One-off discovery and implementation telephone consultation
(60 minutes)

Hey there action-taker…We’ll have one life-changing hour together to break through the issues that are currently holding you to ransom, leaving you with a clear plan of action to proceed. When you are looking to clear the clutter blocking your progress this is for you.

What is involved?

Before our call, I will ask you to share the area of business causing you concern and pain.

Then during our catch up, we will delve into these areas and any other topics that arise as part of the journey.  Surprisingly, as we start the discussions, we will go where we need to – the pain point is not always where you first think it is.

What you’ll receive

Aside from the insights during our recorded call, you will receive a follow-up, personalised document tailored with key action points for your current needs. You will be able to take these away and implement each one right away.

My hour with Nicole from The Artisans got me so fired up last week! Her ideas and insight gave me so much to work with for the next six months in managing the growth of my business. Thank you so much for an amazing hour of your time!

Gill Noonan | Latitude Health 

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GigSuper is a superannuation fund built on the simple philosophy that you shouldn’t need to be a finance expert to do super properly when you’re self-employed. They understand that super is a reflection of how well you do in your business. So they have a holistic approach to business and finance – giving you business-building resources – to make the most of every step on your self-employed journey. Find out more about my/our partnership with GigSuper HERE.