Welcome to The Artisans Family.

I am so excited to welcome you onboard and support you on your journey to discover space and time freedom.

Below is outlined what happens next and how we are going to start working together.

Let’s get started and enhance your systems to support your personal and business goals.

What happens now

Collecting all the information

Making sure we have all the information is key.

It would be fabulous if you could please complete the below new client onboarding form.

Your Client Agreement

Once we have all the information you will receive your client agreement for your review and signature.

This is all online so easy to complete at a click of a button.

If you have any question just let me know.

Working Together

This is the exciting bit

We have already booked in our sessions.

Check your e-mail with confirmation of times and you also will receive a calendar invitation with the zoom link.

I understand that sometimes life happens and you are unable to make one of our times. All I ask is where possible to provide 24hr notice. Please note that currently my available times are limited so we may need to move this session after your final scheduled time.

Your package includes access to Nicole via chat between your online sessions. To facilitate this you will will be granted access to your own private dashboard in ClickUp. This is a space for communication, actionable items and all the information you need.

During our first session we will discuss what access we will be needed for our our time together.

Sharing access? My preference is to use LastPass.

The Transaction

You will receive an invoice for 50% of your total package - due prior to commencement.

The remainder will be invoiced half way through of the agreed package.

Please note some packages require full payment upfront before we commence our session.

Woo Hoo, Let's Go

See you in our first session really soon.

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One More thing before you go.

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