Episode 7

Discovering Your Dream and Chasing It!

March 10th, 2021


During this episode, we speak with the lovely Rhyannon Perkins.

We discuss, discovering your dream role, launching a business, and the importance of surrounding yourself with your people. Rhyannon shares one of her methods to assist you to build confidence in life and business and the one thing you can do to create more energy during your busy lives.


Connect with our fabulous Speaker

Rhyannon Perkins | Be Heard Therapy and Supports

Rhy is the founder and director of Be Heard Therapy & Supports, providing a range of services and resources to support children to reach their goals.
Rhy began her own business at 21 years old, out of a passion for providing individualised supports for children and their families. It was the dream she never knew she had and those dreams continue to get bigger everyday!
She is passionate about communication and supporting children to develop their skills and confidence to share what they have to say with the world, using whatever communication mode is the best fit for them!
She strives to encourage others and be their biggest cheerleader, from the clients she works with to other professionals and women in business!


Rhyannon love networking and collaborating with others to spread positivity, encouragement and to make a difference.

On her website they have forms for collaboration and joining the team;

Anyone who would like to collaborate for events or charities Rhy is all about and is a big focus for her in 2021!


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Full Episode Transcription

Unknown Speaker 0:02
Welcome to take control with Nicole. as business owners, we experienced firsthand the fine line between our personal and business life. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce, overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.

Unknown Speaker 0:36
Hello, Hello. Thank you for joining me for this fabulous episode of take control with Nicole. Today, I have the amazing Rhiannon Perkins here with me and we are going to be exploring what I think is a valuable topic for whatever stage you are in business or your career, discovering your dream and chasing it. But firstly, I would love to introduce you to Rhyannon. Rhyannon is the founder and director of bee heard therapy and supports she increased incredibly passionate about aac and supporting children to develop the skills and build their confidence to share their voice with the world using whatever mode is best fit for them. What I personally love about ri is how she encourages and supports the people that are in her world, be it her clients or our business community. She is their biggest cheerleader. Well, hello Rhyannon and thank you so much for joining me here today and sharing your amazingness with my community. Ally. Thanks so much for having me. My pleasure. My pleasure. And what an exciting topic. I think it’s you know, understanding what you love to do. And being able to create that into what you do every day is is such a powerful process to go through. And I’d love to hear a little bit more about you and your journey to what makes you found what makes your heart smile. Sure thing. So for me, I was always one of those people that knew what they wanted to do with their life from when I was really young. My answer never changed when people asked what do you want to be when you grow up, but it was a primary school teacher, and that was never gonna change our service said on it. No one couldn’t get me to think anything else. I just didn’t want to hear it. And then it came time just sort of starting on that journey. And when I finished high school, got into that and started that at uni, and did my first year for first year at uni. And I loved the course and I loved my placements. But when it came time to that big long uni break in between knees, I just had this gut feeling that I didn’t want to go back. And that was pretty scary. Because I think when you’re super set on settling, admitting that you got it wrong, is not that my anyone actually wants to do. But I finally did admit that. And then in the space of about two weeks, I dropped out of uni and I started my cert three in early childhood. And because for me, one of the big things in the primary sector that I wasn’t keen on was how assessment focused it was and a lot of ticking the boxes. And that just didn’t feel like where I was going to be able to have an impact. So I thought possibly the early before the sort of school structure sets in might be a better fit. So again, I love studying that so that you just flew by and then I jumped straight into doing my diploma.

Unknown Speaker 3:45
And within like the first month of starting my diploma, I started working in early childhood. And I was in it for about three months. And then I started to notice that I was looking at the clock waiting for when I’d get to go home, I was kind of not excited to go to work. And I never wanted to be that person. And that was always something that my whole life had been like No, I don’t want to do that, like you’re at work so much I’m gonna love what I’m doing. So I sort of started looking online for jobs and just scrolling through lack I think quite a lot of people do when you’re just feeling not completely in love with your job. And I just came across this job ad for a therapy assistant and at the time I was gonna be going overseas in about a month and I was gonna be away for about a month so I was like I don’t know apply and then not be able to start if I happen together. So I just want to left it but it just kept popping into my head. I kept going on and looking at it again. So I ended up just sending an email and explaining the situation but saying how interested I will and we are one thing kind of led to another and I got an interview for that.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
In the interview, I got given the job for when I start, like when I come back. And my first day in that job, I think I’ll probably never ever forget that feeling because it was just that light bulb moment that I found that this is it. This is my passion and my purpose. And I’m where I’m meant to be. And that kind of started me on that journey of where I’ve got to where I am now. But that’s really that defining moment when I finally knew where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing. I love that I think that’s, it’s a journey that I am sure many are on right now, or have reached the end, or are sitting there watching the clock as we speak. You know, being in a in a position or in a role that you don’t love or doesn’t like you are, it really is not the best place for you to be in, you know, we all deserve to be happy and to be doing a role that makes you feel fulfilled. And you’re able to support the people that you work with be that in an organization or offer your own business where you have your own clients. That’s, that’s fabulous. And isn’t that moment of that light bulb. This is it.

Unknown Speaker 6:20
It’s like indescribable, like I think even just describing it as a lot ball weighs in my mouth, because it just there’s not a lot ball, but Sean’s broad enough to explain that feeling when you just kind of know, this is it, this is what I’m This is why I’m gonna make a difference and be able to have an impact. And that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. That’s it. And that’s the same with with what I do. I knew that by taking that sort of bold step out into the world and starting my business that I was able to make impact and, you know, instigate change for many people by working in this area that I absolutely love that others need that assistance with. So yeah, absolutely love that. Now you have a particular passion for providing individualized support for each for the children and families you work with. So we’ve obviously found your first day you the brighter than the light bulb moment. Did you find that, you know, you knew absolutely instantly that this was the thing for you? Or was there another area that you kind of went through before you landed exactly where you are today? I think that that hinge moment of knowing this, as it was for me was knowing that I wanted to work in that sort of disability sector and more with the children that I saw are often in early childhood and primary school settings, not get what they needed and not be treated with the respect and the care that they all deserve to have. Because it’s not that difficult to implement little strategies to just help make things more accessible, and more comfortable for everyone really. And so I think that my right kind of made me see it as a whole that that’s where I’m wanting to be. But then once I started working in it, and working with different clients and with different groups that I saw that for me, I wanted to do something that not every place does and I’m wanting to do that sort of really individualized support where it’s based on their interests and their strengths and their communication mode and not try and do a one size fits all. And I think that probably came from one working one on one and absolutely loving that I was able to do that but to seeing other people that didn’t and sort of recognizing how upset that made me feel to say that I’m which I think then the sort of really cemented the fact that that was something I was super passionate about because to say someone sort of crossed that boundary that I would never think of crossing the say how much that affected me. kind of really, yeah made me realize okay, this is something that I want to do and really be able to make a bigger thing and advocate for because I can see how effective it is. But I can also say that not everyone’s doing that and that sort of that bit of a gap there. I love that I think as well you know, just thinking back to your business name be heard. You know, be heard that is such just a strong two words right there. You know, everyone is their own human being. We’re our own individual people. We have different learning styles, we have different communication styles. We all need something slightly different.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Friend, and what you’re offering there really will help them to build those. So foundational skills to help them succeed as they develop and they grow into, you know, adolescence and adulthood and beyond. Beyond adulthood. That’s, that’s so, so good. Now, what a great space to be sitting in that you’re able to, to work with your clients, one on one like that, and really provide that customer support. Yeah, it’s amazing to get to work on online and I love getting to work with their teams as well, because I think we’re all still learning and there’s always going to be stuff that I don’t know yet that I’m gonna learn eventually, one day and I think that there’s a lot of people out there that they’re still learning and last thing that I’ve been able to learn already, and I’m want to be able to share that with them as well. Because I think we all have the capacity to be able to support people how they need to be supportive, but sometimes, and you don’t know what you don’t know. So

Unknown Speaker 11:06
land that and have someone that’s willing to take the time to support you. And while you’re learning that, education never stops does it like I know that you still continuing to do your study, but even outside of those formal education paces, you know, just learning like, wherever we see both in she mentors community and connecting to other like minded business owners, and, you know, women, women in the community, and learning from their experiences has been I know, for me personally, such a, such an integral part of who I am now, a year later from starting my business, it’s some powerful, really powerful, definitely, yeah, I’m sorry. Like you, I’ve launched my business, which is the dream. Like I love what I do. However, you know, this can be a bit of a daunting transition, moving it from, I love doing this work for free to a profitable business. I’d love to hear a little bit about your journey and your story, from starting to where you’re going. And any of the sort of risks or the the teeth gritting moments and how you kind of broke through those to get where you are now. Yeah, so for me, my business dining was slightly different than a lot of stories that I’ve heard where they did lots of planning, and were really prepared and sold out for that next step. For me, I jumped in, I just jumped in with both feet, and it was sink or swim, I decided to start my business and then launched about a week later with the Facebook page. And that was the start of it. And I think that was probably Yeah, very daunting. Because Yeah, I didn’t know what was gonna happen, I could have been I can play a flop, and then it wouldn’t have worked. But I think for me, I’ve always found jumping in is the best way for me personally. Because with my anxiety, the more time I have, the more I’m going to overthink, the more the self doubts gonna creep in. And then I’m might talk myself out of doing something I actually really want to do. So when I just jump in, that’s all gone. There’s no time to worry, I’m already kind of think about it. Now. It’s done. So it’s always worked pretty well for me to do that. Um, but when I first started to I was really content with that just being me. That was I was that’s all I saw was just me working privately with clients. Yeah, that’s gone. That’s what I want. That’s what my dream man. And then I think probably a year in I realized, that’s not the dream anymore. It’s got to be bigger, and it genuinely gets bigger everyday. Now, I think of something else. I don’t like all Yep, let’s do that as well. Um, and I like to do that because I’ve done things like that and it hasn’t worked. people haven’t really been as interested in it as I was excited about it. But I think that’s okay, because it’s those sorts of moments that just kind of help you realize what it is that your clients and community are looking for what they need.

Unknown Speaker 14:25
And it also kind of helps you narrow down on what you want your niche to be and what direction you’re heading in. So yeah, I went from being super content with it just being me now and last night. I’m starting to look at you know, expanding my team now like getting the company set up. So going on. And yeah, my end goal is a hell of a lot of being gone Banga. And I’m pretty excited to one day get there and be able to look back and be like, oh, it just started with me in a Facebook page. And this is where we are now but it didn’t

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Definitely has its daunting moment where you worry about, oh, this isn’t gonna work out or for me, it’s been a lot, I’m struggling with that. And I critique that, like, No, you need this long list of qualifications, and you need this and you need that. So people respect you and take you seriously. And it’s tricky to not let that voice sort of take over and stop you from doing things. But I think when you’re so super passionate about that lane, having that sort of outweighs anything that little in my current exam, because I know how much I want it and how much it means to me, that me trying to tick all these boxes. So I think people will take me seriously isn’t gonna stop me because, you know, I know what I’m doing and what I’m all about and what my vision is. And I’m really passionate about that. And I’m believing, and I’m gonna just surround myself with the people that do respect me for that. And people that don’t got no time for that. Too much positive, really, I’ve got no time for negativity, gonna just push that aside and fill fill yourself with so much positive positivity, that there’s just, you know, it’s got no power anymore, but it’s definitely something I still work on every day. And I think we’ll probably be settling though I always have that I have to work on. And you’re not alone there either. Right? Like, sorry, that is that’s, you know, I do I have those moments frequently. You know, I think as well, when you are so passionate about what you’re doing, you care about your community, and the people you work with a network, you know, support on their journey, that it’s it’s just, it’s just human, as they say, you know,

Unknown Speaker 17:01
we all we never want to make the wrong move. But you know, who says it’s the wrong move? Who is the wrong move for? And you know, that whole diving in and trying things, you’re never gonna know if it’s right, if you just have it on the shelf, and you’re just thinking about doing it, you know, that could be your next big thing. Or it could be not the thing for your business. But if you don’t try that out, you’re never going to know what you

Unknown Speaker 17:28
know, I think and I’m really big on like, everything happens for a reason. And I think that even those things I’ve tried that haven’t worked. Well, that idea in my head might have worked, it’s kind of led me to the next thing, or it’s connected me with someone that’s now really important part of my business, family. Life, there’s always things that end sometimes it’s so hard to say that in the moment, like, Oh, you say, oh, that didn’t work. And it’s hard to not just say that, but I think sometimes and I think it’s completely okay to be in that thing of Oh, no, that didn’t work and you have that moment of my, but then it’s kind of moving past that and reflecting and being like Okay, so what did I learn from at all? What has that then pushed me in that direction? or What has that connected me with? And sort of focusing on? What’s that mean? that’s positive that’s come out of that. And then moving on to the next thing because there’s always a new idea or another project or lens My head is full of them so

Unknown Speaker 18:35
Oh, yes, that’s common, right? I think any anyone who owns her own business, I was having this conversation just this morning, you know, and I find I don’t know if it’s your the same way that the more that’s going on, the more active your brain becomes and the more ideas decide to pop in and two o’clock in the morning, three o’clock in the coalition be a fabulous thing that you should be thinking about and go and investigate. You know, and I you know, what, I always talk about getting them out, right? And, and just, if they’re not in alignment, ask yourself truthfully, if they’re not in alignment with your strategy for your business that you’re focusing in on right now. Put them in that dream space in that future project space, get all the stuff out, put it in there, and you can come back in and address it at that the time that suitable

Unknown Speaker 19:22
but that creativity of the you know, creating the new and thinking about what is going to be best suited for your community or your clients and that’s, that’s such a trait and a fabulous trait for for business owners to have it keeps that momentum in it. You know, I always think business it’s never it’s never static. It’s never you know, it’s solid. It’s a completely an evolution. And every day is bringing new experiences and new learnings and, you know, we talk about things that may have failed. I don’t like to use that word failed. I like to use you know, thinking

Unknown Speaker 20:00
I have an experience and I pick out the good things. And the things that didn’t go so well. And then use that experience in the next thing that I’m going to go ahead and do. Yeah. 100%. And I completely, completely agree, I think that you sort of know that you’re in the right area when you can’t stop having ideas.

Unknown Speaker 20:21
Yeah, you’re doing it right.

Unknown Speaker 20:23
Oh, that’s so so true.

Unknown Speaker 20:26
So you obviously, support children to develop their skills and build confidence in their worlds? Are there any techniques that you use with your children that you bring across into business or life? Definitely, I think one of the biggest one, which I feel like I only probably realized recently that I use that in my life, because it looks slightly different. I never really thought about it being the same thing. And so I do a lot of role modeling with children, regardless of what their goal now whether it is confidence and my flat communication skills, I’m model a lot. And with confidence, a lot of the modeling I do is like, all role model, if that thing doesn’t work, I’m like, that’s not our goal. But that’s okay, I can try again, all bets are on I’m still learning, and sort of really role modeling that and positive self talk to them. And I think I realized that I kind of seek out role modeling in my life as well, especially in the last few years. Because I really started chat and be super selective with who I surround myself with and who I let into my life. And I definitely choose to surround myself with people that are really awesome role models, because then living my dream, and they’re confident in themselves and what they’re doing. And they’re also like role modeling, not just that perfect are everything’s going great days, they’re really authentic people that share with you as well on those days where I’m really not feeling great today. But then working through that, and I love having those people around me because they do sort of role model to me that it’s okay, to have a flat day, I don’t have to be on 100% every day, like I’m still doing good. If I have those days. And laughter surrounding yourself with those people that add positivity to your life and add support just gives you that support network where you feel safe to have a go. And not always get everything perfect. But feel like you’ve got people backing you a play. Yep. And like, that’s always what I try to do for every child I work with is just create that safe space, where they feel confident to have a go. And if they don’t get it perfect. They know that that’s okay. Um, and so yeah, I feel like that’s probably the biggest one that I’ve actually really used in my life without necessarily realizing it for a very long time. But now I say that it’s very similar and just looks different, because it’s different goals. Um, but yeah, that’s like, I’ve just feel like we’re all modeling and having the people that create that environment around you is so important for so many things. It’s I absolutely agree. You know, in especially in the last year, after launching my business, I’ve always been aware of it. But when you are a sort of a welcoming and a kind person, you want to see the good in people. Sometimes you do attract the people that

Unknown Speaker 23:48
don’t know how to say this the right way. But

Unknown Speaker 23:52
it’s not always about taking, right it’s about in these relationships, it’s about an equal transition of value and care and love and support. Right and it doesn’t have to be equal all the time. But knowing that it’s coming from a place of I am here for you. And I know that my circle of people are absolutely in that sphere. You know, once you get through the I know who you are, I know like who you are inside. And yeah, I can say that. I know my group of people are my go to on those days that I’m having success or those days that I’m feeling just a little bit flat. I can go in and you’re one of them re up my my cheerleader over Insta chats when I’ve been like

Unknown Speaker 24:43
you know and having you on the other end of that conversation is is such a such a powerful thing. So thank you for maybe you for that.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
But yeah, that’s role modeling. I love that. That’s a fabulous technique for especially anyone who’s listening here. Fine.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
In your people, your community to support you on this journey, when you are not in a business that has that built community for you, and you starting out on your own finding that is such a fabulous thing to experience them. I say go have a fun day, a little bass family. I’m like, you just let people in. And that’s just your little business family and it so much fun having that little community they want it.

Unknown Speaker 25:30
Yeah, I feel like it’s really special. Okay, you just have that. It’s a friendship. Let’s Sorry, dear friend, our friend, Jim. Um, but yeah, really special. Because we get it. We’re going through the same stuff, or we’ve been through this stuff, and we can help you through this stuff. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
I love it. I love it. That’s so so good. I’m sorry, you know that I am all about creating space and freedom in your world.

Unknown Speaker 26:00
So what I’m about it’s so important. Now, I know, we’ve sort of discussed this before, many times, I’d love you to share your thoughts in particular when things get a little bit crazy. And you know, as he said, we’re thinking of all the things because we’re doing all the things. What do you do that you find helps to create more energy in your world, when that is all happening,

Unknown Speaker 26:23
then is super relevant for me at the moment, because last few weeks in the jpoa, I have not stopped. And something that I’ve noticed, which is really interesting for me is I’m a massive introvert and extrovert. So I love being around people. I love being surface our show, but I need my main time to recharge. And so normally when I’m super busy, and I’m stopping I burnout, and I get flat, and I’m like I’ve got nothing left to give. But lately I haven’t stopped but I’m still full of energy. And I think it’s because I started saying yes to all the things that make me smile and make me excited. And I’m passionate about I’m not saying yes to the things that I’m like I are all right. Okay. Like I’m saying yes to the things that before they’ve even finished asking me I already want to say yes. So I think it’s for me, check right more energy, it’s being selective over the things you invest your energy in. Because there are certain things especially when you’re sort of super passionate about them that the energy you invest, you almost get it back to fold. Because you’re so excited and enthusiastic about that, that saying it come to life and seeing that develop. So exciting that it just all comes back to you. And that honestly made me at the moment like I’m just on this high of energy, because I just kept saying yes to all these things that I’m so excited about.

Unknown Speaker 27:55
It’s like, yeah, it’s super, super cool to say because I feel like I don’t have to worry about burning out at the moment. Because I’m not doing anything that I’m just really Oh yeah, like I’m doing all the things that make me excited. I’m sorry, cool. So, so good.

Unknown Speaker 28:16
I love that. And I hear with that. I always talk about the power of no and you know, being selective with the things that you choose to do or the clients you choose to work with. Because, you know, being in alignment with those actions will really help you to just love continue to love what you’re doing. I’d been a bit the same the last few weeks, all these opportunities for I put it out there, like you’re talking about put it out in the universe, I wanted to do more speaking, presenting gigs, and then all of a sudden, all these things started to happen. And they all come at the same time. So don’t ever think that things are gonna be beautifully spread out. They all come in the same two week block, which is fine. I loved it. And those two weeks I was flying, flying, flying just excited more things creating in my brain from so busy. It’s all happening.

Unknown Speaker 29:07
This week, however, it slowed down. And I found myself yesterday I found myself saying you’ve got to do things you got to be doing design. And I said because Stop it. Like give yourself now you’ve got this space. So stop, reflect. Think about what what you’ve done in the past two weeks, what opportunities are about to present themselves? Are we prepared to go to this next step? What do we need to change? What are we going to take away as the experience of not to do for next time

Unknown Speaker 29:37
but I still feel excited about the next things that are going to happen and I know that I’m because I’m in that space of passion and love and rose that I’m going to be very aware of when those things come up that I know are going to make me shine enjoy their special

Unknown Speaker 29:59

Unknown Speaker 30:02
Well, we are coming towards the end of our conversation. And there’s three questions that I always ask my guests. So you are not going to escape this either.

Unknown Speaker 30:13
The first one is what is your go to app that creates ease in your day? Well, surprise surprise for you is definitely click up Atlanta 100%. Thanks to you. I had no idea that even existed before I met him. And I’m literally on it every day. And it’s Yeah, it just makes it so much easier being out there. I love that. It’s like an app as well as like, on my computer, because lackey said, when you wake up at like, 2am, and you think of something, if I like before, click out, I would not be able to get back to sleep. So I’m just keep thinking about it. But now I can just grab my phone and quickly pointed in there and like, it’s okay, I don’t need to think about it. I won’t forget it, because it’s there tomorrow. And then I can go back to sleep. So that’s Yeah, definitely a lifesaver. Well, we all know how much I love click Oh,

Unknown Speaker 31:09
that’s fine. That’s a great thing as well, you know, having that space in there. If you are a click up user, hello, welcome. I’m creating a space in there, or a document view or somewhere that you can brain dump your ideas out. And you can come back and look at them later. is so so so good. So awesome. I love it. Yes, right. I’m not gonna talk about click up for all day. But I do need to do an episode on I think,

Unknown Speaker 31:39
a really long one, because you just love talking about it. But it’s really good. Maybe every few orders pop in. Did you know that?

Unknown Speaker 31:51
Well, this is my second question. But you know what? I think I’m I have to change this going forward. But are you an online or a paper to do list lover? Well, I used to be paper. And now definitely more online, thanks to you.

Unknown Speaker 32:07
But in saying that, I feel like I do still under paper to do list. If it’s like a little project I’m doing. And it’s not like it’s gonna be done within that one session. And I’m just want to be like, yep, cool. I’ve got that part of it. But yeah, definitely more online. Now that I’m very quiet, like making things bright and colorful on paper. So there’s something about using I’ve got so many colored pens and markers and highlighters. And,

Unknown Speaker 32:35
you know, I’ve spoken about this before, but any of my planning type actions, I do tend to take them to the dining table and, and map them all out there. So I think there’s definitely a place for both.

Unknown Speaker 32:48
Yeah. Now the last and final, what would you do if you created more space in your, in your world, I would make more of these ideas in my hand come to live.

Unknown Speaker 33:01
Often finishing in October for gold. And I’m so excited for all that time to free up because definitely so many ideas. And I think like a lot of it is not having the time to be able to really invest in getting them going. So yeah, if I had more time and space, that would be what I’d be doing. I love that.

Unknown Speaker 33:27
I love that it straight back into the passion of what you’re about. But don’t you find as well like, when you are working or you your your job is to do the actions that you love doing. It’s not work. It’s not defined as work anymore. And it is important still to introduce those boundaries and make sure that you have some of your own time to do other activities outside of but it doesn’t feel like work. So

Unknown Speaker 33:58
you just want to keep going.

Unknown Speaker 34:00
It’s definitely Yeah, you just don’t stop that and talking about it. I have to tell people when I’m talking to them I’m like so we have to talk about something else now because I’m not gonna stop why you’ve got me started on this now this is my area I can keep going like one click up. Yes. conversational escape joke.

Unknown Speaker 34:22
Like we’re not having a conversation by click up today. But did you know did you do? Did you did okay, we’re gonna start we’re gonna

Unknown Speaker 34:30
Oh, it’s so psycho. Well, thank you so much for joining me today. That was such a fabulous conversation. I love hearing about people’s stories and the journey that they’ve gone especially when it’s about working in an area that you just absolutely love. And I was just wondering if you had anything you wanted to share with our listeners or anything like that as we end up today? Sure thing so the last kind of few months. I’m really

Unknown Speaker 35:00
I tried to dedicate a lot of time to collaborating with other businesses and other projects. And so recently my last two were with Yes, Kwame with all about the anti bullying and workplaces to really start promoting and raising awareness for that project, because that’s definitely something that I’m also super big on is all mental health. And I’m also just partnered with another charity that is called Kelly’s Kohl’s and they’re all about raising money to buy iPads for children with autism and intellectual disability. So we’ve partnered up and I’m planning a fundraiser for them, which I’m super, super excited about. But I’m always looking for more charities and businesses to collaborate with on projects and events and all that, because I just love connecting with other people and learning about what they do and hearing their story. Yeah, especially people that share the same passion as me or just women in business, because that’s also huge passion is just being able to support each other through that. So I just love connecting with everyone. And I always like having a chat, which you’re very aware of.

Unknown Speaker 36:09
But that’s the core of connecting right is communication and learning and listening and being actively involved and supporting the journey that that your fellow business person is on. So yeah, love that. Now, where can we find you? If my listeners want to connect with you? Where are you? Where are you hanging out? What are you doing all the stuff everywhere.

Unknown Speaker 36:35
We have a Facebook page, which is behead therapy and support. We’re on Instagram, on LinkedIn as myself. And also there is a page for the business as well. And sometimes you’ll see me on cloud half my life. Finally my time can go on that all whenever you’re talking.

Unknown Speaker 36:55
Um, yeah, I feel like that’s my supply says I’m at, that’s hobbies. And we will put on all of those links and how to reach out and connect with you to collaborate and network. All of that in the show notes this week. Well, thank you again, Ray for joining us for this episode today. And I look forward to me as always continuing our conversations as we go through our journeys. Thanks so much for having me and I look forward to connecting with some of your awesome listeners soon by viewers. All right, everyone will have a wonderful rest of your day, and enjoy creating space and time freedom by now. Well, there we go. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you on board. Have we connected on social shares? If not, please come on over. Say hi, I’m on all the platforms at the artisan solutions. So I’d really look forward to seeing you over there. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I’d love it if you could leave a review. And of course share this with others so others can come and join us next time. All right, then everyone have a fabulous rest of the week and until next time. See you then



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