Episode 48

Thinking Big in 2022

January 12th, 2022


Today we’re talking about stepping into the new year of 2022 and what big things we want to achieve this year.
We dive into:
  • Team work in business and life
  • What it means to play big for you
  • Connecting with the right people
  • Reflecting on 2021
  • Creating a sustainable pace for 2022

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Full Episode Transcription

Welcome to Take Control with Nicole. As business owners, we experienced firsthand the fine line between our personal and business lives. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.

Hello, hello and thank you for joining me for this fabulous episode of Take Control with Nicole. Welcome back, everybody. 2022! We have taken that step, that one single step from December 31 2021 to the first of January 2022. And isn’t it funny that when we think about end of year, New Year, all of those things. That it seems to be this massive mountain we have to tackle, climb, get to the top of Everest, I just watched that documentary, although the movie series, docu-series, whatever it’s called, 14 Peaks. And it was really interesting this, this guy, he gave himself a challenge of six months to climb 14 of the highest mountains in the world. And it was, it was really interesting show to watch and the perseverance and that sort of real driven goals that he had set himself. And what I really loved about it was the leadership qualities that him as an individual had and the value that he put on his team. This wasn’t just his project, it was their project that they work together as a team in those environments, climbing up those mountains. It’s all about teamwork. And isn’t that a thing to be thinking about? Teamwork in business, in life, we travel these journeys from here to wherever that you’re going. And sometimes we think we just got to do it all ourselves. But that is not the case. In our worlds, there are people just an arm’s length away, that are your people. People that want to help want to be a part of your journey to really support you to go where you are heading. 2022 for me, is all about building big. Now what I mean by that the word big, can seem a bit scary, can seem a bit daunting, can seem and feel a little bit unreachable. But everybody has their own definition of big. And that’s why I love these words building big because all of my clients, my community, me, my husband Simon, we all have different versions of what big means to us. And so this year for 2022. I will be aiming and doing all of my actions towards what my definition of big means. So I wonder what is your thoughts and focuses for 2022? Thinking as well, let’s talk about as I spoke with Elana, a few episodes ago about that sustainable pace about creating a world that is not walking on that type rope like we spoke about in that episode. It’s that life integration, finding those things that firstly, rejuvenate yourself as a person. And then what do we need to do in our businesses to keep making those micro motions, those micro steps forward towards those bigger goals that we set at this time of year? What does that mean to you? All of those moving pieces, those parts that come together, that each of those little micro-steps, like I just said, take you one step closer to what your definition of big means.

Just interrupting this episode for one little message. If you have been listening and love what you hear and want to come in connect, we have a Take Control with the Nicole Facebook community right over there on Facebook that I would love to invite you to come and join us. We are a supportive community. We are looking to really take action in our businesses and change the way or evolve the way we’re working right now. So I invite you to come on over and join our community and connect with us all. Community is the essence of everything, your business, being able to really build those relationships that you can nurture, and grow and support and celebrate each other. Oh, how fabulous! I hope to see you over there. Pop on over to Facebook, Take Control with Nicole, see you soon.

If you haven’t already, take some time this month to sit down. Think about what you have achieved in the last 12 months what’s worked? What hasn’t been so successful to you or you haven’t enjoyed it? What are you going to continue on taking us through to 2022 with you? Who are you surrounded with right now? Are those people the right people for you? Or is it that you’ve realised you actually need someone else in your circle right now? What communities are you in? Who are you looking for to connect with? If there is somebody that you know that I know, reach out, I will introduce you. I love connecting people and being able to expand the networks so that we can, there’s so many fabulous people out there and I just love it. My heart sings when I have an opportunity to almost like, blind date matching people up and letting them explore what potential relationships they can build themselves. And then expanding the communities again, as they get to know you get to know each of your businesses and what you’re what you love, who your clients are, what you’re good at all of those things. So 2022, we are at the start of January. As I said, it’s not a big mountain molehill to climb, it is just us stepping over that date, from one day to another from one month to another. Let’s keep this easy, let’s make it enjoyable. Let’s create a space for you in your personal world, in your business that is just amazing and fabulous.

So that is a quick episode today. It’s our first one back, I am so excited about this coming year and where the podcast is heading. If there are people you’d like to hear from if there’s episodes you’d like me to record, if there are things you’re interested to explore and learn and discover, pop me a message over on Instagram, the Artisans Solutions, and we will have a chat, because that’s what connection is all about and I think 2022 is going to be the year of connection. Well, thank you so much for tuning in today. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and enjoy creating space and time freedom by now.

Well, there we go. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you onboard. Have we connected on socials yet? If not, please come on over say hi, I’m on all the platform’s @theartisanssolutions. So I’d really look forward to seeing you over there. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I’d love it if you could leave a review. And of course share this with others so others can come and join us next time. Alright then everyone, have a fabulous rest of the week and until next time, see you then.


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