thing that if, as a business owner, you’ve been seeing all these boosting posts popping up and you’re like, what is this ad thing all about? What should we think about before we take that plunge into the world of ads?

Amy Wyhoon 3:37
Okay, so ads really amplify what you are already doing in your business. So using Facebook ads, you really need to get in there and make sure that everything is set up correctly. That’s kind of like step one, making sure that you’ve got all the systems in place to be able to take it to the next step. And then from there, you want to be warming up your audience, you want to be creating that funnel, which can be a scary word, but it’s not really it’s just you know, taking your customers on a journey so finding those ideal people that are ready for what you’ve got to offer and taking them on a journey through your products, through your services through your connections and just really building up that relationship with them.

Nicole Smith 4:24
That’s what socials really is. Isn’t that it’s about that connection like for. For ads. I see it really as that not everybody connects in the world organically, right? But when you introduce something like ads, it just gives you that little bit more reach out to people that you may not have just naturally walked across, walked across past in a room or been in an online communities Zoom Room with before. Yeah, I love it. I’ve been loving what we’ve been doing. It’s been fabulous and I love what you say about it’s amplifying What you already doing?

Amy Wyhoon 5:02
Yeah, yep. So yeah, if you’re not doing anything ads, pretty much, they’re not gonna do as much as they could do. So you’ve got some, like, you know, you’re using social media, obviously Facebook and Instagram, when we would talk about Facebook ads, we’re actually talking about the two. Because this sort of connected now. And Facebook, like is getting clever, like iOS has made some changes, which is making it a little bit harder. It’s meant that as an ads strategist, we’ve had to go, Okay, what is actually working now, and maybe tweaking our strategies a little bit with our clients. But I’m seeing some really good results, and really loving how we’re sort of taking it back to that engagement and building up audiences on the platform, rather than constantly just like driving our traffic off the platform.

Nicole Smith 5:59
Yeah, I think that’s, you know, when people think about ads, you automatically think about sales. And yes, of course, as far as part of the funnel process, that’s ultimately where we’re heading as business owners, we, we have clients, but I love that it’s actually like our one is focused on engagement and growing the community. And that’s what I love. Because when you’ve got an engaged community, and you’ve got people that love what you do, the next stage of that process is not as resistant, almost flat. They’re excited to hear from you. They want to see your face pop up. And I loved it. When I first started doing in the messages, I’d get You’d be like Nicole you’re my feed again, like Where have you come from and I had, as Amy helped me set up as well, we had Alan’s and then we had geek super doing some ads with my face. So I was everywhere. For a while, I was like, hey, again, it’s me. Hi, how you doing? I’m good. I liked that. Because I like seeing that from other people as well like seeing these different faces.

Amy Wyhoon 7:06
Yeah. And that’s just yet especially if you’re just starting out in using Facebook ads, like and you’re just sort of testing the waters, it is really hard to go and jump straight into getting a sale. Chances are your ad account won’t have any, like learning capacity, so hasn’t had any chance to find the right people. Facebook doesn’t know what it’s actually looking for yet. And obviously, it’s you know, a tool that Facebook is using to make money. So we’re doing this at the moment, we’re doing a very low budget engagement campaign, which is putting your like, best performing posts in front of like people that we think are going to actually be interested in what you’ve got to offer. But like we’re reaching people all across Australia, yeah, like we’re no longer restricted to just and obviously zoom. Like this last sort of 12-18 months, we’ve been, like, able to realise that the power of zoom and being able to reach people everywhere. It’s not just limited to local anymore. And that’s where Facebook advertising can really have a big impact on your business.

Nicole Smith 8:25
Just interrupting this episode for one little message. If you have been listening and love what you hear and want to come in Connect, we have a tight control within the Facebook community right over there on Facebook, that I would love to invite you to come and join us. We are a supportive community, we are looking to really take action in our businesses and change the way or evolve the way we’re working right now. So I invite you to get hold on over and join our community and connect with us all community is the essence of everything in business, being able to really build those relationships that you can nurture, and grow and support and celebrate each other are how fabulous, I hope to see you over there. Pop on over to Facebook, take control with Nicole, see you soon.

And not just even just Australia. Like if you have ambitions to go and tap into the US market or the Europe market, European market wherever it might be the extended Asian market I guess that’s what we’re in now. But yeah, you’ve got that potential because lately, the digital world, the virtual world has the capacity to support you to design your business however you want to run it.

Amy Wyhoon 9:40
Yeah, and it’s amazing.

Nicole Smith 9:43
Yeah, it is, isn’t it and I have to say from you know having our little is it cola campaigning, what do we get? There we go. Education is always happening. The response that I’m getting You know, like the one photo that we made that really stands out is that lightning photo that we put up that was on it was a post that I done and the photo was my mom had actually taken it on her iPhone standing on the balcony from a holiday where she was at. And that was amazing. The response because that was that like, image grabbing, like, yeah, definitely, percentage of people are my clients from that, like, That’s amazing. So, yeah, but all of this, I guess comes down to it’s just a strategic action for your business, isn’t it? It’s not just like one day willy nilly, I’m gonna decide to give it a go. It’s like, how do you? How do you support your clients to really develop that out for them?

Amy Wyhoon 10:48
Yeah, so I guess, within marketing, the big like, parallel is like dating. You don’t go up to someone and ask them to marry like, marry you on the first date.

Nicole Smith 10:59
Oh really? I thought that’s what happened. It’s like, Hey, here’s a ring, put a ring on it.

Amy Wyhoon 11:05
Yeah, like to some lucky people. Sorry, it’s kind of like you need to start at the beginning. So you make that connection first. And then you have conversations with them, which is all about, like the engagement. And you might amplify like the posts that you’re sharing, by running engagement campaigns, to reach different people to pull them into your life to make them aware of you. Because you know, there are a lot of people out there that haven’t even heard of, you know, one person. So you know, that’s how it is incredible. And it works in that way. So yeah, just create that journey. So you’d go from like engaging, having conversations, then you might sort of, you know, say, hey, I’ve got this, and it might be just like a freebie, or, like we call them lead magnets, you know, an opt in a checklist or a PDF or ebook, and you share something of value with them. And then you’re building up that relationship with them that connection, they then get to know you more and build that trust. And then when you go to sell them something, they’re already like, wow, I love your stuff. So they want to, you know, keep going and go on the journey with you. So it is it is a journey, and it is strategic. So yeah, and then we just run ads alone that

Nicole Smith 12:27
I just had sorry, this is what happens at the moment. I don’t know if it’s because very locked in, or it’s probably just me, I think it’s just the grease sign. You know, tell me more time. Yeah, it just came into my head, right? Like you’re like, yeah, cool. I can’t get there. And, um, yeah, it’s and that’s true, isn’t it? Like, I know that we’re obviously doing quite a low budget engagement campaign, but there are so many different budgets and focuses and points of action that you’re trying to do. And I guess you can support whoever you’re working with your clients to identify what they actually need at what stage and support them on that understanding of how it works. Yeah,

Amy Wyhoon 13:10
Yeah, absolutely. And engagement campaigns don’t need to be a huge budget. They’re generally part of a bigger picture. So obviously, we’re doing that now for a launch down the track. Yeah. So we’re, we’re planning and prepping and finding people that don’t know about you yet and bringing them into your world.

Nicole Smith 13:39
Yes, it’s about understanding not just your short term vision, your short term goals, short term, whatever you want to word it, it’s about Okay, so this is where we are here, but I know that you know, for instance, we’ve got the members lounge. And that’s my my fabulous, we’re now calling it the employment. Yeah, we haven’t shared that with you. Hello, everyone, as well sharing that with you. You may already know this by the time it’s coming out, but it’s not really a membership. It’s not really exactly a mastermind. It’s not really a course it’s all those things combined. So Emporium is a word that I like, and we’re gonna we’re gonna roll with that until it doesn’t fit, but I think it fits well.

Amy Wyhoon 14:22
I love it. And I feel it totally fits with your business name as well.

Nicole Smith 14:27
To us, doesn’t it? Yeah, sorry, my my mastermind crew in the founders team. We did a brainstorm. And that’s what we reached. So thank you lovely ladies, where you’re listening and hearing this. So over to you. But yeah, basically, in a nutshell, we know we’re here. That’s where we’re heading. And there’s a path that’s been we’re mapping out right? Absolutely. we evolve each step as well don’t we? So we learn as we’re teaching our Facebook ads person, person Hang on, what are we going to that person, you know,

Amy Wyhoon 15:03
Facebook, that artificial intelligence

Nicole Smith 15:07
person over there, the little boy that bought that, but they’re learning all about me at the moment and our audience out there

Amy Wyhoon 15:14
they are. And then like, it’s up to like, obviously, if you’re doing it for yourself, that’s great. But it does require a lot of testing. So you do need to test different things like different audiences. And creatives, like obviously, we had great success with the lightning. Because it was scroll stopping, it was like a massive, like fork of lightning through like a pinky purple background. And that stopped people like while they were scrolling. Yeah, there’s lots of different ways that you can do that with creative like with your images, videos. And it’s just a matter of testing. Like it’s not a bot, you have to use video, or you have to use like bright coloured images, it’s working out what attracts your people, like, what are they looking for? And that’s, you know, if you ever talk to a Facebook ad strategist, and they don’t talk about testing? Yeah. Keep looking out because it does, it always comes down to the testing. Yeah, cuz if you don’t test, you don’t know what’s going to get you the results that you actually should be looking for.

Nicole Smith 16:27
And that’s a really important part of everything we really do in business, right? Absolutely. We have this idea. And that’s great. But if we don’t actually pop it out there, it’s not a thing until it’s out there. And it may work. And it may not, or it may just need those little tweaks along the way to that outcome and nothing.

Amy Wyhoon 16:46
Absolutely, yeah. Sometimes Yeah, you just have to put it out there and see. And, like, obviously, you’ve done this. And I feel like our next launch, when we go into it is going to be slightly different to last time. But we’ve got the learnings from last time. Yeah, we can then look at testing some more and amplifying it again. Love it.

Nicole Smith 17:07
Awareness. I love that word awareness. It’s kind of something I talk about all the time. But every every conversation we have every interaction we have everything we read, we’ve now acquired a new element of information that we were not aware of before and that’s that’s why it is always evolving. We never we’re never stuck still not moving. And that’s so cool. I love that. Sorry, I’m so your clients who you support our creative Saturday there. Yes.

Amy Wyhoon 17:40
course creators, coaches, service providers. Right now I’ve got a couple of course launches. speech therapists who has sweetener car, a chiropractor, that’s, it’s like to do still too, with courses. So we’re still looking at course launching, but they’re just in like these really interesting pockets of like, what they what they’re doing and how they’re helping. And yeah, I’ve really noticed that my clients tend to have that common theme of they just want to help people as well. And yeah, and I love helping them be able to do that. I love that.

Nicole Smith 18:27
That’s similar. Like, I find that those type of people like I guess I’m one as well is we just love helping others. And reaching out to sometimes it can be a little bit. Confronting is not the right word. But we need to kind of build ourselves up to start to go and find those people that we know will support us to continue our fabulous work. And it’s lovely to be able to when you’re putting something out to the world have someone like you to come in and say hey, these are some ideas that we could do. Or let’s you don’t need 100 word caption for that. Yes, do three words with lots of emojis like..

Amy Wyhoon 19:12
Yes Nicole Yes,

Nicole Smith 19:13
yeah. It’s in there. I still have to process it sometimes. But you know those little tips and tricks that you have acquired through your awareness and your knowledge and your testing not just with me as a client, but all of your clients. That’s that’s the goal that you bring, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So like, what do you find like when you’ve got a new client that comes on board a new new creative new I call them creatives because that’s what I see. Like we’re always designing building fabulous things to share with the world. Like what is the kind of like those kind of not blockers, but like what do you find is the biggest hurdle to get over when we’re looking at Facebook ads Looking to think about bringing something like that into the space that we’ve never done before.

Amy Wyhoon 20:06
Okay, so the biggest thing, like people, when they start, like running ads, they think that they’re gonna make money straightaway. Yeah. And that may not happen, especially if you haven’t run any ads prior. Facebook has no data to start with. So that’s why if you’re even like, if ads are on your radar, if you’re thinking of launching something, and you’re like, might put some money behind this, just to get it in front of a few more people need to start giving Facebook some love now, and getting on an engagement campaign. And it’s purely just to show Facebook, that, you know, this is who I’m trying to target, put my stuff in front of them, building up social proof on the particular post, so you might be able to use them later.

Nicole Smith 21:03
So I guess the thing is, as well we see out in the world that all of these people are doing these big massive launches, and getting all this you know, like they’ve done on what a 10k launch or whatever launch and a daddy daddy launch. And they have been using Facebook ads to support that, which is fabulous. But it’s it’s really about understanding how that works, isn’t it as well like the that launch may have been this, but we’ve now invested this in Facebook ads to get there. And However, if we’re investing that in, we haven’t done that engagement piece at the start, so we know we’re actually talking to the right people. Kind of like we that’s the pathway, isn’t it? Because otherwise we’re putting all this money into this thing that actually isn’t going to deliver what that sort of imagined expectation could be.

Amy Wyhoon 21:58
Yeah, so I guess it comes back to the whole, you know, relationships. So you’re building a relationship, you need to connect with them first, before you go in for the sale. And look, don’t get me wrong launches, there are some amazing results from launches. But don’t ever be like I bet they have a you know, $100,000 launch? And I’m never gonna get to that, you know, how much did they spend on advertising? Just because it’s $100,000 launch doesn’t mean they didn’t spend like 50,000 on advertising. So it’s all about numbers testing, and also the fact that they may have tested that funnel, like, you know, five times before getting to that launch. Yeah, you don’t know what’s been going on in the background. So yeah, as I said, when you start out, you know, going with the first launch, it’s probably going to be a learning phase, it’s going to be working out what is working, what’s resonating with your audience. And depending on how much time you’ve left before your launch, because I know that creatives are last minute people and I’m gonna launch next week, you know, that’s probably not gonna work right now, because Facebook is taking a little longer to go through that learning phase used to be able to get sort of out of learning, like and just give Facebook enough data to find more people in three days. And now it’s sort of looking more like five to seven. So I suppose just keeping that in mind, too, when you’re planning out your process with the thought of using Facebook ads, that you may want to just have a little bit of time in there to to run the tests.

Nicole Smith 23:46
Yeah, yeah. And I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s data, right? It all comes down to the data, the numbers. Yep. And also what you as a business owner, you’re comfortable with, like, I know, we had a discussion about or we could do this budget and data and data. And I’m like, I’m not ready for that right now. But I want to do something to keep let’s like, let’s keep teaching paid back to Bob. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Um,

Amy Wyhoon 24:17
and yeah, and it’s crunching numbers, like it’s working out. Okay, if you were to spend this much, and all the, you know, conversions went to plan. This is what you could expect. But if you have a process that hasn’t been tested yet, you don’t know if it’s gonna go to like the average standards. Yeah. So that’s when that’s when it comes into that whole testing. And seeing how your funnel actually plays out how it flows. Hey, it might convert like crazy and then it’s like a win win because then you’ve got, you know, especially if you’re amplifying that but to get the first launch underway, you’re driving traffic to to actually run people through the funnel, but yeah, go into that with the, you know, breaking even. That’s a good goal. Yeah. And if you’ve run it a few times, and you know that it works, then knowing those numbers and the conversions at each sort of step helps to plan out, like the strategy. And that’s what I work with my clients on working, they’ve got those numbers, we look at them, and we work out. Okay, if we spend this much based on the last launch, we should be able to get these. Yeah, but if we can tweak here and here, then you know, that’s gonna push it up a little bit. Yeah, all right. Yeah, it is. It’s data. It’s numbers, and I love it.

Nicole Smith 25:42
Yeah, well, I love all those things, too. But like when we’re talking, because you’re looking at it in a different way than maybe I have thought about it before. Do you know and like, our conversation I’m looking at I’m like, Huh, huh? Okay, cool. Amy knows what she’s talking about. She told me two things. And that’s all good, good, good. So let’s go. But it is it’s a real learning curve for us as clients as well to go through. Okay, so I’m a novice at this right now. And I get what ads are about. And I understand now that I have to, I’d have to, but I choose to teach the bot and give it a bit of time to understand who I am and who my clients are. But my long term goal is x y Zed over there. And so we’re planning bigger picture stuff here. We’re focusing over there, we’re just setting the foundation is up here, to be able to then take us each little step of the way to get wherever that we are heading.

Amy Wyhoon 26:37
Yeah. And we’re also pleasing Facebook. So Facebook’s going, Oh, okay. Well, they, you know, spending money daily, which Facebook likes, you know, we’re putting the feelers out to the audience. And then like, our next step is going to be like, yes, we’ve got the launch down the track, but the next step is like, Okay, what are we going to give your people next? What have you, what have you got, like, you know, and it’s another thing to it’s comes back to testing, and you sort of touched on this before we have all these things, but it doesn’t mean that that people want them.

Nicole Smith 27:11
That’s true. Yeah. I think it’s a fabulous idea. But they dont want it.

Amy Wyhoon 27:15
to, yeah, so it’s like, we can use that to work out. Okay, what’s going to, you know, flow down the path the best to get them to the next step? Is this you know, is Option A the best option? Or is it option B? Let’s test that with the audience. And let’s put some money behind it to push it out to you know, some different interest based audiences, people that have engaged with you already. So, yeah,

Nicole Smith 27:42
The old tweak, tweaky, tweak, tweak. That’s just business in a nutshell, isn’t it? Yeah. Create test doesn’t work. Okay. Come back, does the whole thing need to be put over there? Or can we just change something slightly? Let’s rename it. Like, it could be as simple things as that, isn’t it? It’s like, absolutely. Yeah, I think that’s, for me, personally, I know that my I’ve got these opt ins, and they’re there. And I just actually updated a bit on my actual website, my website, my actual website, you know how I’ve got, yes, but who everyone I’ve got sub but the Academy, and then I’ve got the artisans are calling to the EU, but I’ve now added a freebies section on there. And I’ve added my speakers page on there. And what else to add on there? No, I think that was, yeah, that was it on a link directly to the members lounge as well. So just those extra little tweaks that you know, from from the start of the week to now that’s the next evolution that can help people, you know, find things easier. Yeah. Yeah,

Amy Wyhoon 28:44
absolutely. That’s amazing.

Nicole Smith 28:46
super exciting. I love love websites. I love all the things. So you mentioned about the iOS sort of changes that have been happening, is there anything else in the ad space in the ads world that we should know about? be thinking about the looking at out for all the things?

Amy Wyhoon 29:03
Okay, so let’s just quickly recap what the iOS update did. So it’s an apple update. So if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you now have the option if you’ve updated to iOS 14.5 and 15 is about to roll out soon. It means that there’s the option to opt out of tracking. And everybody’s going yeah, this sounds amazing. Let’s opt out of tracking. But yeah, it’s terrible for advertisers. But it can also be really terrible for you, if you’re an iPhone user, and you opt out of tracking because it’s not going to change the number of ads you see. It’s only going to change the relevance of beat.

Nicole Smith 29:56
That’s pretty key. That’s pretty key point of information to not.

Amy Wyhoon 30:02
Yeah. So if you don’t want to be seeing ads on, you know, things that have absolutely no interest to you, like you know how to grow grass or know how to cut down a tree, when you really want to see you know something about how to grow your email list,

Nicole Smith 30:19
a new denim dress that I’ve just spotted, I was a, funnily enough, I’d seen the same ad that I don’t know if you saw it in one of the Facebook communities someone popped up, I saw this ad, and it was for this amazing, stunning denim, like overall dress thing. And now I can’t find it and data that anyway, the community found that that found it for them. And um, it was the same one that I’d looked at many times they came up in my feed. So to sign up, they go by,

Amy Wyhoon 30:45
yeah, you probably should. But yeah, like, that’s just that you wouldn’t see these dress ads, if you opted out, it would just be showing you Whatever, whatever, you know, especially like if you’re engaging on Facebook. So this is a big example. I looked at oodies, yeah, then I saw about 20 different ads like some of the same like repeating on audience now this is because people are no longer targeting because people are opting out. So my advice there is to jump back in, opt into tracking. It’ll just make you know your experience on a lot better. Because at the end of the day, you really don’t want to be seeing things that you’re not interested in, because it’s gonna make you like, scroll on Facebook and Instagram. Extremely tiring.

Nicole Smith 31:34
Yeah. And like we want it like, you know, if you think about curated content, right? You know, you choose the accounts you want to follow, you choose the people you want to be in their communities with, because you’ve liked what they have to say. And then you’re saying, No, I don’t want to, I don’t want to see that stuff anymore. I want to know about whatever it was, I don’t know how to stop children taking small bites out of apples. Throw them on the floor, as I pick up one of Charlotte’s many apples, that sort of thing to do at the moment. She’s probably relevant for me, so probably I don’t need to watch that run. But the point of the story is, let’s encourage it. Right. Let’s find the things.

Amy Wyhoon 32:14
Yeah. So up back in. Apple even tell you, they actually say when you’re opting out? Yeah. That it will not stop you seeing like the number of ads, it will just be un targeted?

Nicole Smith 32:29
And is there any is it on, um, like applique apps as well in our phones

Amy Wyhoon 32:35
So all apps like, there is an actual section within the iPhone that allows you to be asked if that’s toggled off, you will automatically be opted out of all tracking. So you want to sort of toggle that one on to say, like each app to ask you. Yeah. And then if each time the app, like once you’ve updated to the new iOS, it will ask you to opt in for tracking or opt out. Look, there may be some apps that you don’t want to track like, that’s fine. But for Facebook and Instagram, I totally want to be tracked. Because at the end of the day, I want to see stuff that’s relevant. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. That’s just yet from Sorry, just on a perspective of actually then advertising, that has made it a little bit harder. Yeah, I could imagine in terms of tracking, but there are ways that way working around it. And yeah, I’m still seeing great results with my clients. So it hasn’t had a huge impact there.

Nicole Smith 33:47
Yeah, that’s good. It’s good. Obviously, people are still opting in, which is good as well. So apart from iOS, is there anything else that we need to be really aware of, or that’s the major one that’s happening in our world right now, isn’t it?

Amy Wyhoon 34:02
Yeah, that’s the big one that sort of caused some havoc. Yeah, and then I guess it’s just having that strategic approach to running ads, so many people, you know, at start work. And it’s because they don’t have the strategies in place to make them work. And that’s, I totally get it. You know, I’ve boosted posts. And I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with a boosted post. There’s a time and a place for it. But it’s just knowing what you’re doing when you’re doing it and having that strategy around the process.

Nicole Smith 34:39
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. That’s with anything and I talk about you’ve got to design before you build. So that’s exactly what the strategy is putting those. The the floor plan the map, the roadmap of what you’re actually doing the plan slightly.

Amy Wyhoon 34:58
Yeah, and then testing.

Nicole Smith 34:59
Testing. The message of today is test test test away. Awesome. Ah, that was wonderful. Any other? Any other things before we move on to the three questions? No fabulous radio. Are you ready for the three magical questions?

Amy Wyhoon 35:19

Nicole Smith 35:21
Ah, so fun. Okay, what is your go to app that creates ease in your day?

Amy Wyhoon 35:28
Asana nice, yeah. Yeah, always have Asana open. Haven’t converted to click up. Yeah.

Nicole Smith 35:39
Sitting on the fence. I know you’re dangling your toes in the pool. I know. But it’s like Asana. Like you know, the way that you design your Asana is fabulous.

Amy Wyhoon 35:46
Yeah, yeah, definitely. Definitely makes my day a lot easier. Yeah, yeah.

Nicole Smith 35:51
Fabulous. So good. Sorry, are you an online or paper to do lists lover or hybrid of the two?

Amy Wyhoon 36:00
Yeah, total hybrid. I used to be before I found Asana. I used to write everything down on paper and it was an absolute mess because I just read it anywhere I had a big notepad on the desk. And some days I forget where I’d written the note that I was meant to do. As my business has evolved, I can’t afford to be like that anymore.

Nicole Smith 36:25
No, yeah.

Amy Wyhoon 36:28
I do have my main To Do List online in Asana and then I will pull things out of that and I’ll have a few sticky notes that I’ll like write little notes to myself on throughout the day, but yeah, definitely a bit of both.

Nicole Smith 36:42
Yeah, I think the hybrid is is the way to like the majority of my guests are hybrid I am as well yeah, I see her I’ve got paper on my desk because it’s great. Sometimes it’s just like, writing a note down or planning something out. It’s just a different way of thinking like

Amy Wyhoon 36:58
Yeah, and we’re utilising I’m very, very much a visual person so to be able to sort of see things or even like draw things out. In pen and paper on Yeah, paper pen. Yeah. It works like it flows better than trying to create it like in a Canva or a graphic or you can just move things around a little bit better sometimes when on paper.

Nicole Smith 37:25
Yeah, exactly. Totally agree. Now what would you do if you created more space in your world?

Amy Wyhoon 37:33
Well I am hoping to do that with your help yeah look it’s really like especially now with the kids home and look I know it’s not going to be forever but I’d love to be able to have that a little bit more reasonable in how I do my day to be able to provide you know the best for my clients but also to be there the end of the day to help the kids like so you know get them outside and be active and more involved in sports like especially coming into summer yeah just you know look after ourselves a little bit more so it’s a little bit of I suppose self care isn’t it?

Nicole Smith 38:18
Yeah, I actually just with this week on insert I did a live around boundaries but I also just had written a post around it as well and I think my sentence said something like when did we decide that it was more important to put other people first in front of our own happiness or our own sanity your own whatever it might be that it’s you know, like, I’m a people pleaser, I want to make sure that people are okay and happy and comfortable. And so like I know for me, it’s something that I’ve definitely put in place is simple things like you know, an online booking calendar where before I’d be like, you know, and this is from the start of my business so obviously had it for a while but you know, even up until started the year at someone would be like, Oh, can you fit me in and I’d look at the diary instead of sending the calendar and then all of a sudden you’d have a day booked with things that weren’t really shouldn’t be in there. And so it’s really about whatever those boundaries are and we all have slips even I do we all human being able to go Okay, no, I’ve done that’s not what’s going to serve me. So make sure you bring back those boundaries, bring them back in.

Amy Wyhoon 39:36
All about boundaries at the moment. So some fabulous books out there on setting boundaries, and I’ve got my sister who’s like all about self care and implementing movement and just yeah, some of the stuff that her and her friend and yeah, on boundaries, it’s just Yeah, really like realising that, you know, you don’t have to go outside. run a marathon. No, to get fit. You know, just moving, moving is helpful.

Nicole Smith 40:06
I’ll put on some music and having a dance. I know the sound salutely I have the playlist going and there was like a jive song. So if you don’t know, ballroom dance Amy has also been a ballroom and Latin person in her past we’re going to get, um, but I had this jive song and all of a sudden, like, I didn’t even just the body started going and I was jiving with myself in the bathroom getting ready. And it’s like, it’s amazing. And then I’m like, What can we do? Let’s do more movement fun. Yeah, anyway, I get it.

Amy Wyhoon 40:38
Yeah, that’s what that’s what it’s all about. Like we’ve made it into this big thing that it probably doesn’t need to be these days does it?

Nicole Smith 40:47
find whatever fits for you, but unique. We’re all individually all love different things, doing different things being surrounded by different people. That’s what makes us all fabulous.

Amy Wyhoon 40:58
So absolutely. Wonderful.

Nicole Smith 41:01
Thank you so much. I know the topic of ads for you know, for some people can become more seen this, like magical other universe of things. So I’m really happy you’ve come to share and talk all those things today. And hopefully, if you’re listening here and thinking about it, reach out to Amy because she’ll be able to guide you in the way that suits your business and your strategy where you’re heading. And where can we find you? Amy, where you

Amy Wyhoon 41:32
I am at sugar pop social on Facebook, and Instagram and sugarpopsocial.com.au. And also your food at @inbetweendesserts. Don’t go looking if you’re hungry.

Nicole Smith 41:47
Oh, wow, there’s some of the cakes. Oh, so good. Well, thank you again so much for coming on today. Yeah,

Amy Wyhoon 41:56
It’s been lovely. Thank you so much for having me.

Nicole Smith 42:00
Well, thank you everyone out there who’s listening. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and enjoy creating space and time freedom by now. Well, there we go. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you on board. Have we connected on social shares? If not, please come on over. Say hi, I’m on all the platforms at the artisan solutions. So I’d really look forward to seeing you over there. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I’d love it if you could leave a review. And of course share this with others so others can come and join us next time. All right, then everyone have a fabulous rest of the week and until next time. See you then


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