Episode 22

Personal Style Tips - Easy and Simple Tricks.

June 23rd, 2021


Today we’re chatting with Jude Stevens from Styling By Lumiere all about her favourite personal style tips and how style effects our confidence.

We dive into:

  • How Jude went from Accountant to Stylist
  • How different phases of our life can affect our style
  • The 3 biggest ways a personal stylist can help you
  • How your body shape, personality, budget and lifestyle come into personal styling
  • How to invest in the right items so you don’t blow your budget
  • Tips for slowly adding colour to an all black wardrobe
  • How style empowers you and help you to feel confident in your body


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Jude Stevens | Styling by Lumiere

Jude is the founder of Styling by Lumiere – a Melbourne-based business offering personal styling services. She works with men and women from all different backgrounds and helps everyday people gain confidence in their personal style.

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Full Episode Transcription

Nicole Smith 0:02
Welcome to take control with Nicola. as business owners, we experienced firsthand the fine line between our personal and business life. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce, overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. Alright, let’s go.

Nicole Smith 0:33
Hello, Hello, and thank you for joining me for this fabulous episode of take control with Nicole. Today I have the amazing Jude Stephens here with me. And we are going to be exploring a topic that is such an important element for all individuals to boost confidence and how others view us. And it’s really about those personal style tips and easy simple tricks that help you get up and dressed and ready to be the fabulous person that you are. But firstly, I would love to introduce you to Jude. Jude is the founder of styling by Lumiere, a Melbourne based business offering personal styling services. She works with men and women from all different backgrounds and helps everyday people gain confidence in their personal style. style is something Jude has always been interested in even as a child. For her being stylish isn’t about wearing the latest fashion trends or wearing just designer labels. It’s about putting a whole look together from head to toe that makes you feel confident and amazing. Art sounds so good, doesn’t it? Well, hello, do you. Thank you so much for joining me today and sharing your amazingness here with my community.

Jude Stevens 1:50
Thanks to Carl his left. I’m really excited to be here. And I’d love to talk about more about styling, and stuff, which is my favourite topic.

Nicole Smith 1:59
So important, isn’t it? It’s um, you know, for me, I’ve always had a particular style. And it’s never been the fashionable thing. It’s so I’ve liked that sort of 50s inspired look and the colours and I always used to wear headbands when it wasn’t trendy. You know, and it’s it’s so important to really find who you are, and find that style that suits you. I think it’s um, which is what you’re all about. Yeah,

Jude Stevens 2:27
I think style is extension extension of who you are and how you express. Yeah, so if it is, it’s an extent, like, it’s not something that separate from your EDS, or you. So I think, want to have your own style and your unique style. And I think it’s when you’re young, you kind of experiment. And you know, some people you know, especially in your 20s, you try everything, and that’s what you should be doing, try everything and then 30 years kind of start to get comfortable with it. This is my body, this is what I like. And then you get to 40s and 50s. And you’re sort of evolve and then grow more with your style.

Nicole Smith 3:06
So just thinking that I was actually just having a conversation with them. My neighbour yesterday, her her daughter’s 1415 and going through the experimental stage, and I just said to her, I remember when I was you know, 1819 going out to clubs, and this was when the really low cut jeans were in fashion and the the tie back top. So it was like a hole to net like a top and a string at the back open at the back. And I’m just thinking, Oh my gosh, like, That’s crazy. But that’s what was in fashion at the time and all the friends were wearing it. So

Jude Stevens 3:45
parachute matching pants and you know the tracksuit? Yes. I think you know like the Emerald like a Tiffany coloured one. Yeah. Gosh, that was so embarrassing.

Nicole Smith 3:58
Oh, it’s funny. Yeah. Oh, gosh, that just reminds me. So I used I was a roller skater when I was younger. And it was when the the pop button pants were in vogue. So all the way down the sides was perfect for roller skating. But um, yeah, when you wear them without, you know, easily ripped off. Sorry. Oh, that’s funny. So you’re talking about trends for a while, but I would love you to share a little bit about you. How did you come up with the concept for your business? And when did you realise that it was the right time to launch to be to launch it into the world.

Jude Stevens 4:38
So my background is finance. So I worked in finance since I was 21. That was my first accounting job at an accounting firm at an accounting firm so and then it got to but 20s just over 20s I’ve worked in finance and moved from accounting firm to financial services. And I didn’t have kids so I didn’t have That mental break that you get from work and working in finance jobs I’ve had is quite high pressure jobs. And I was desperate for a break. mental break. So, and around the same time, you know, like I said, fashion, I love fashion and style. And that’s something I’ve always wanted to do my ideally what I wanted to do when I was at uni was I, if I be that candidate at a fashion, you know, level that will my ideal that was perfect that was didn’t work out that way. But, and then it you know, I turned 40 and then got to a stage where like, well, I really got to do something, you know, before I before it’s too late. And it was hard because I was I was a senior manager, I had a really good income and I work really hard for my you know, to get where I want it to sort of wanted to, you know, it was a bit hard. So I think I thought about for five years before I actually went and do it. Um, the turning point was, I had a friend at work. I’ve known her for a very long time. And we still, you know, be a smartass to each other, and he cheeky comments. And I was telling her and I said, what’s the best pillowcases that you wear all the time, you know, there’s just straight like a 10 dressers and we’re not being stressed. I know the ones Yeah, that’s all she wore. And I knew her before that, that she was quite stylish and wore different things. And all the sudden, all I see is every day is wearing these sort of ship dresses every day, which I mean, nothing wrong shift dresses, we all need one or two things, not every day to wear it. Anyway, so she gave me a challenge or you take me shopping, and we’ll see what happens. So we sat down. And as with all my clients as well, even before that, I said, I’ll get to know them. And then I’ll find out that her body has changed after having two kids, or the body she was used to before kids was completely different. And she didn’t know how to dress up in your body. So she started hiding them all. So that’s why she was wearing that pillowcase. Um, so I took her shopping and I showed her, you know, okay, this is your body shape. And this is what’s good. These are your assets, this is what we need to do. This is what we need to show and if you’re not comfortable with certain things, this is how we can live a bit higher to be in things. So anyway, a bit of shopping spree next week, covering weekend, you know, one day she started wearing the new clothes the whole week, she was telling me how great you felt. And people were telling him what would Is this something, something different about you today? What is it, I can’t put my finger on it, you know, and she felt confident she was walking with her shoulders back and head high and was feeling really good. And when she was telling me these, I just knew that’s what I have to do like it, you just see it in her eyes, her body language, her mannerisms, and the way she approached work. So it’s different. Um, and that’s, and that’s when I knew I had to do it. And even though I sort of knew, kind of, you know, I didn’t study right at the time, but I just knew because I always get people asking me, what should I wear this, you know, and I will take her, take them shopping, and I pick something that they wouldn’t normally pick and they put that on perfect, you know, they’re buying that. So I enrol myself, styling cause just to get confidence that I you know, sort of certification that I knew what I was talking about. And I learned quite a bit from that as well. Um, and then I started Luke Stanley, I really just one night, I registered up preach for ABN, so I just have a name and set up my facebook account. And that was it. I love that and months prior to it, but still then, I mean, I have all you know, it’s scary thing, starting your own things I had a few months off. And then after that,

Nicole Smith 8:50
it is it is scary making that jump, especially when you’re in a well paid position, you know, industry that you’ve always been, you know, I’ve come from a finance the financial sector as well. So I totally understand all of that. And it’s stability, you know, you know, you know that the paychecks coming in every week or fortnight or month, whatever it was where you’re working and, and that’s fine, even if you don’t love it, it’s the other side where you’re like, oh, but you know what, I love doing this slag. And it’s not only about me, but how fabulous I can help people to gain confidence and just stand taller and their shoulders back and they’ve just no people notice that something’s changed, but they don’t know what it is.

Jude Stevens 9:40
And they’re loving their bodies again, you know, before that. And then they started loving. I mean, at the time, I was lucky we were in a financial situation that you know, I could stay at home my husband that was very supportive and when I eventually went back to finance as well up to a year and a half or so just for that. income, regular income, I set it up. And so yeah, it is. It’s a love. I love that I love what I do. And I’d love seeing clients faces. And when they send me pictures afterwards, you know, they put their clothes on and pay me I love I love seeing all that. So

Nicole Smith 10:15
that’s what keeps me going. Yeah, no, that’s so great. It’s so important because you’re, you know, you do go shopping, and you go for the same things, even if you don’t like wearing them, because that’s the known that’s a safety. It’s like anything, right? It’s what I do with processes and systems, you know, people are doing the same thing repetition thing, because that’s the known this safe in that space. And then you bring in something new, and at first, like, Oh, I don’t know. And then you’re just like, support here, try this one on. I know this, you’d love this. And then they’re like, wow, yeah. Why didn’t I try that on before or nucala or many years ago, I did the I got my colour charts done. And you can see, like, I’m wearing quite a bright thing today. But these pinks and all of these were naturally what I’d go for actually anyway, but it was really good to have that affirmation that you know, they were the right things for my skin tone in my head colour and either all that stuff. So yeah, um, so tell me, what’s the difference between a personal stylist and a fashion stylist?

Jude Stevens 11:23
Are they similar? It’s very similar. And they kind of can work in both sectors. For for me, personal style is someone that works with a person, one on one, you know, what I do? Whereas the fashion style is, you know, editorial work for a magazine or a catwalk or a fashion label that sort of, that’s how I distinguish. Yeah, and they do cross each other. You know, they do do the professional work, starting work and personal stylists can do the other work as well. So that’s how I distinguish them. Yeah, that’s cool.

Nicole Smith 12:00
When you’re working with your clients, I guess they come to you because they need that extra helping hand. They know that something’s not happening, or they’ll opening their wardrobe and they’re like, I have nothing to wear even though it’s full to the brim of mostly black probably if they live in Melbourne, like my wardrobe. Lots of colour but predominantly black. What do they call someone told me the other day, it’s actually cold now Melbourne black is the American markets,

Jude Stevens 12:26
learn to read black love, I love it. It’s summer, autumn, they just wear black,

Nicole Smith 12:32
safe, safe and calm, you know, you know, you can just add something in to add a little bit of pump, but you’ve always got the black bag. What are the common problems that you find when people come to work with you if they got sort of like blockers or you know that, like with the confidence, say, what are those things that you find that you’re helping your clients work through,

Jude Stevens 12:55
I would say there are different categories that I can put them in, most of them paid shopping, they just don’t like they feel overwhelmed. They don’t know what to do just don’t know that there’s that group, the other group who don’t have the time to go and shop and do that client recently was her 50th birthday, she cuz I just don’t, I just want I could go shopping for hours and hours. And I just don’t want you to take on that stress. I don’t want it because I’ve got lots to do. Yes, you know, I’ve done all the research, we spend an hour and a half shopping and we’ve she found two dresses you know, two occasions having so that was saving her time so that she looked at it. And then you also have a group who are not confident in their body shape. And they feel overwhelmed going and not knowing what styles suit them even sometimes coming with the stylus or will they find me would you’d find me clothes, you know? So they have these anxieties and prior to that so so there’s sort of the categories of people with shopping but also do wardrobe. So when I go into wardrobe I can see normally up saying same style in different colours. You know, just because it’s easy, you know, did you just go and buy many different ones. Um, oh,

Nicole Smith 14:17
I’ve done that. skirt that I love and I have it in three different patterns and she’s done me well three of them very well.

Jude Stevens 14:28
Yeah, sometimes I have all of them like majority of it. That same style, but they can see it and you know when I go through the wardrobe and all they have clothes still with tags on them that are not where to go and they’re wasting money buying those things, you know, it’s a waste of money. They need help with I think there’s there’s a whole other category they don’t know how to put this class with this top or that top with sorry, top or bottom. So help them to To expand that, sometimes you get used to wearing the same top with the same bottom, which is, you know, you fall into our only got one thing to wear, I’ve got nothing to wear. But if you you know, there’s something that I asked my clients to do, it’s actually I do that myself, try to put something else with the same instead of wearing that same top with the same bottom or jeans or, or skirt, look at your wardrobe and find something else and you do feel alive again, with something different, you know, otherwise, it’s just Groundhog Day, every day with the same outfit. So yeah, so they’re the three sort of problems that I tend to resolve the confidence, once you say is a bit, so sometimes I feel like a therapist, because it is, you know, you’re quite personal. They have their body issues or their confidence issues. So yeah, most of the time, you know, we got hung up about our body, because we don’t like, and, but I think we tend to fall in to the state where we only focus on that, and not your assets, that all the good things, you know, that you love about it. So you’re always trying to hide that and you tend to forget about your assets or your good features that you want to highlight. Yeah, or you kind of fall into that, you know, state where you just all you want to do is hide and hide and hide. And I think that’s something I then I work with them to have bit more, you know, gradually, yeah, start accepting that your body what it is, but the net are like this, look into your shoulders a great, your arms are great, let’s do that. I think they that will be what I would say there’s different categories. Yeah,

Nicole Smith 16:48
I think that that, you know, the size thing I know, growing up, I was never a size eight or 10 I was knit I’ll probably never will be and, and it’s hard when you’re younger, and you’re going equal at any age, really, you’re going through that, you know, oh, but I need to be this black the models on the data data, you know, but you don’t need to just be you and you need happy and confident in your body. As long as you’re healthy. That’s the most important thing. And dress yourself and style yourself to support that. That’s something that I have always aimed to do find, you know, outfits and dress and I’m not a I’m not a trouser person just by Jean pants when I go to the gym, but that’s about it. You know, I’m a skirt and a dress person. But I know that’s me. And I feel amazing in that. And heels can be a pair of nice heels.

On the cardigan person. Again, these ones are just through review ones. I love them. They’re just short, you know, their body shape as well. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, sorry. But

Jude Stevens 18:01
it’s all about dressing for your body shape. It doesn’t matter where this house is, you know? If and if. And if you get that bright, it doesn’t matter what your size is. I’ve dress you know, people are size eight to size 22. Every time I put them in clothes that fits their body shape, they come out of the water, you know, the changing room? Oh, look at me Look out, you know, and that’s that is so good. You know, that’s a great feeling to watch. And you can see that transfer transformation in them and their confidence in them. So yeah, talk about trusting for the body shape. If we all look the size eight or eight, same body shape, how boring would this world be everyone will be wearing the same clothes? That’s so boring.

Nicole Smith 18:47
Oh, that’s such a Yeah, you’re right, isn’t it? It’s really about embracing and understanding your body shape and what clothes what clothing or style of clothing suits that and having someone like you do to come on that exploration with them is must be there. I can imagine it could be so so lovely.

Jude Stevens 19:09
Vegas has 12 top is not going to fit everybody. Yeah, their body shape will be different, the same top will not. And their lifestyle is different. their personality is different. So when I take them shopping or whatever the consulting style consulting work that I do with them actually incorporate all that into that person because it’s all about them, their personality, their lifestyle they need to fit in their budget. Yeah, I need to fit into that. And that’s when you feel like yourself again. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

Nicole Smith 19:40
I’m talking about budgets. So I’m guessing that’s a conversation that you have with your clients around, you know, that education of the investment in the clothing versus just the sort of, you know, buy multiple of the same How do you work through that Guess from a finance background,

you’ve probably got lots of data Look at that. But yeah, when

Jude Stevens 20:06
it comes to parts, because I just buy a lot of them, but I wear them for a very long time. So, so if you have a small budget or whatever it is, you always buy, not the trends, it’s going to go out and change after a few months or so by the clothes that actually they’re classic, they can wear it over and over again for years. The other thing is, you know, when you buy a new piece of clothes, have a look what about, you know, I’ve got to have at least three or four items in your wardrobe that it can go with. So that way you get most wear with that as well. You know, sometimes people will look at their personal stylist, it’s a luxury thing, or it’s for the rich and famous and the celebrities. But actually, it’s not. I’ve had clients who are single mums with two kids, but they don’t want to tell their friends that they’ve hired a stylist that think they can be you know, they’ve got all this money and they’re wasting money, but it’s for her, it’s an investment because it’s sad as well. So I took her shopping and bought her clothes for the whole year for two, two years that she can wear to work. And then it goes with everything so that others can do you, when you buy clothes, you look at your wardrobe and see what else you have. And he goes with something, not just one thing was just going to sit in your wardrobe, you don’t know what to wear with. So that’s sort of the investment and you know, when you buy clothes, have a look at you know, there’s something that you wear all the time, maybe spend a little bit extra on that piece. So you’re not going to have to, you know, book out, you know, buy that every six months or every nine months because it’s worn out.

Nicole Smith 21:45
So I have a cold winter coat that I bought. I lived over in London for six years, and we’re on a weekend away with my girlfriend’s from work, there was six of us that used to go away every year. And we’re up in the Cotswolds, which is this beautiful part of the UK. And we’re in this one little town in his beautiful little shop and I saw this quote, I like this, this quote, beautiful, like and it was that on the little bit more expensive side. But I’m like guys, like, this is amazing. I love this quote. They didn’t have it in my size. I’m like no, but they hadn’t even my size in the next town down. So I wasn’t driving, but the girls are like, let’s go get this coat. I still wear that coat. So I have been home. And how long ago did you buy it? Yeah, I’m just trying. So I’ve been back in Melbourne at the end of 2012 is when we arrived back and I would have had that coat for like maybe two or three years before then. And that is my winter coat. And I love her She’s beautiful. And she’s unique. She’s different, but it’s like she’s like brand new.

Jude Stevens 22:54
That’s my financing there were PR costs you know cost per wear so if you’re buying something like that and you’ve had it for 10 years or you know nearly a year if you think about it suddenly you know for something like that it’s worth spending because you do wear it often and especially in Melbourne and in London Yeah, and yeah I think with when it comes to coat winter code you buy what you can afford as much as you can you know because it’s an investment there are pieces that you can get away with cheaper but yeah, whatever you can afford, just get the best one you can afford. Yeah, and I’ve I have been

Nicole Smith 23:37
that sort of, you know, I do buy the the everyday pieces like you know, I’ve got to go to particular top that it’s from came from Target sorry, this particular one I bought in long sleeve and short sleeve and I think it’s like I don’t know $12 $10 or something. And I always when it wears out I just replace it with maybe you might need to come to my wardrobe and but you know but there’s other items I do invest in like my dresses and my skirts and things like that I do spend a little bit more money on

Jude Stevens 24:12
Yeah, and then when you mix it with something expensive, no one would know any does but and then sometimes when you do pay a little bit less or any expensive pay attention for the quality get some can be can look cheap, even if you you know even with expensive items within make is arrived, the stitching not right, the fabric and the print, all that sort of comes into comes into it. So you sort of need to pay attention because you can get really nice things without having to spend a lot of money. Yeah, that’s

Nicole Smith 24:46
absolutely right quality, isn’t it, it’s finding those quality items actually, regardless of the price really, you know, especially there’s some amazing small businesses out there that make beautiful quality items as well. You know the big corporates as well so yeah, but you would know those and you just hunt around and you’d be like you need that

Jude Stevens 25:08
I’ve got this skirt that I bought a while ago this is when the pleated skirts came in. Yep this style and I was little bit reluctant to try it on and I thought right and it was like a baby pink it’s beautiful pink pleated skirt that I found a daddy yeah 220 dollars right 42 and I said well if I’m not going to like it, it’s only spend 20 $20 So anyways, I had that. I bought it and I wore I wore it with a white blazer and a blacktop and some really nice shoes and it was my birthday so I’ve had it and put it on my Instagram and my friend goes is that Victoria Beckham skirt. It’s all about getting that you know straight off but you couldn’t tell you cannot because you accessorised it Oh yeah, yeah. Where you started in a way that that people you know, you don’t have to know doesn’t matter if they know or it doesn’t matter but it’s just the style how you style it and how you wear it is important to to make you feel great and awkward right? Hey, they’re

Nicole Smith 26:16
just interrupting this episode to let you know all about our exciting new membership. The doors to the take control with Nicole members lounge and now open and we are ready to welcome you to date your share as one of our fabulous foundation members. The members lounge provides a safe space to learn and implement productivity and organisational techniques for creative small business owners. We offer a unique approach to breathe ease in your everyday by customising strong foundations that save time, money and sanity. how fabulous when you are able to confidently stride down Easy Street, will you walk through door A or B pop over to HTTPS Academy dot the artisans.com.au slash members dash lounge to join us in the members lounge. I look forward to welcoming you very soon. See you later. Bye.

Yeah, I was gonna say you you would have been feeling great in it. So you would dandy and it was your birthday so fabulous time celebration. Yeah. It made my day. Yeah. Yeah. That’s so cool. I’m sorry. I’d love you to share some of your your tips and your simple styling tips for our listeners hear that may not have for me they don’t have the time in the morning to be thinking about what to wear or have a special event coming up and yeah, what I’d love you to share some of your groceries.

Jude Stevens 27:58
Oh look I think of putting out before it’s knowing your body shape. So understanding what your body shape you know you can be a pear shape or an apple shape. You might a triangle or just you know, rectangle. So just understanding that and dressing for that. You know, and also my accessories are the thing, easiest thing to do so you know I’ve got my

Nicole Smith 28:23
I’ve got mine here let’s move my headset away. I have a little obsession with earrings at the moment. We can check marks where you buy yours. Definitely so good.

Jude Stevens 28:38
I love a pair of like a statement earrings you can rearrange something like for example if you have a lot of blacks and if you want to move away from black to something different you know something slightly, gradually move out and pair of colourful earrings is is best to do. So yeah earrings are my my go to thing just to dress it up or down. Depending you know your necklace. I try not to compete so your outfit and a lot of things that competing, that’s not the way just maybe it’s your earrings and let everything else just be what it is. And the other thing is I think sometimes we don’t pay attention enough attention to shoes, everything’s great and then you look at the border and then you were not the right you know having a pair of nude shoes is the thing to have in your wardrobe because it doesn’t matter when they’re flats or heels or you know if you can have it in all different heel sizes. And because it can elongate your legs as well. You know, and it goes with anything and everything.

Nicole Smith 29:42
You’re encouraging my shoe habit here but I do I actually do have a pair of nude heels and they’re the most comfortable things that I have ever bought. I think they were like thank you for like a clock so something like they just stuck a very Classic shoe with a beautiful big, chunky heel. And yeah, this amazing, comfortable the chunky heel was comfortable. I only do chunky heels now I used to oh my gosh talking about back on those low jeans How am I used to do that all night?

Jude Stevens 30:23
I had lucky No, we were in lockdown for nearly two months, right? I’m worn heels. Yeah, I have to wear heels. I’m like, Oh my God. I thought I was gonna fall over. Because my memories gone training. You got to train them up. Do you remember? Yeah, like the wearing of the shoes. It’s our first outing tonight. Ladies, you know, got away the shoes in we’ve got to do it. socks are the issue. Yeah, at home just so you were the media.

Nicole Smith 30:57
Thank you. That’s so true. Yeah, look, shoes. Shoes have always been a little bit of a passion of mine. I just love heels. And I love beautiful, different shoes as well. And when I had kids, I went to flats for a few years there. And I was working from home, I didn’t have to go into an office. So um, yeah, but I’ve now Now on to my business, which is probably a good conversation, this is probably good conversation actually have you know, moving from the corporate space into your own business base and actually stepping into who you are, you know, and not being afraid to wear for good now Polish like I do all the time, or have big statement earrings or colours or colourful shoes, whatever it is, it’s yours. You know, having that confidence to own it. Yes. is so important, isn’t it?

Jude Stevens 31:55
That’s right, it is very important. Because that’s when you feel yourself again, if you’re trying to be something that you’ve always stops you from being who you are, it’s a bit of a struggle. Because when you’re say you’re you know, doing a presentation in front of the clients, or you’re trying to sell something, right. Last thing you want to worry about is what you’re wearing, or you know, that I’m not comfortable with this, this is not who you are, who I really am. So you’re if you’re if you don’t have to worry about that the close is the least thing that you need to worry about, then you’re just yourself. Yeah. And you’re You mean you know, your branding? You know, when I look at unicore, you’re bright, you know, upbeat and and your clothes show that? Yeah. And I’ve seen that in clients as well. Sometimes I get clients who are they’re doing a brand new shoes, and trying to, you know, sort of get my help and try and work out what to wear. It’s important to show who you really are, you know, sometimes the photographer might say, oh, wear bright colours, because they look great in the photos. But then that’s not who you why every time you see that image coming up on your social media, or is it just that I know that’s my face, but who is that what you’re wearing? Really important to in the Brony shirts or everyday life. You don’t have to be working. You know, you might have a uniform at work. But then you’ve got your life outside of that. So knowing who you are. Outside of that, it’s important to feel confident and feel amazing. And I want every woman and men to be confident in you aware and not have to worry about whether you know doesn’t make me a little bit sore that is you know, I don’t like my bit this bit of my body. Yeah, I’m conscious about it. So then there can be just enjoy life and enjoy whatever the event they’re at. not having to worry about what they’re wearing.

Nicole Smith 33:55
That’s so true to his freedom as an eight you feel you get when you put a piece of clothing on that just makes you feel good. Yeah, your whole everything changes.

Jude Stevens 34:07
Everything changes. Yeah, about your body shape. And that was that’s empower women they to go and try different things and do something that you know, oh, you know, I’ve had a client who said to me after having that start, so I did her water and also took a shopping and fill the gaps and found all things. And she has never been that confident about her body. And she gave me a testimonial saying that. Now she loves she learn how to which is afterwards she now loves her body shape. You know, that’s what you want to do. So that sort of stuffs kind of addictive for me.

Nicole Smith 34:49
I get it the same. You know, when I work with my clients and they’re like, Oh my gosh, Nicole, this is life changing. Oh stop like Yes. It’s so awesome. I’m So excited for you.

Jude Stevens 35:02
That’s what sort of lights you up and going over starting your own business is hard. You know, is your everything you know, for me to doing a finance job is easy. I go to job I get paid. I know how to do that. It’s easy. Yeah. Clients Don’t you know, I’m still new to it and doing this. So when you get an A, I had a client telling me the other day, I’ve changed her life. And suddenly, it’s just like, makes you want to keep going and work harder to make sure that I do this. Yeah, it’s nice to do that.

Nicole Smith 35:37
I love that. Thank you so much for sharing all of that. And yeah, it’s so it’s so lovely. When you are able to work in an area that you’re so passionate about and that you just love. It’s not I always say it’s not work. or shopping. I mean, oh, okay, I’ll meet you at chatty, like, let’s go.

Jude Stevens 36:03
Do the research. Yeah, okay, I’ll go to the shop. No, the research which I do have a look at all the clothes that suit them. And you know, my husband go Yeah, dudes doing a research and come up with this bag and that bag.

Nicole Smith 36:15
It’s, you know, it’s an investment in my education. I’ve got to make sure I’m up to date with the styles and the different materials. Gotcha. I got you under control.

Jude Stevens 36:27
I have an excuse to go to the shops. You know, I have to do my research not just looking at clothes. Some people stores that. Hello, how are you? So you’re here again? Yeah. doing research for a client.

Nicole Smith 36:45
I love that. Yeah. Cuz it does really ultimately, working with you is gonna is going to save time and ultimately money as well from not buying those wrong pieces that are not right for you. Yeah. And then wearing anyway. Yeah. Then they go. They go to the option because, yeah. Well, look, thank you so much. That was so so good. We are now going to ask you those three questions that I asked. Are you ready? Okay, so it’s no pressure. It’s just a little bit of fun. What is your go to app that creates ease in your day?

Jude Stevens 37:28
In shots, which is a day because sometimes the lighting not bright. So our lady to show that outfits better? Or that insurance? And camera was my second one because I use that quite a bit. Yeah,

Nicole Smith 37:44
that’s a good one, isn’t it? I’ve got that on my on my phone for when I started doing reels , which I will promise I’m going to do more everyone. Um, yeah, it’s it’s really super easy to use, isn’t it as well. And instead? It’s like, yeah, that’s right. Music if you want as well. Yeah, yeah. Did only one or two reels. But I did it all in India. Yeah. And I love the fact that you can do the music, but you can also overlay a voice on it as well. Really nice and simple. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Good one. That’s a good one. Okay, so are you an online or paper to do list lover?

Jude Stevens 38:25
I think I do a bit of both. Yeah, my financial. It’s a paper. I like picking things up and feel good. Yeah, my business stuff because I’m always thinking about stuff just during the day and all the whole days. I just put it on my iPhone my. my to do list and things.

Nicole Smith 38:44
Yeah, yeah.

Jude Stevens 38:46
Yeah. Maybe it’s my old fashioned way. always done it in finance. Since I was little boy. Yeah. Now it’s sort of continued on.

Nicole Smith 38:54
It’s very, there’s a lot of my guests. A hybrid of both. I’m even a hybrid of both, even though I love pickup. I love paper as well. I’ve still got my notebooks in my pens and all of that. So definitely space for all of it. So, yeah. Okay, what would you do if you created more space in your world?

Jude Stevens 39:21
What do you need more charity work? I’d love to, if I had a little bit more time, or space. Hopefully one day, that’s what I’m aiming for, even to do one day a week or a few hours a day a week to work in charity.

Nicole Smith 39:37
And there’s some fabulous charities and remember, there’s going to be absolutely escaping me where you actually help people get right yeah, for interviews or whatever. You remember donating some clothes and things to them once so they’ll want to work with Yeah, awesome. It’s so good. And I can imagine like you We all made that. And then if we can help someone that really needs it, how rewarding? Oh, beautiful. That’s great. Well, thank you so much. Tell me more about, you know, well, where can our listeners find you? Okay? Do you want to share with us? or?

Jude Stevens 40:18
Yeah, um, my business is called styling by Lumia. I’m on Facebook and Instagram. And I’m on LinkedIn as well. It’s got everything on it. Yeah, so I’ve got a website. So if anybody wants to have a look at, and different styles services, also just to read what the clients say, I think that’s really important. So they’ve read their experiences and what they went through, because it’s a little bit hard if you haven’t hired a stylist to understand the process very well. So that’s a great way to find out about the process and about me, really, because being the hiring a style, it’s very personal. You know, I see them at the vulnerable stage, you know. So, I think you’ve got to have a connection with that rapport with your personal style. It’s who you trust, when you had money to go with so I think, testimonial in any kind of business that like that, it’s important to read and get to know them better.

Nicole Smith 41:19
That’s absolutely and follow you on the social so that you actually see who you are, you know, I show up in my stories every day, my stats, none of the weekends, but every day, I’m doing my business where I’m there with my face and the stories that took a little while to do that, but I love it now. Yeah. Yeah, man, I love

Jude Stevens 41:44
getting started tips and stuff on social media. So my outfit, whatever, in a way I’ve got it from or how am I wearing it? Things like that. So yes, with with with having a look

Nicole Smith 41:55
Wonderful. And you’ve got an offer there that you got to share with our listeners as well.

Jude Stevens 42:02
So the first three people to book with me next week, and within a week, yeah, I’m getting 20% off that styling consultation. So better hurry up.

Nicole Smith 42:16
Absolutely don’t miss out on that. And that’s fabulous. So all of those notes, all of the links, excuse me all of the information about the offer. I’m going to have all of that in the show notes so you can go and connect with two. I just wanted to finish off on a word before we hit that record button. We’re speaking about your business name. love to share that because when I hear Lumiere, as I said, I think of Beauty and the Beast and the candelabra bear singing the Oh guest. That’s how I imagined it. But I love what you’re how you’ve explained to them your name your

Jude Stevens 42:49
work. So, you know, I was listening to Ed Sheeran song. And Lumiere was this main light, and that’s what I want my clients to feel. So Lumia in French means spotlight or light. You know, like the candle character on the thing it’s providing light to. So what I want my clients to feel is their shine again, in the bathroom, the spotlight again, in the light, it’s on them now. So that’s how the movie came about. In my name, so I played around, trying to get the right, styling by Lumia. And styling. But anyway, so yeah, so that’s how I want my clients to feel the light shine on them after their styling session.

Nicole Smith 43:34
I love that. That’s beautiful. That’s such a Yeah, that’s a really beautiful name. And I think it’s absolutely perfect for what you do. So yeah, finding a name is a hard thing. I had this spreadsheet.

Jude Stevens 43:46
Yeah. I had Lumia, five years before I actually started the business. Yeah, we that’s what I was wanting to do. Because that name what it means resonated with you.

Nicole Smith 43:59
Yeah. Oh, wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing that. That’s beautiful to end us off on today. And thank you so so much for joining me having me. I loved it. My pleasure. Yes, I did. I love talking. All this stuff are so much fun. So make sure you go into the show notes and follow Jude and connect with her. And thank you so much again for listening. And I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day and enjoy creating space and time freedom. Bye now. Well, there we go. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you on board. Have we connected on socials? Yes, if not, please come on over. Say hi, I’m on all the platforms at the artisan solutions. So I’d really look forward to seeing you over there. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I’d love it if you could leave a review. And of course share this with others so others can come and join us next time. All right, Did everyone have a fabulous rest of the week and until next time, see you then.


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