Episode 9

How To Find Your Own Magic And Keep It Alive

March 24th, 2021


In this episode, we speak with the amazing May Ponnara. We explore, finding your passion role, maintaining your love for your business when it gets tough, being in a supportive community and the importance of kindness in our world today.


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May Ponnara | The Kind Design 


May is the founder of The Kind Design, a Creative Web Designer, and a Digital Marketer. She brings kindness to help small businesses create and design a perfect digital space. She believes that kindness is the core ingredient to building trust, relationships, and community as it drives successful marketing strategies and growth.







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Full Episode Transcription

Nicole Smith 0:03
Welcome to take control with Nicole. as business owners, we experienced firsthand the fine line between our personal and business lives. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce, overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.

Unknown Speaker 0:34
Hello, hello. Thank you for joining me for this fabulous episode of take control with Nicole. Today I have the amazing may panara here with me and we are going to be exploring how to find your own magic and keep it alive. Such a valuable topic for whatever stage you are in business or in life. But firstly, I would love to introduce you to Mei Mei is the founder of the kind design a creative web designer and a digital marketer. She brings kindness to help small businesses create and design a perfect digital space. That sounds so good. She believes that kindness is the core ingredient to building trust relationships and community as you drive successful marketing strategies and growth. Well, hello, Mei, thank you so much for joining me here today and sharing your amazingness with my community.

May Ponnara 1:28
Hello, Nicole. And Firstly, I would like to say thank you so much for having me today. I am very, very excited to be here with you. And yeah, so think I’ll let me start with my journey first, say I moved to Melbourne eight years ago. And

Unknown Speaker 1:50
you know, I graduated business degree. Sorry, I’m originally from Thailand, by the way, if you know someone who don’t know me, but yeah, I’m from Thailand, and I graduate business business degree in Melbourne, in 2016. And been working around, you know, different company with different role in marketing area pretty much for the last 10 years in Bangkok, and in Melbourne as well. So I’ve been really enjoying working to marketing, you know, in the corporate sector, but you know, like, one day is like, you know, I guess like, I was the person who find it difficult to going to work in that space to finish work and you going home and then what what’s next and in the morning, you wake up and I what what I’m going to do today or I’ve got the past but what I am actually working on for like for someone else, but not not for myself. So. So at some point, like, you know, last couple of years, I was like I was going to work with something that I actually want to do. So in early 2019, I had the opportunity to work with my friends business. So my friend, she is a spy on the fastest in Melbourne CBD. And she called up to me and she knows that I was smoking in like marketing area. And she was like my, because he helped me to do some marketing stuff. That’s been my business and why. Alrighty guys go on. Like, you know, I’m a you know, at that time, I was actually job hunting, you know, and I was like, Alright, I get this opportunity, you know? Yeah, so I stepping in helping her with her business. So pretty much everything that I actually focusing on more digital magazines, social media, and you know, website. And so yeah, one day, jump in on board. First thing that I haven’t was a website hasn’t been updated for like two years, then she launches her business. And I’m like, Well, I think this is the first thing that I might need to do. Because that’s, you know, first thing, you know, like people want to book your online but where they can book it in. So I pretty much integrate our ticketing system together, I decide with say on my own, I actually haven’t had experience much experience that I on my course I had, like, you know, our recording subject. So of course I understand how the platform works. So I pretty much just do some research connecting people and how can I make the whole website better. And then a month later, so I can see the website and I start doing some social media for her Connect her business Google account, and people start giving Google review. I got everyday notification with five star review or one star or like, you know, and that’s how I found that, oh my god, this is this job that I actually enjoyed doing it. And that’s how it started really so you know, and then because like she was the

Unknown Speaker 5:00
in this space, it’s like connect with the small business in the Melbourne community as well as the her friend keep asking, you know about my service say pretty much that’s how I start my business. And I just love, you know, doing helping people around as well. Yeah. So that’s, that’s how I started. It’s become my passion now. And I. Yeah, so I’ve been enjoying it. so fabulous, isn’t it? You know what I think that opportunities like that present themselves at just the right moments, and it’s how we either jump on board that journey or

Unknown Speaker 5:40
push it away. But somehow I found more often than not that those things that are a little bit Oh, like, should I make that decision should I do that thing is actually the best decision for you. Because it pushes you outside your comfort zone, it really encourages you to learn new things and evolve. And, as you’ve discovered, found your your passion, and you’ve started a business from that one opportunity now, which is just so so fabulous.

Unknown Speaker 6:09
So I guess that’s through that whole? Yeah, yeah. Yes. So good. So through that whole journey, it sounds like you’ve really discovered that, you know, the process of building a brand and the connection through business is, you know, really key to, to having a business, that digital space, that digital presence. But what part of that particular process do you do? What inspires you the most? Or wants you to really educate and help business owners to become more present in that space? Yes. So

Unknown Speaker 6:43
when I get to connect with with people who are about to start a business, or they take over the business, you know, anything, the first thing I ask them about their story, so why they start doing this business for and when they start telling me the stories, and that’s how I get inspired, and get very, you know, excited with their ideas. And, you know, it gives me so much any day to just, you know, I can’t wait to start working on it. Like, I’m so excited for this, and let’s do this. Let’s do let’s start like tomorrow, right, right now. And that’s how, yeah, that’s that’s how it starts, like I, you know, like, sometimes it’s not about the business, but a unique story that I learned from people, as well, like, you know, from from their business from their family, sometimes it gets connected their families as well. It’s about the whole connection that I created. And it Yeah, and that’s how I love about the process of, you know, helping them as well. Yeah. Well, the story is, is important, isn’t it even down to you know, the business name? Why have you gone with that choice? And I know, for me, like the artisans business solution may seem for some people a little bit, oh, that’s a bit like, you know, what does that got to do with processes and systems, but when we actually talk about it, and my process of going through that decision, mine, my surname Smith, so the definition of Smith is, you know, somebody that’s an expert in something, so be that a blacksmith or a goldsmith or anything like that. So I originally wanted to have Smith in my business aim, but nothing resonated, I had the massive spreadsheet, which you’ve probably gone through massive spreadsheet of all the options, normally it was landing. So I went off on a different path, I looked at, well, what is another definition or another word for an expert, and that’s where artisans landed. And for me, for those who are new here and starts to starting to introduce them. Hi, I’m Nicole, nice to meet you. I’m quite creative, I sing and I perform and so an artisan is a specialist working with a particular material. And so I also loved that it was that creativity. So it was I’m an expert working with my processes and systems but I’m also creative because I look at as as a design process as well as you do with your work. So yeah, that story really then can set you on your journey to getting getting getting there beautiful. Yeah. Yeah, I love your you know, the way you expand your business is small because I was actually like, you know, going to ICU many times like that come from the dam. You know, I believe all the business and confirm that, you know, their unique story and the meaning and the meaning behind of the brand as well. So that’s important about your branding is small really, yeah, no, it’s it’s so important. Once you land that once you really become connected with the design elements of your business as well. It all just kind of starts to flow and talk to each other and supports the journey.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
You know, I know for me, over the past year, I only launched my business in January 2020. And then COVID hit. So that was fun. But my aim was to become known as an expert in my space. And I know that’s something that you work with your clients to support them on their journey. What What do you do with your clients to help them on that journey to support them to become their ex? The expert in their space? Yeah, well, I would say, you know, I’m not expert yet. But you know, I can I know what I can do for my clients. And I think, you know, it is kind of turn when you say, you know, we know what we don’t know. So sometime in the clients is night, and I don’t know, sometime at night. And they know, it’s kind of like a walk, it’s been pretty much the chair, our expertise to each other, our experience, as well, great town hall, like, you know, because I’m a only specific, specific, sorry, in one area. And sometime in January, I just asked my community asked for help. And that’s how we are here for each other. So pretty much, you know, spreading my worth reading my expertise and sharing my, what I enjoy and learning from what I say, I’m a dad that is reading. I absolutely agree with that. You know, we don’t we may be, you know, more knowledgeable on a particular subject matter. But I guess the term expert, maybe we shouldn’t have used that word. But

Unknown Speaker 11:37
like, yeah, it’s you know, whether we’re on that particular subject matter, we know, more or less than some people, but we will always be some people will not be at the same level of their journey as we are. So we are able to help and connect with others along their journey. Just as when we are approaching something that we’re working through, we need some help with our web design. People will come to you may because that is your subject matter of expertise. So I think it’s really great to have that community element as well. And I know, we’re both a member of she mentors, which is fabulous. And then there’s such a great community for exactly anything. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Sorry. Being able to do what we love each and every day is something that I think a lot of people really aspire to reach for. I know you mentioned, you know, you’re working in the office, and you’re kind of like, Okay, I’ve got another dark day of tasks to do, but it’s not really, you know, lighting you up. So I know, we did sort of talk about that opportunity that turned into business. But was there another some other elements that helped you to turn that vision of, of your dream day into the reality that you’re living now? Yeah, yeah. So after I left my job, which is it was really good job. And then I was actually, you know,

Unknown Speaker 13:06
hustling that works actually hard to, you know, find the best business for me. And, you know, a big client is I was the first business I launched, but I launched ecommerce business as well, late 2019. But it did not go well. So I was trying to do the business I wanted, but I end up by asking myself, like, what actually, I want, what do I want to do? So I was, you know, in that headspace too, asking myself like, well, to find that answer, it’s just like to say your own magic, right? So I believe that anyone you know, when we say magic, but how are we going to apply that magic to life? So you know, so I, you know, maybe I just need to work on my you know, the way things about my life and the weird thing about I respond to the world. So that’s how I start you know, spending more time like I would say 100 100 hours working on my mindset, I was in a deep a lot of readings where I actually didn’t like that much when I was really young. But now I love reading all you know, personal

Unknown Speaker 14:21
stuff and you know,

Unknown Speaker 14:24
and then I use that space for myself to start living for myself physically and I transform our homes and I practice more gratitude every morning and I practice meditation as well as in you know, of course when I connect with with like, my people like a rich mindset people where they will help me to find my answer. So you know, last couple of years and then like from probably last year when we have a lot of time in lockdown, six months pretty much

Unknown Speaker 14:56
all the time by myself, you know, and you know,

Unknown Speaker 15:00
learning more than one I actually wanted to do and I become clear on what I actually want. And then yes, I feel like, you know, I, I found the answer, I found what I wanted. And so yeah, but I feel like, you know, you’ll be shown it is like your dream, like, it’s similar thing where when you turn your vision into your reality, it is like taking one step further to to reach your dream, right. And, yeah, and for me launching the client site, this is the thing that I was really either a panic and forget about it. And you know, because I read a lot of book and I found that, you know, I learned that you don’t have to skip the first step, right. And you know, it, when you start in the business, you are stepping into the unknown space, when you want to jump into the lake or the water, you don’t know how deep the water is, if you don’t jump into it. So I think it’s all about mindset. And you need to be embraced, as well, and just do it. Pretty much just do it. And, you know, I you know, the topic, finding your own magic is just by finding what you love and your magic could be your skill, your willingness to believe in what made you a joy every day. And you know, if you are someone who is trying to find what you love pursuing, I would suggest such as Friday, as in your time for yourself, and keep asking the question, is this cup of coffee feeling your joy? And is this where you want to be today where you want to be tomorrow? Write down and until you find that answer? So that’s how I feel in myself. And to be honest, I’m still finding some answer every day, every morning where you get to get up in all what’s the next space of my business, I doubt and and so I think that will ever change. Because we’re never going to be stuck in concrete, right? Like it’s a whole evolution of moving through every every day you learn something new, that then helps you to make decisions differently tomorrow. So when I started my business to now is a comm I’m in a completely different space, you know, even to the point of who I thought I was going to be working with, with someone completely different to who I’m now loving working with, and were aligned and it’s beautiful. And it’s just a great space to be in. So yeah, absolutely. I love that. And that self, you know, I’m all about the self care and that this Korea base and giving yourself the opportunity to stop. Yeah, create the space. Think, think and investigate about what you want to do. That’s, that’s perfect. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Sorry. Managing the passions. Now we’ve got this beautiful business and this dream business can be challenging, as you mentioned, you know, the risks and the the the coming to that T intersection of decision and am I going to go left or right or am I going to go up or down? Or what’s going to happen? You know, like, it’s, there are challenges that we face each and every day as business owners? How do you retain that same love for what you do? ongoing from like the day you’ve made that decision to move move into your business? Yeah. Well, tell me about it this question.

Unknown Speaker 18:36
It’s really nice. Like, you know, like, even though we all have the right mindset to start the business, we love what we do, but someday you will have a call ahead and pick a day.

Unknown Speaker 18:52
So when the head of peg day coming to me come into my mind, my body. I feel like you know, I can’t do this anymore. Like I

Unknown Speaker 19:02
you know, but I have to one thing it’s kind of like medical things, keeping to my back of my head, I’m like me hang on a minute, we can do this, you can do it, you do this.

Unknown Speaker 19:15
And because I started running to the last four years of running habit has become a big, big part of me. And you know, when I felt I get frustrated, I lost my love of my business. So I tracked computer and shut myself down everything, put the runners on and running pretty much running. So I used I pretty much I would say you the physical world who cares my mental work and you know running has been tests allow me to develop the idea to find my new ideas. And

Unknown Speaker 19:52
you know, it’s a to to maintain my mental health and reflect to what I do in my business. Really and

Unknown Speaker 20:00
It when I’m running, it’s give me space, a lot of space that I can just put a podcast on your podcast and everything really. And, you know, it’s, it’s, yeah, so I pretty much it’s like, it’s helped me to discover ideas. Being spatial doesn’t really focus on my goal for my business and

Unknown Speaker 20:23
so traumatic yet as well and also the last.

Unknown Speaker 20:27
So I’ve been practising meditation but the last two months, I’ve been doing meditation every single morning. And that’s area that’s helping you to stay focused on the love of my business. So every morning I get up, I meditate and I kind of like feeling really good about it, even though I have a, you know, like old frustration things around and kind of like getting angry sometimes, you know, like, to just human I am, you know, meditating, calm myself down and maintain my mood as well, where I can deal with these when I get the, you know, negative comments, and I’m like, Alright, you know, just just put the positive replace with a negative thoughts. And that’s how I’ve been doing that, to maintain my love of my business. Yeah, I love that. And it’s so important. You know, it’s, we can’t be working 24 seven, right? That’s not a beautifully balanced life, right? Life is not just about business and, you know, working with the clients, as much as we love doing that and had a conversation in a previous episode. For those listening, go back. And listen, if you haven’t we’ve Rianna and we talked about exactly that, you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:49
creating that business that you love. And it doesn’t feel like work anymore, because you love it, right. But you really need to make sure that you’ve got two sides of,

Unknown Speaker 22:02
of you, that you’re looking after yourself so that you then support what you love. And you’ve got the energy and the passion still there. Because you filled up that side of of you that you’ve rejuvenated, you’ve rested, you’ve exercised, you’ve sung if you like me do have a little bit of a sing song every now and again, more often than not, some some of my contacts get frequent singing voice messages. So if you’d like one, let me know and I’ll send one across anyway.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
Gosh, what am I going to turn this into? anyway? It’s whatever that whatever lights you up, I know that if I’m feeling

Unknown Speaker 22:43
a moment of not overwhelm, it’s more like I just can’t right now. I do like you I shut it all down. And I go and do something that I know is going to give me back that energy. Give me that booth so that when I come and sit down at the computer again, I’m not even I’m not just going around in circles, because my brain needs a break. It’s so Yes, exactly. And I had that experience for like when you go to the Soho, and before I start it was I burned out many many times. And sometime and I like you know, I used to try and kill my iPhone and when my physical body really tired and I put so much work to do. So the thing, the one thing that I do is check everything down and just make breaks and just enjoy your your space that you know, the whole day and whatever. And the next day I feel much better. You know about it in I feel like you just need to know how you feel. And you know, your minutes your yourself, I think yeah, that’s so true. You got to listen to yourself, right? Like your body is telling you if you’re starting to feel a bit hazy eyed and a little bit sleepy, and you’re trying to do the most complicated deep work tasks that you need to do like in your instance coding, for instance, like that’s quite, you know, that’s quite a draining process. Just stop going let yourself watch Netflix it for even the whole day because you know that tomorrow, back, you’re going to get it done in half the time and you’re gonna be more focused in Yeah, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
Yeah. Sorry. Kindness is a core value of yours, which is just beautiful. I love that. I love hearing that. What was a driving factor when you were designing your business and assisting your clients thinking about kindness? How was how does that all sort of wave into the way that you you work with your clients and your community? Yeah, and so to use them what pain is, because it’s the meaning of the meaning of the brand. And, you know, the story was when I was young, my grand

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Martha always teaching me about kindness all the time. And then she passed away. And I kept like, you know, as I’m still having her every moment, and when I start my business, like, less than nine, why should I pagan, because I always think about her and it’s like company kindness, really. And I want to bring a pioneer into the business world, because at some point, I think business is not just about making profitable making a profit, making money, but it’s about human rights about how we treat each other, pretty much.

Unknown Speaker 25:37
Because I came across different roles in different company in the past, I saw a negative side of how people treat the shadow, Indian corporate role, and I don’t want that in my my space, say, you know, I want to create a change, even though in my little small business base, so, you know, I, I would like to use the kindness as a care and, you know, helping people to, to learn more about what’s the best way we can treat each other say, because we are all humans, and we just so the kindness in every single moment, and, you know, like, I want to be with the client experience and spread out crap, the kind of true my face to the business as well. So I really hope that, you know, because I just started business, and I really hope this kind of spreading out more to, you know, a small business owner, and, you know, all my community as well. And, yeah, I guess that that’s my, my thing.

Unknown Speaker 26:46
I think it’s,

Unknown Speaker 26:49
we are all humans, right? And there is no, you know, my my thought on the because I’m from a corporate space as well. And it is very different to being over in the entrepreneurial world. And basically running your own race, you have to go and find your community, you have to seek out those people that a are going to be your cheerleaders and your accountability people, but also your clients, like who are you going to work with and all of that. So there’s a lot around building a business, but the the that competition element that is always like what I thought was, like a lot of people were about, it’s just not what I’m about, like, there are so many people out in the world that are looking for support in the whatever offering you are providing, and it’s about making that relationship with people. And that all comes down to kindness, you know,

Unknown Speaker 27:46
identifying what are they struggling with right now? How can I help you to work through that pain point, to then reach the other side so that you are feeling amazing with whatever we have just worked on? And you can go into your world? And hopefully, from our experience, you are they going to then pay that forward almost and give somebody else that same nurturing and loving experience that we’ve just gone through? So yeah, love it. Yeah, yeah. So good, leading on to community. So as I said, I’ve mentioned we’re all we’re part of an amazing community that is all about support, and about kindness and about giving and about just lifting women up, especially just whenever whatever stage of their career, their business, their personal life, really supporting that. How has community supported you to get to arrive to where we are today?

Unknown Speaker 28:51
Yeah, I you know, I think

Unknown Speaker 28:55
we strangle when we we work together, you know, and premise no one truly does everything aligned. And you know, if for you for me and everyone, we are trying our best to discuss figuring out what’s the best, really, and, you know, I think my step into community to learn from people as well. Like, you know, I actually, my first community that I did a was my running community. So I, you know, four years ago one of my friends like, oh, if you start running you just jump into this group and that’s a good community. So I jumped in and I you know, made a lot of good friends and now they become my soul sister, my soul friends and I really loved it.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
It really means a lot to me. So my community it is like my family in Melbourne. Really. You know, when I was in lockdown last year, I was hustling juggling everything on computer and I felt shame into where we are in right now.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
And it was, it’s really beautiful space for women support women. And, you know, when I was trying to build my imagined business, again, to mental health, you know, giving me the ideas and inspiration. So we’re live TV and everyone in our group. And it’s been, it’s been a really, you know, meaningful relationship for me. And also, you know, in the future, I would love to create something that I can give back to the community as well, where sometimes when I, with my running community, I did a warranty as well, helping them share them that alone, you know, decide for finishing line, and it means really a lot for, you know, for someone running the marathon, and as well beating the business is I don’t have any more like human tools, community or one half an adequate, better half, like, I wouldn’t be able to make a decision on my own. You know, sometimes you get commend or even negative policy, but what I learned is to accept what it is and and learn from them that we support each other when someone come into me. Do you know this specific platform? And it’s like, well, hang on, I don’t worry, but let me like, give me 10 minutes and find out if I actually can do it. Like, you know, and that’s how we share our time and energy together. And it’s really being a big part of me, as you know. But my personal and my businesses screenplays been really, really great. I think you’ve Yeah, absolutely. Like I moved overseas, I moved over to London, when I was younger, I lived over there for six years. And even though I have family up in the northern parts of London, or the UK, even,

Unknown Speaker 31:53
I didn’t know anybody, and finding my people there. And growing, as you say, a family really, it was it was so important to my experience over there and who I became, who I how I grew and the experiences. And when I moved back, I had to almost start again. So I did seek out those like minded people that were on the same path as me who had the same interests who weren’t there to put me down, they were there to rise me up. And especially as you transition into the business space, it is scary. And what nobody knows the right formula, because everybody is unique. Every business is unique. And having a community where you can go Hey, I’m, I’m I’m at a crossroads. Like, I’m looking at these two different things. This is my thoughts. Have you have you been here before? Like, what is your experience, play? You know, like, Give that to me. And then you can take that away, absorb it and make an actual informed decision on how you’re going to go through. But without that community element, you’d still be sitting there in the computer like twiddling your thumbs like, Am I ruining that band aid off? Or that one? Like Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s great. I love it. Well, that brings us to the fun part of the

Unknown Speaker 33:22
fun, but the questions are three questions that I’m asking all of my guests. So you’re ready. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, what is your go to app that creates ease in your day?

Unknown Speaker 33:39
I’m finding the right you know, that the right tool for me right now that they start using click up within three weeks, I

Unknown Speaker 33:51
guess I can say to buy from Nicole

Unknown Speaker 33:56
that I should start that but before I use us and now and I use a different you know, to the soul but yes, I started using clickup as well as this my following notification and no it on my phone Really? And yeah, so that’s, that’s my goal is to just like every morning can continue on click up on my screen, I see the list. And then you know, I’m still like, you know, using my feeling about it as well. Like, you know, when you just need to find the right tool for yourself, you know, and catheline

Unknown Speaker 34:28
I’m learning

Unknown Speaker 34:30
learning thing is with any of these solutions, selections, sets of data Ws e word there.

Unknown Speaker 34:38
You’ve got to get the feel for it for you. Because what’s right for me may not be right for the next person may not be rad person everybody experiences things differently, learns differently, likes to work differently. So whatever you land on is absolute perfect for you. And that is Yeah. So yeah, yeah. Yeah. Sorry. Are you a online or paper

Unknown Speaker 35:00
to do lists lover,

Unknown Speaker 35:03
which are my own your audience theme, my background right now. So I started

Unknown Speaker 35:12
looking at a gorgeous post it note wall. So you can see that I am up here

Unknown Speaker 35:22
and feel that I am adapting myself to transfer the pair parts that need to click up to online at the moment so that I feel like it’s depend on a part of flow. If I really want to progress or something I just put, you know, no point in speaking too bright in the mid level in my screen. So that’s I need to do.

Unknown Speaker 35:46
Yeah, so pretty much I love a pear pie. But I also am on nice roll where I get notification on. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
Oh, task

Unknown Speaker 35:59
is definitely the complimentary for both party you know, both things especially like when you are quite creative having removing the technology element and being able to write and design like put your post it notes on your wall, if you’re very visual, like you’re a visual learner or a visual person, that’s great, like I have looking up at my wall. Now I’ve got my yearly calendar over there. And I’ve got my goals, and I’ve got some, like, I guess their affirmation type statements right in front of me. And then some pretty pictures over there too. So like, he knows paper, and online, they do complement each other depending on on the types of tasks you’re doing. So that’s perfect. And don’t Yeah, I love that don’t take that day because that I love looking at every time we’re in videos saying that behind you. That’s your backdrop. Like that’s.

Unknown Speaker 36:51
So the last question, what would you do if you created more space in your world.

Unknown Speaker 36:58
And I would love to do my thing I love and enjoy. Spend time with friends and family. Really, like you know, I want to help people as well, where I feel really, you know, fulfilled when I help people to reach that goal, even though whether anything, really so I pretty much just do you thing that I love and enjoy. And I want people to understand they have been in this role because some people are still confused. What is happening is like, you know, I will say someone say I love my job, but I actually love your job. Like, you know, are you really happy about it? And you know, keep asking, asking again and my friends like, I’m not sure so

Unknown Speaker 37:49
you know, it kind of I just want to help them to use that space, if I have more to, to bring the best hold themselves out into the world and bring out praying and you know, yes, by their point happiness and find their happiness more. So that’s beautiful. That’s Yeah, lovely too. And that comes back to kindness, doesn’t it? You know, helping people explore those questions that maybe they’ve been

Unknown Speaker 38:21
to too wary of asking for the what the answer and the outcome might be. Yeah. Well, thank you so much for joining me today with today Yep, and sharing with our listeners more about everything that’s about you and kindness and, and finding that mat owning finding and owning that magic and really just loving it. I want to give you an opportunity what and how can our people work with you? How can we connect like give us all a vote?

Unknown Speaker 38:56
Yes, say you can find me and connect with me through my Instagram. So I’ve been on Instagram every day. So my Instagram is pilocytic chi or you can connect with me on Facebook as well which is a you know, we’re still working on it on my Facebook community. Like say my Facebook page is the kind of side of the coin or if you’re on a chat with me, I’m on my website and book me in as well. So you didn’t have to be a business owner if you just want to share so just send me a message really so and then we can you know create a beautiful connection or if you would like to start running if you are in Melbourne send me a DM and I will tell you if we’re wrong. And yeah

Unknown Speaker 39:44
so pretty much you know, thank you so much for having me today call and I am really appreciate your time and I hope you know everyone enjoy my stories and you know, everything’s and I’m up

Unknown Speaker 40:00
I want to connect with everyone. My pleasure. Thanks for joining me today. It was a beautiful conversation. And for everyone listening, you’ll find all the ways to connect with me in the show notes. And if you like running, I’ve heard nothing. I’m a runner that I’ve heard some of the best, you know, creations have come from those conversations when people are out walking and running. So that is a fantastic thing to think about.


Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.