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Four tailored Clever Systems Design Sessions

VIP support via WhatsApp or Slack

Six Months Access, for you and your operations support, to The Artisans Members Lounge

Got that scaling stuck feeling? Or, have you scaled yourself into more work? Setting up what lies beneath your back end that makes the front end look as fabulous as you are can happen before and after. Annnnnnd, it can be easier and quicker than you think.

The key is in who you know and you know The Artisans…

What is involved?

  • Discover the experience you are seeking for your business
  • Design what steps you need to take to keep you on your journey toward your goals
  • A member of a like-minded engaging community of action takers
  • Access to additional resources and support inside The Members Lounge
  • Celebrate your successes

What you’ll receive

  • Choice of one design focus; Client Experience, Team Activation, or Operations Springboard
  • Four tailored Clever System Design Sessions
  • Custom system activation plan
  • VIP support via WhatsApp or Slack
  • Custom Dashboard to amplify results
  • Six Months Access, for you and your operations support, to The Artisans Members Lounge

Select Your Focus For Clever System Design

Client Experience

Every customer interaction is a valuable opportunity for excellence, and that's why our comprehensive approach is designed to maximise satisfaction and build unwavering loyalty.   By diving deep into the unique experience you envision for your clients, we tailor a system that harnesses the latest technologies, personalised communication channels, and a human-focused approach to deliver an unmatched experience.   Our meticulous attention to detail, proactive issue resolution, cross-functional collaboration, and continuous evaluation drive improvement and innovation, enabling you to surpass customer expectations with ease.  With our holistic approach, each interaction becomes a valuable chance to foster stronger relationships, drive exponential growth, and establish a distinct competitive advantage in your industry.

Team Activation

Understanding that engaged and empowered teams are the driving force behind exceptional experiences.  That's why our approach goes beyond clever system design to focus on team activation. By unlocking the true potential of your teams, we ignite a powerful synergy that propels your business to new heights. Through a collaborative and innovative environment, we empower your teams to shine and surpass expectations. By streamlining processes, fostering effective communication channels, and leveraging technology, we ensure that every interaction is seamless and exceptional. With our emphasis on team activation, your teams will effortlessly exceed customer expectations, creating unforgettable experiences. Aligning your vision and values, we create a harmonious connection between your teams and your business goals.

Operations Springboard

Maximise Efficiency and Growth with a Holistic Approach to Clever Systems and Streamlined Operations! We understand that operational efficiency and seamless processes are vital for businesses to thrive. That's why we take a holistic view of your entire organisation, designing clever business systems that optimise operations at every level. By streamlining workflows, eliminating inefficiencies, and leveraging technology, we create a foundation for enhanced productivity and growth.  Our approach involves identifying opportunities for automation, implementing robust systems for data management and analysis, and fostering seamless collaboration across departments.  With this holistic approach, your business can operate with greater efficiency, respond quickly to market demands, and adapt to changing circumstances.  Optimising your operations, we pave the way for improved performance, increased profitability, and long-term success.

Tailored Clever Systems Design Sessions

Four one-hour sessions following the Aritsans Four Phase process for Clever Systems Design.


Session One: Discover

The Artisans are known for asking all the questions, exploring all the places and discovering the real business operations you are imagining. Focused on your selected system, we look at your business holistically collecting all the pieces ready to shape your new systems to support your business goals.

Session Two: Design

Once the discovery is complete, this is where we dance into action. Placing together each block in preparation to transform, you will experience your new system appearing in a workflow, process documents and system-build information ready to transform into practical application.

Session Three: Create

This session is focused on support you to transform your new ways of working into your tech applications for connection into your business. We will support you to learn which buttons to press when and shaping systems for success. Walking through your finalised workflows and action plan, ready for you to take action.

Session Four: Connect

An integral part of your transformation journey is the space you create for your team to connect with your fabulous new ways of working. This session will be focused on the tools and support for your team and how to move from new to business-as-usual activities.

In just 8 weeks, witness the remarkable transformation as we revamp your business system to support and elevate your operation


“Nicole is an absolute pleasure to work with, and she has a genuine caring approach to the success of my business! She is an incredible leader and educator in processes and implementation. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her across a variety of occasions, she has introduced me to new programs that have increased my productivity and professionalism, from paper to computer with SO MUCH organisation! I’m now excited to work on my business each day with fun new systems that provide clarity and regular wins!”

Sarina Lowe | Androsia Connection

Package Investment


Let's Get Started

We Love Questions!

When will my 1:1 Sessions be scheduled?

Fabulous! You are already excited to jump right in and press the buttons. Your 1:1 support will be scheduled across 8 weeks to support your Action-Taking Focus to transform your business system of focus. Why you ask? You have access to the Members Lounge for six months from the moment we start our journey and we want to support you to access all the resources available during this time. As part of your onboarding, you will be contacted by our Captain of Operations, who will work with you to schedule a time each fortnight to connect with The Artisans Team for your four support sessions.

What Exactly Is The Members Lounge?

The Members Lounge is a community of action takers. We're here for you if now is the time to take your business from being hard work to a way that is something you look forward to each day.

How? I hear you ask.

Oh, that's the clever part you'll find inside. Behind these doors, we take business very seriously (although you often hear laughing and me singing, which you're invited to join in). We're here to find ways to plug and play our workdays as we had hoped when we first started. We find ways to feel the feelings of using our time efficiently, bringing in the doolahs that keep us in the space of confidently doing what we do best (and want to do), and building out systems to take our business out for a spin to stretch its business legs. You're most welcome to join us.
Just to be clear, I’ll help you:
  • choose and use systems that will simplify your business (get ready to get excited about the dance of automations—think Disney's Fantasia level).
  • grow routines that can't help but focus you on what you want.
  • create space and energy to be curious about what you can do in your business.
  • trust that you're focused to work toward your business's big picture each day.
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What If Group Sessions Are Not My Thing?


We have packages tailored to your needs and business stage.

No matter where you’re up to with your business, you can work with your very own small business consultant to create the foundations to the business of your dreams. Whether you need one session, or the full works, we’re here to help…

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Do You Have A Payment Plan?

There are two ways your can process your payments.

  • Upfront | 1 x payment of $2500 AUD + GST
  • Payment Plan | 2 monthly payments of $1250 AUD + GST


Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.