Episode 28

How To Rise Through Resistance In Business with Megan Jaworski

August 4th, 2021


Today we’re chatting with Megan Jaworksi all about how to rise through resistance in business.
We dive into:
  • Megan’s philanthropy work and how it’s shaped her beliefs around money
  • The power of mindset in business
  • Becoming okay with not being perfect
  • How Megan went from $100 to five-figures in two months in her business
  • The importance of tuning into your intuition in business
  • How to move through resistance
  • Why not selling is selfish

Megan shared her 10 steps to break through resistance

  • Number One, Be really clear about what you desire and why
  • Number two, Create an identity that aligns with this.
  • Number three, Implement a growth mindset.
  • Number four, Question your thoughts?
  • Number five, Create empowering beliefs.
  • Number six, Implement habits that support your new identity.
  • Number seven, Who do you want to work with?
  • Number eight: Have the end in mind. So what is the end result?
  • Number nine, Take small steps daily, just keep taking one step in front of the other.
  • Number ten, Celebrate your wins!

“If I keep going back to that, I know I’m going to achieve my goals.”

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Megan Jaworski | 

About Megan

Megan Jaworski is a mother and wife, a lover of ethical fashion and chocolate, and the founder of Edge Foundation. She helps women grow a business they love and create the lifestyle they desire. She teaches how to do this holistically – focusing on mindset, wellbeing, and business strategy. Megan does this through School of Impact, Leaders of Impact, School of Impact Podcast, workshops, and keynote speaking.

Megan believes that when our internal world mirrors how we live externally, that’s when we’re in alignment and that’s when we’re able to show up in the full expression of who we are. This allows us to create a business and life we love, make meaningful money, and make an impact in the world. She’s a qualified life coach, primary and secondary school teacher, and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. Megan combines the best teaching and coaching methodologies to support her clients in their growth and transformation.

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Full Episode Transcription

Welcome to Take Control with Nicole. As business owners, we experienced firsthand the fine line between our personal and business life. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce, overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.


Hello, Hello, and thank you for joining me for this fabulous episode of take control with Nicole. Today I have the amazing Megan Jaworski here with me. And we are going to be talking about how to rise through the resistance of business. But firstly, I’d love to introduce you to Megan, Megan is a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a fleurette. Oh my goodness, how am I gonna say that word, philanthropist? Is that how you say it? I know I get that one all muddled up to Megan is a lover of ethical fashion chocolate and the founder of edge foundation. Oh, looking forward to hearing about that, and a little bit more detail as well. Well, how are Megan, thanks for coming and chatting with me today. I’m so excited for our conversation. Thank you so much for having me. I’m really excited to be here. Wonderful. Well, let’s start at the very beginning. Tell me all about you about your business and what makes you sparkle? Oh,

well, that’s a long story. Okay. Um, so all about me. So yes, I’m, I’m a mom, and I’m a wife and I, and I’m a business owner. But I think it was what I really love more than anything, is I really love helping empower people to really step into their power unleash it, and really step into the fullness of who they’re meant to be. And I do this primarily with women in business. But what I love most is just empowering women in business to step up to make, you know, what I call meaningful money, and to make a bigger impact. So my whole business philosophy is about making an impact in the world. So yes, I’m a philanthropist. I can’t even say that we’re probably going to run a charity that educates children, we also donate to micro financing of women in developing countries, giving them micro financing loans for them to start up small businesses to. And so I truly believe that money in the hands of women who really care about making a difference in the world is really going to change the world. And I’ve seen it firsthand. I’ve, I’ve been doing it for over a decade now myself. And so I think that’s just the essence of who I am is, is just really wanting people to remove all the layers that they place on them connect to their core, so that they can truly shine

and love that now I was listening to your. But I think it’s your recent podcast, maybe one episode back and you were talking about money mindset and how with money buy, when you earn more money, or you you know, you create more money, you’re actually able to support the things and support the people that you actually want to do. And I really loved that sentiment and had never really thought about it. But never thought about it before that the more money you make in created your world, the more opportunities you have to support others to do other fantastic things as well.

Yeah, absolutely. And I think that’s what started me on this path was, I wasn’t brought up with a really great money mindset at all a terrible one. But I was brought up with really strong values to give back. And so my mom was a nurse and my dad was a teacher and I grew up in a Christian religious environment where tithing 10% and you know, helping others was really part of the philosophy of just who you are. And so when I was 22, I went overseas and volunteered in Zambia. And I saw there in the power that money can have in transforming the communities when I was teaching where I was teaching in like the outskirts like the slums of Lusaka. And then when I was 27, my husband and I just decided to he was working his way up at PricewaterhouseCoopers. And I was teaching in, we were about in our second year of our careers really working on our careers. And I just said, I think we need to go overseas and volunteer. And he was just like, what, and then he goes, Okay, I trust you. I’ve got a very trusting, supportive husband, and we ended up living in India, and we ended up living outside of a leper colony, and I wrote a curriculum there, and he and helped teach children whose parents had leprosy And some of the kids did too. And we lived in a house. And yeah, it was really, um, it was very challenging experience. And then we flew over to Zimbabwe. And then we’re in Zimbabwe, and I said around a school holiday programme for kids that have just been held from living on the streets. And one night, about two weeks into this, I was just sitting on this cold, hard floor. And there are about seven bodies that were lying around me sleeping. And there were bodies of children who just been housed. And they had no beds or anything. And in my arms, there was this boy who just turned 11 years old. And he was telling me his story about how from the time he was six, until the time he was 10, his life was living on the streets, he ran away from home, because of the beatings he got from the hands of his mother and the different men that would come into his life. And as you’re showing me scars and telling me stories, so the most horrendous thing that you can imagine happening to a child on the streets happened to him. And as he was going into more detail about his life, tears, were streaming down my face. And I looked down at him. And he looked up at me with his big brown eyes. And I thought, What do you say to a child who has just told you the most horrendous story you’ve ever heard? And my life is so drastically different to that of his. And I looked down, and I just said, the only words that came to my mouth that that came to my mind was, if you could have anything in this world, what would it be? And he looked up at me. And he said, All I want is to go to school.

And it was that moment, and we all have them, where we have that pivotal moment in our lives where we need to make a decision, and we need to make it quickly. And we know that whatever we say next is going to shape the course of our life forever. And so I looked down at him. And I said, the first thing that came to my mind was, for as long as you need to go to school, I will make sure you go to school. And it was that moment that I then realised that I’ve now made this promise I intend to keep it. And so I researched and I looked into different ways that I could get these all these kids to school, because I’d miss so much schooling, that they couldn’t go to mainstream school. Now, I didn’t know how to set up a school in a developing country in Zimbabwe, you know, and this is just after in this is in 2009. And in 2008, in Zimbabwe, over 100,000 people died of starvation in the country, and there’s literally no food on the shelves for that whole year. And we were there when it was just picking up a tiny bit. And so and so I partnered with a local organisation, and I just did the next right step. And, and then I realised when I came back to Australia and registered a charity that had the power that money had to create positive change. And I realised then that I wanted to be rich, not necessarily for myself, yes, I like to, you know, wear nice clothes, or whatever it may be, I’m not really into to labels or anything, but you know, provide for my families and my kids to the schools that I want go on a family holiday, of course, but more than that, I wanted more money, because I saw that this money can employ people it can send kids to school, it can break poverty cycles, it can build wells, it can provide women in developing countries with with a small business, and literally change communities. And I saw the power that it can have. And I thought that is what I want. And so I think that’s if people ask me, what’s your story? I think this is a really part of my story that’s led me to what I’m doing now. Yeah, so that’s kind of, I guess, what really started my journey into this.

I love that it’s very powerful. Very likely, yes, you right? We all have these pivotal moments in our in our world. But what am I missing?

what that was, I know, right? And I didn’t know this at the time. It was only when I started studying coaching, life coaching and NLP, that I realised what was actually going on in my mind. And obviously, I was just a confident 27 year old who honestly thought she could do anything she put her mind to. And then I had children and that kind of all went downhill. But I really believed in myself and I just thought, you know what, there’s a really powerful belief and that is say yes. And figure out the how. And that’s what I just kept doing. And you know, since then we’ve been able to send over 100 children to school. We’ve had one girl graduate from university from law school, and now she’s a lawyer. We’ve had one child who started with us go through and just finished high school and said, I kid you not told me 10 years ago, Megan Olivia. Teach I even wrote a card, I took a photo of the card. And now she’s just graduated high school and got into teaching. And, and you know, we’ve raised close to half a million dollars, and we’ve purchased a school building. And this is the power of, of mindset, this is the power of saying yes, and figuring out the how this is the power of having a purpose greater than yourself. And so, and so I think it really helps set me up for success running my business, because it’s same kind of mindset needed.

Absolutely, isn’t it? You know, in the entrepreneurial space, you always hit these kind of like, oh, but you know, I’m a very, I’m an action taker, as well. I’m like, yep, we’re going to do this. How are we going to figure that out? We’ll make it, we’ll make it work we’ll make and if you want to do a bad enough, you always figure it out. Right? Absolutely. Absolutely. And that’s part of the journey of discovery of this is something new this, I don’t know how to do it right now. But soon, it will become second nature, and it will become easy, and it will become just this fabulous new thing that’s part of my world and how, how fabulous that is.

Yeah, exactly. And I think also, I’m just being okay with making mistakes to, like, obviously, you want to do your due diligence, and, and, you know, minimise it as much as possible. But at the same time, if you’re not making mistakes, you’re really not growing. Because I think that the only way that we can truly grow is to make mistakes, because we learn the most from those. And you know, in that we’ve been running this charity for 11 years, and I look back and I know, mistakes that I’ve made along the way. But the rewards were so much greater, for the children for myself for everyone involved, and it makes it worth it. You know, and there’s been some pretty dark times, even in my business, with my own parenting journey in my life, but I think I’m becoming okay with with not being perfect or not having everything perfect, is probably the biggest gift you could ever give yourself.

Yeah, I am.

Sit on the perfectionism scale, I especially in my past, being you know, executive assistant and supporting others, making sure that all the things were you know, all the T’s were crossed, and the dots wide, the eyes were dotted thing, there we go. The dots were eyed, that’s a new head, it’s been a journey for me of having to like I still obviously attention to detail is quite high up there in my my sphere. But knowing that it’s just okay to get it out there. You know, to put whatever that thing is just do it, it launch it to the world. And you can figure it out, set that date of intention. and off you go when it’s, I think some of those moments where I have really done that have been the most powerful experiences for me. And the most, as you said, the most rewarding because you’re like, Look what I’ve just achieved that Yeah,

absolutely. Am we so much more capable than what we give ourselves credit for? Like, honestly, we can achieve so much more than what we believe. And that’s why we’ve got to have really powerful beliefs.

Yeah, absolutely. Love that. What a great start. Oh, my goodness, where is this going to go? It’s going to be super exciting. I love it. Now, I know you’ve had an amazing business journey in the last few years as well, you know, turning around from a few $100 to five figures in two months. I think it was. I’d love for you to share a little bit about that if you are teaching.

Of course. Of course. Yeah. So it was actually this time last year when memories popped up on Facebook.

Facebook, isn’t that funny when they come up. But the one started from like, 910 years ago when Facebook first started, you know, living overseas in London and these like, put things pop up.

Oh, I remember when I when I had to live your life. Love it. So fun. So yes, this memory came up from last year. And I was and and always may launching. And I was launching this programme that I had run and the girls in it had phenomenal results. And it was really good. But just something was off. And my intuition told me that something’s not right. And I couldn’t quite know what because I had so many voices in my head. So I was in a mastermind. So then I had all the girls in the mastermind when you know you do the hot seat calls giving me their opinion that I had my husband and then I had you know, just just friends and other people and it was very confusing for me. And so I launched and then I put money into Facebook ads I did. I did everything textbook that you’re told to do. And I had the testimonials. I had the website, I had everything all set up, not one person signed up $2,000 on Facebook advertising, I not to mention the 1000s that I’ve spent in other things. And I was devastated. heartbroken. I was a year and a ha, a little bit under a year and a half a year and a bit into my business, maybe year and a half. And this was the lowest I had ever earned. Since starting my business. Yeah. And I felt like such a failure, because I had invested 10s of 1000s of dollars into mentoring into masterminds into programmes, and I just was sobbing, sobbing, to my husband. And I said, you know, I’m a failure, who am I to even Why would anyone want to see me as a coach, like my mind this time last year, I still remember it. It was really the darkest time for my business. And my husband walked through not for profit part time. And I said, Look, can you just look to see if there’s a job in education and training because I, I’ve run a charity, I used to work for a charity. I’m a teacher, I’m a coach, I can do training, and I know this world. So he put the feelers out there, and I was even going to go in for an interview. And then something inside of me said, Megan, don’t give up. Don’t give up on your dream of empowering women in business to make a bigger difference in this world. Because they said, You know what, Megan, you’ve overcome postnatal depression and anxiety and panic attacks, you have moved through your mother’s Sudden Death of cancer, you started a school in Zimbabwe. And you’ve had to employ people and fight people in your freaking 20s. And you’re gonna let this bring you down. So it’s kind of like this pep talk. And I was like, okay, no, this is not going to bring me down. Because I know that there’s something far greater for me out there. And this is my path. I can’t give up now. And so I reached out to someone who I used to coach actually. And I helped to transition from the workplace into her own business, and I saw her business was doing phenomenally well. So I reached out to her. And I just said, Look, I’ve lost complete confidence. I noticed you’re doing so well. I’m so happy for you. Do you mind just telling me how I helped you? Because I helped you get on this track. She was like, of course, you know, let’s catch up. So she just shared with me exactly how I helped her. That boosted my confidence. I realised exactly where I went wrong. In this. I ended up

leaving the mastermind ended up just fully backing myself and tuning into my intuition. And I launched School of impact. And I contacted all my ex clients, because you see, I had gotten excellent testimonials and reviews. And they were all waiting to work with me. But they’re waiting for the right programme. They’re waiting for the right product, but they’re waiting for me to step up. Yeah. And so when I contact them saying, Hey, I’m launching this thing called School of impact, I wasn’t cheap, compared to like, the other work that I’d done with them. And I said, you know, would you be interested? This is what we’re going to be doing? And all of them said, Yes, yeah. And so within two months, I made my first five figures, figure month, you know, working during stage four lockdown in Melbourne, working 6:30am till 8:30am. And then at night, once the kids got to sleep, and I turned my business around. And then a few months after that, I made multiple five figure months, and then it’s just continued on since then. And the biggest, there’s quite a few learnings out of this that I can share with people listening today. But if you’re at a place of despair, and but you truly believe in what it is you’re doing, reach out to somebody who can help you. That’s what I did, and get really clear on the transformation you provide for your clients, or your customers get really clear on what it is that you provide and what their needs are, who it is that you want to work with. And I became so niched on values of the people I want to work with the people knew who are speaking to and and I think it’s we get afraid of doing that. And everybody tells you the nation industry and I’m like, well I product and I like service, and then somebody said, well nation values, and I did like Seth Godin is marketing course and and that was a game changer as well. And so, yeah, I was able to turn things around and really speak to my ideal client. And, and I understood the transformation I provided for them in the process, and I just kept putting myself out there and it’s paying off.

I love that That’s so true. I had a conversation recently with someone, actually, it wasn’t you might have been you at lunchtime. I like that lunchtime. It looks like we’re back at school at lunch, you know, talking about that value focus. Because you, right? There’s so many voices out there all the time. And with such good intent, you know, like, I know that I automatically go into problem solver mode. And I’m become very aware of that now, I’m really trying to move into a different space, because so many times when people are going through a thing, they don’t actually want the problem to be solved, they want to be heard, and for you to sit beside them and support them on that journey to discover what it is like what you said you did is you just listened into yourself. And it was there. And yes, you contacted, you know, your ex clients and, and got all that information, but it was deep inside you and really had the confidence to step into that.

Absolutely. And I think, um, what happened, like when I was doing the launch was I had outgrown this programme. I had, I was wanting to work with people who were at a different level to what the programme was targeted at. So it was more, the messaging was wasn’t concise. The programme didn’t fit the needs of the kind of people that I wanted to work with now. But I didn’t know this at the time, because you don’t know what you don’t know. But I knew something wasn’t right. And because all these voices in my head, were telling me all you’re just in a scarcity mindset. No, you’re just fearful. Yet it was fear. But it was my intuition saying this isn’t right. It wasn’t my voice is saying, you know, you’re fearful of putting yourself out there. And that’s what confused me. And I thought, I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge. And I’ve never been one to, to not back myself. I mean, I raised $40,000 in one month with no major donor for charity, and I just went all in. And so that’s why it’s confusing for me, because what they are saying to me about myself wasn’t true. And I thought no, I’m not actually afraid of putting myself out there. I’m really not something’s not right. But I didn’t trust that. And so a lot of the work that I do now with my clients, is I call myself a business coach with a holistic focus, because I teach them how to differentiate between the voice of the ego and their intuition. Because once we can really do that, and it’s a skill, and it’s something I’m developing, you know, as I go, but the more we connect to that, the more we can choose what advice to take on and I still have mentors, and I have coaches, so I’m definitely not against getting advice. For sure. See, I actually think that’s the smartest way to grow your business. Yeah, absolutely. But at the end of the day, the buck stops with you. And if the advice you’re getting or if the support you’re receiving doesn’t feel right, get curious about that. Yeah. Yeah, really curious about why and where it’s coming from.

That’s true. I think it’s with anything as well, if it doesn’t quite fit, quite feel right. Move into that and explore it. Because normally nine times out of 10 there’s a reason.

Yeah, like one of my clients, she she’s launching this membership, and she’s a yoga and meditation teacher. And so you know, I told her about kajabi because I use it, and she research and then she came back because we see each other fortnightly. And I’m like so how did it go, you know, with blah, blah, blah, she was actually I found this app instead that button, you know, she went into detail. And she said, I think it works better for my business and kajabi Is it okay? If I don’t use kajabi. And I’m like, don’t get permission from me. I said, if you’ve done your research, let’s unpack this further, what feels right for you with this app? I said then do it. And so that’s I’m more than happy for my clients to, to go and do their own thing, if that’s what they believe is best for them. And then I’m like, Well, how can I support you with doing this? You know,

you’re just absolutely just saying everything that I believe in as well. No, my whole world is developing processes and helping people with systems in their business. However, I would never push something on to my clients. It is ultimately your your business decision. Do you love Do you love using this instead of that, let’s let’s use that. Let’s build that out to make your base and shine. You know, it’s whatever you choose, you’ve got to love it. You shouldn’t feel you should never feel pressured to do anything.

Yeah, any system, there’s no yeah, and there’s no cookie cutter way, you know, to doing business. The other thing that I’ve learned too, is, is, you know, some people like, Oh, no, you need to start with group stuff or you need, like, you know, if you’re in the coaching industry, or whatever, or you need to start with high ticket or low ticket or with, with different products, you know, and it’s just, I just think that, that there’s, there’s not a cookie cutter way. And if we’re all doing it the same way, then nobody’s being innovative. nobody’s doing it differently. And the world needs innovation, you know, we need to think outside the square. And I think that’s what entrepreneurship is all about, too.

Yeah, that’s exactly right. And, you know, when you’ve moved from, you know, I’ve come from a corporate background, and I’ve got years and years and years of experience in what I do. And then you come into your own business space, it’s a really interesting journey, because you almost go back to all but i’m new in this space. So like, I can’t just go in and do this straight at this level. And Daddy, Dad, you know, whereas really, like, think about it, I’ve had almost, you know, 20 plus years of just under 2020 years, in design, I don’t even know how many years I’m not very good with the age thing. And it’s not important to me either, right? A long time, a long time doing things. And I know what I’m good at, and I know the services and the support that I can provide my clients. So But

yeah, I think that’s another really important point. And this took me up until around this time last year, was to realise that the decade that I’d worked in my charity, the skills that I’ve learned from that is so transferable to business, that even though because I was like, Well, how can I teach people how to run a business, and you know, all the rest, you know, when I was doing it before I had children, I’ve probably been in business for like four and a half years now. And then I thought, actually, I’ve employed people, I’ve had to fire people, I’ve led teams, you know, that’s actually a business I just called a not for profit, business. And so then I yeah, and so your experience that you’ve had outside of what you’re doing is adding value to what you do today. So you like when we talk about charging, you don’t charge based on your even your hours or things like that you charge on the transformation you provide for people based on your whole entire lifetime experience, you know, or if you’ve been perfecting a craft, for example, and your product based business, then it’s not that you’ve just been running a business for two years, there’s only two years worth of skills you’re bringing, you’re bringing your lifetime perfection of your artistic value or your craft to this product. And I think that’s really important to value what you offer. Hey, they’re

just interrupting this episode to let you know all about our exciting new membership. The doors to the take control with Nicole members lounge are now open, and we are ready to welcome you to take your share as one of our fabulous foundation members. The members lounge provides a safe space to learn and implement productivity and organisational techniques for creative small business owners. We offer a unique approach to breed ease in your everyday by customising strong foundations that save time, money and sanity. how fabulous when you are able to confidently stride down at street? Would you walk through door A or B? pop over to HTTPS Academy dot the artisans.com.au slash members dash lounge to join us in the members lounge. I look forward to welcoming you very soon. See you later. Bye. It’s funny, isn’t it? Like? We forget if we kind of forget like, Oh, yeah, like I have done all of this stuff. And yeah, I do know what I’m talking about. So I know there is value there. Yeah. So going through that journey of like, you know, I know when I started my business I did. But I remember looking at what I was originally going to charge and thinking, gosh, that I don’t think anyone will ever pay that. And then ah Yep, sure enough, yeah, buddy. And then I increased my prices and I increase in prices. And every time there’s never been a resistance because Exactly. It’s not about the dollar for dollar transaction. It’s about the value that we exchange when we’re working together. It’s a long term, you know, experience So yeah, yeah. Now, throughout all of your journey, so tricky, not for profits, we keep businesses. I’m sure there’s been, you know, some resistance that you have experience, how did you sort of rise through that and really continue to travel on and make it a thing?

Yeah, um, I think what’s, it’s really interesting because there’s, there’s this really pivotal moment for me in my life where I was sitting on the kitchen floor rocking backwards and forwards, hysterical having a panic attack, and my two year old son, he just turned to turn the corner, and he saw me and then my nine year old, died. And so my, my nine month old, baby was in the court screaming, and I had, I just had enough from chronic sleep deprivation, and two kids under two, and it was just the perfect storm. And I was ready to get back into work. And I couldn’t. And I remember sitting there, after I had just calmed down a little bit from hyperventilating, not knowing what was going on. Because I never had anxiety before until I had children. I didn’t know what a panic attack was. And then I realised that that’s exactly what it was what I just had. And I remember sitting there thinking, How do I move through this? How do I pick myself back up? And I just said, Megan, just get off the floor, do the next right step. And then I got clear on quite a few things. So I can take you through a process. And this is what I use in the middle of last year, as it’s what I use every single time that I feel this element of resistance. And I’m just going to go through it quite briefly. But I have shared this in my own podcast episode on school of impact podcast, I forget the number of the episode, but it’s got resistance in the title 10 steps to break through resistance or something. And we’ll, we’ll pop that

in the show notes as well, if anyone?

Yeah, beautiful episodes. Yeah. But I’ll just share it with you for your audience briefly. So the first step is to be really clear in what you desire and why. So so for example, last year, I got really clear that I wanted to impact, I wanted to help women in business, spread their message, make more money, scale, and grow. I just been socially conscious entrepreneurs. So I was very specific with what kind of woman in business, so I was really clear on what it was that I desired and why. And so it’s really important for you to get really clear on that too. Because you can’t take action if you don’t know what you’re taking action towards. So number two, create an identity that aligns to this. So if you’re seeing yourself as anything, but the incredible business person that you are, that is going to impact your results. Your identity is the foundation for everything people think it might be your habits or your beliefs. But in actual fact, change happens on on an identity level, because that’s where our ego is tied into and our egos job is to protect our identity. So based on how you view your identity, how you view yourself, will directly determine what you believe to be true. The stories you tell yourself what you constantly think, which impacts the habits that you create, which impacts what you end up experiencing and what you have as a result of it. So number two is really create a powerful identity that is going to work for you. Number three, implement a growth mindset. And that’s really important because a fixed mindset is I can’t change, I can’t grow. We think that our skills or our intellect is fixed. Whereas a growth mindset believes that failure is feedback. A believes that, you know, mistakes happen, how can I learn from this? How can I grow? It’s also taking 100% responsibility for where you’re at. I didn’t blame the mastermind. unimed blame Facebook ads. I didn’t blame anything for that. I didn’t even blame myself. I did it initially with my negative self talk. But once I moved through that and went back to a growth mindset, I was like, Okay, how can I take responsibility for this? Number four, question your thoughts? Not everything you think is true. In fact, most of what we think probably isn’t true. We’re not you’re not your thoughts. Question what you’re thinking, does it serve you? Does it help you? If not, let it go replace it with a new thought. Number five, create empowering beliefs. This is a must like, one of the beliefs we’ve talked about is say yes and figure out the how. You know, your beliefs are really going to support you and set you up for success? Number six, implement habits that support your new identity. So now you’ve got your identity, you’ve got your habit, I mean, you’ve got your beliefs. So now, what habits are you going to create? Where in your life, even outside of your business, because what you do outside of your business impacts your business. So where in your life do you need to tweak your habits, maybe it’s your habits of thinking, maybe it’s your habits of what you’re doing. Maybe it’s your habits of the character that you’re developing, because 90% of what we do is on autopilot, which is huge, which means you are just doing your automatic habits, you’re actually not intentional for 90% of the time. So get really clear on that. Number seven, who do you want to work with? And what transformation do you provide for them? So it’s really important to get really clear on well, who is it that I really want to work with? What is my ideal client? And what transformation do I provide for them? Because that is going to help you when you get resistance around? easiest product, right?

Is this launch? Right? Oh, imposter syndrome kicks in with all of these beliefs? No, this is what I do. This is what I offered, this is who I do it for. And then you can be so confident if you’re doing sales calls, or in your posts or on social media, that kind of thing. Number eight have the end in mind. So what is the end result? And then you can work backwards? So you know, if you’re doing a lead magnet? Or if you’re creating like an opt in, depending on you know, the language you use? What’s the end result? What’s the end result of your launch that you want? What’s the end result that you want for a post that you’re putting on social media have the end in mind? Where do you even see your business in three to five to 10 years, you know, even that have some kind of you don’t, that can change, that’s fine, but just have the end results in mind. Number nine, take small steps daily, just keep taking one step in front of the other. Even if it’s two steps forward, and one step back, you’re still making progress. And I’ll talk to my clients about the 1%. I said, Imagine if every day you woke up and you said what is 1% that I can do today to help my business grow. By the end of the year, your business will have grown by 365%. That is a huge business growth. And that’s only by focusing on the 1% is what phone call Do you need to make? What message do you need to send? Who do I really need to connect with say, what posts Do you need to put out there? That’s it 1%. So small steps. Number 10 is celebrate your wins, whether they be small, we’ve got to celebrate, neurologically, it fires up, oh, if I continue putting posts on social media, and then I get a client or whatever, then and then you celebrate that you’re going to keep doing that. Or if me calling an old client to offer them a new product or service means that they now make money, celebrate that. So you’re going to want to keep doing that behaviour that led you to that success to begin with. So even if it’s a tiny thing, even if it’s not money related, even if it’s just a smallest of little wins and in lockdown, if your success is I made it through the day with with you know, with with the home remote learning and whatever it may be, then celebrate that you got up, you showed up messy mom been here doesn’t matter you did it celebrate. So they’re the 10 steps that if I keep going back to that, I know I’m going to achieve my goals.

They’re really powerful. Thank you so much for sharing those I love. I love all of that. And so much of that resonated with me and the 1% is something that has been in my world for a long time. Actually, I remember one of the businesses I worked with a number of years ago now. In our team meetings, we asked our team come with you 1% is what do you think, you know, as a business we could do that’s going to be that 1% increase you know, like that small incremental changes as well that I talked about. I love the celebration as well. I always always celebrate

Yeah, and it doesn’t have to be like an expensive celebration might just be pulling on your favourite song and dancing around the house. Or or it might be having a glass of champagne or it might be having your favourite chocolate or it might be you know, anything it can be it can be going for a run or doing your favourite yoga class or something I

don’t know. It’s it’s really doesn’t have to be anything big but maybe Something that feels good for you. I like as well, if you are sort of setting those bigger chunkier goals, to actually when you are setting those goals to set that celebration pace at the same time. So you’ve got that, you know, when you’re forward focusing and you’re like, yeah, I’m going to get to this goal make you’re doing this small incremental things each and every day. And then all of a sudden, yes, we’ve got the girl in Whoa, I get to do whatever it is, you’ve decided is your special reward for that goal. Yeah, it’s just a nice little reward.

Yeah, well, I said that when my my business hits six figures, I’m going to buy myself this beautiful Aboriginal artwork painting. And I bought it out a little bit late in buying because I forgot I made that. I saw that this artist was having a sale. And I was like, That’s right. That’s, um, I bought it. I’m not a big one and not not original, because that’s going to be a bit of a bigger goal to get that because that’s quite a few $1,000. But I did still buy one of the artworks from her print. So I’m pretty excited about that coming. And that will be sitting behind my head

saying now, every time you look at that, that’s that instant. Look what I have achieved in my business. Yeah, yeah, that is what that that artwork represents.

Yeah. And it’s really beautiful. So the Seven Sisters, and I love how it ties to the earth. And, you know, the country that that the land that I reside on here, and and it’s very pretty colours. And yeah, so to see it. Yeah, I know. Well, you will be when I do videos and stuff once it arrives. So I’m not sure what to do thriving, but it’s really important to do things that are really meaningful for you.

Yeah, love that. Wow, this has been fabulous. Like I knew I would pay like, we went out for lunch a couple of weeks ago. And we sat there for a couple of hours. And then all of a sudden kind of like started to clear the plates up. And this is when COVID times was still in restrictions, you know, like time settings. And we’re like, oh, okay.

I know it’s like to live and Champagne later. Oh, we’ve been here for two and a half hours.

It’s amazing. Oh, fabulous. Is there anything else you’d love to leave us with? As we sort of wrap up? Our conversation? It’s just been so amazing. so far. Sorry. Is

there anything else you want to share? I think

just the one thing that I really want to check because I all your listeners run business, right? Yeah. And so I just want you to know that if you’re selling to the right people, then you’re serving people. And I want you to go out and serve as many people as you can, you know, I want you to make those sales, I want you to do that. Because I know that the people listening to this podcast, they they’re putting good work out into this world. And people need what only you have to offer. And by you remaining small, remaining silent with your message by you not not sharing and stepping up and unleashing what you have to offer. This world is actually doing the world a disservice and yourself. And I say to my clients that it’s actually selfish. So if you know that you have got a solution to somebody’s problem, and you’re keeping it to yourself, then get over yourself. Put it out there, help people because that’s what you’re doing. Sales is helping people. And the more people you help, the better this world will be. And so I just really want people to understand this. Unless you’re doing dodgy stuff, then ignore what I just said. But I’m sure you’re all have got beautiful businesses that are bringing joy and love and brightness in whatever way you’re using your gifts and talents in this world for and so keep shining. Now we need this. We need what you have to offer. Wow.

Oh, wow. That’s amazing. Thank you. I love that. That’s really lovely. Oh my goodness. Well, I wrapped up all of my episodes with three questions. You ready? Yeah. Okay. What is your go to app that creates ease in your everyday? my calendar. I love it. Yeah. Yep. If it’s not in the calendar, it doesn’t happen. speaking my language I say that to my hubby. I’m like, Simon if it’s not in the diary. It’s not happening. I’m sorry. My calendar my husband my two. Oh, awesome. Yeah, that’s a that’s an important one. That’s that’s part of my life as well. My calendar. Are you an online or a paper to do list lover? Both? Yep. Cool. So I write it online. And I also write it on paper so I can take it Yeah, I’m a bit of a boat I’ve got many of my guests have been a hybrid, we’re gonna call them a hybrid paper online lover. There’s something really different about the pen on paper feel when you’re when you’re doing particular activities as well. So, or sir. Now, what would you do if you created more space in your world?

Yeah, life this question. You know, the first thing that came to my mind was dance. Love it. Yes. The second thing was read. Yep. And if my husband had more space probably have sorry, g rated, I should keep it. Also, I think what I would do if I created more space. Apart from that, just spend time in nature just spend time doing what brings me joy. Because the more joyful I am, the better I show up for my clients, the more I can serve others, and I think is a busy working mom. Space is not something that I have a lot of luxury, in. And so it would definitely be dancing, walking in nature, you know, pleasure, like having a really intimate relationship with my partner, because that’s so important to me, as well. And I love reading.


I love all of that. And I know in your stories I see you live in such a beautiful part of Victoria and being able to have nature so close to the doorstep. It’s so beautiful.

Maybe two or three streets away, we have kangaroos, we’ve got a deer, his family, three deer. And so if I’m driving home at night time, we’ll see like the kangaroos next to the deer. And it’s just so weird. And that’s like three streets away. Because if we’re on the reserve national park here,

we’ve got a field of cows at the end of our road. Cheers. Here’s Catholic, beautiful. They’ve got lovely eyelashes. Yeah, I know, I know, when we first moved in, it was kind of strange, because we’re like, you know, a relatively suburban area. And it was still getting developed. But this stretch has not been developed. It’s crossed, it might still stay cow fields for a while. But I like cows. Oh, thank you so much for coming along today and sharing all of that. And I know that everyone listening would have just got so much value out of today. I really appreciate. Appreciate that. I would love you to share how we can connect with you though.

Sure. more mobile. Yeah, you can find me on Instagram at Megan jaworski.xo. And my website is Megan jaworski.com. And I’ve got a gift for you if you’d like to, I’ve got a free mini ebook called How, how to grow your business without the overwhelm. So if you go to Megan jaworski.com, forward slash grow, you can actually get that and I take you through my five, five m methodology for growing your business without feeling really overwhelmed in the process. And it’s what I, I use, and I teach my clients to scale their business and grow and make a big impact. Yeah, and if you’re interested in finding out how to work with me, I’d love to hear from you because I run School of impact. And I’m launching a mastermind called leaders of impact. And I do one on one coaching as well. So please get in touch. I’d love to hear from me.

I love that. Fabulous. Thank you so much. I’m going to put all of that all the links, all the things in the show notes. So pop on over there, go and connect and say hi to Megan, you having her in your world. It’s just just amazing. So I just encourage you to do that feeling’s mutual with you too. Lucky we went on that retreat we actually met on the seas chadwicks rise retreat generally earlier in the year when it wasn’t locked down. Which was fabulous. Yeah, it was a wonderful retreat now. It’s beautiful. Well, thank you so much again. Thank you. And I hope you have a fabulous rest of your day. Whatever you get up to. You have anything planned for this afternoon, just chilling with the kids working, working this afternoon. Good. Wonderful. Well, thank you again. And for everyone listening. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and enjoy creating space and time freedom by now. Well, there we go. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you on board. Have we connected on social shares? If not, please come on over Say hi, I’m on all the platforms at the artisan solutions. So I’d really look forward to Seeing you over there. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I’d love it if you could leave a review. And of course share this with others so others can come and join us next time. All right, then everyone, have a fabulous rest of the week and until next time, see you then


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