Episode 10

Top Tech Tips For Small Businesses | Part Two

March 31st, 2021


During this special episode, you will hear an excerpt from a conversation with Lane Burdett, Evan Englezos and Liam Benson where we discuss Top Tech Tips for Small Businesses.

In part two of this conversation, we look at

  • Social media marketing
  • Tools to create auto transcriptions
  • Connectivity with your community
  • Speakers favourite business applications

Our discussion lasted for over an hour and a half as we geeked out on all thing tech. We have split this into three sections and you will find part Three coming soon.

Take a listen to Part One Here

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Connect with our fabulous Speakers

Lane Burdett – Tradie Marketing


Lane works with businesses to help them ‘engage’ with consumers online. Many businesses assume that a website and social media feed is what they need to start but without the knowledge of where to target and how they usually fall far short of their expectations.

He has been online since 1996 so has seen many changes in the online world both from a business and personal point of view and has given a number of talks to groups about online marketing and engagement.

The effect we have on the environment concerns me and through Social Media, I’ve sat on VECCI’s Carbon Down Industry Advisory Council (IAC).

Email: admin@tradiemarketing.com.au | Website: https://tradiemarketing.com.au/

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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Evan Englezos – Digital Team Coach


Evan is a digital coach, consultant and developer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is passionate about helping small businesses and not-for-profits to get the best out of their team and tech through digital strategy, training and support.

Since 2001, Evan has worked in corporate, educational and not-for-profit sectors as a digital developer, team leader and communications manager. Now he is helping organisations focus on integrating all their digital systems to align with their goals and needs.

Evan has a keen mind for streamlining processes and systems to make life easier and save time on trivial and time-consuming tasks.

Email: evan@digitalteamcoach.com | Website: https://digitalteamcoach.com | FB / IG @digitalteamcoach

LinkedIn | Please checkout Year Glance |  Website: https://yearglance.com | FB / IG @yearglance


Liam Benson – EvolveCLOUD


Liam works with all different corporate businesses to help them manage their IT, IT Strategy and Cybersecurity. Liam has been working in the IT industry since 2012 and has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of small businesses as well as hundreds of statewide and national businesses around Australia. 

Liam’s passion is to understand clients’ pain points and solve those ongoing IT headaches for his clients as well as keeping them safe and protected in this digital age.

His burning desire is to see businesses take full advantage of IT and IT systems to enable businesses to scalability and growth. Because… Who doesn’t want to grow right?

Phone: 03 9998 7443 | Email: liam@evolvecloud.com.au | Website: https://evolvecloud.com.au

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Links To Applications

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Later.com | Hootsuite | ContentStudio | Missing Lettr

Transcription Tools

Microsoft 365 Dictate | Otter.ai | Fireflies.ai | Google Keep

Graphic Design Platforms 

Canva | InShot | Headliner

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) / (EDM’s)

Plutio | Salesflare

Digital Writing Tools

Grammarly | Hemingway

Business Video Tool

AppSumo: Warm Welcome


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Full Episode Transcription

Unknown Speaker 0:02
Welcome to take control with Nicole. as business owners, we experienced firsthand the fine line between our personal and business life. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce, overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.

Unknown Speaker 0:35
Hello, and welcome back to this episode of take control with Nicole. A few weeks ago, I posted a excerpt from a conversation that I had with three amazing experts in the field of technology and marketing and business and, and we really dived in deep to the top tech tips that they saw as a must have in their businesses. So today is part two of that I was going to split this into two but there was an hour and a half worth of gold in this conversation. And I just didn’t want to let you miss out on any of it. So it’s split into three. So this is part two of a three part conversation about the top tech tips as recommended by these three amazing people in business. So enjoy, have a seat. Today we’re going to be talking a little bit about some marketing elements as well. Sorry, there you go have fun. For those who don’t know me, my name is Nicole Smith from the artisans Business Solutions, and I assist small business owners to create space and time freedom. And I am so happy to be here with you tonight hosting this amazing discussion on top tech tips for small businesses. Tonight, I am joined by some amazing business owners so who hopefully will be coming up on the screen very soon to join me and they are ready to share their top tech tips and must have knowledge for all small business owners. It is my pleasure to introduce our panelists, we have Evan and layers. He is a digital coach, consultant and developer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is passionate about helping small businesses and not for profits to get the best out of their team and tech through digital strategy training and support. Hi, event.

Unknown Speaker 2:26

Unknown Speaker 2:26
thanks for the call. It’s my pleasure. Welcome. The next amazing person I’d love to introduce is lane badet. You may know lane from our last conversation we had late last year at Lane works with businesses to help them engage with consumers online. Many businesses assume that a website and social media feed is what they need to start, but without the knowledge of where to target and how they usually fall far short of their expectations. Hi, lane. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 2:56
Hello, thank you. And Liam

Unknown Speaker 2:58
Liam Benson works with all different corporate businesses to help them manage their it. It strategy and cybersecurity. Liam has been working in the IT industry since 2012. And has the opportunity to work with hundreds of small businesses, as well as hundreds of statewide and national businesses around Australia. Hello, Liam.

Unknown Speaker 3:20
Hi, Nicole, thank you for inviting me. I’m very excited for what we’re going to cover off.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
My pleasure. I’m so excited that you can see here we’ve got three amazing people on the panel tonight for this discussion. So I know that it is going to be absolutely fabulous as always. And so we’re talking about some of these solutions and look marketing, email marketing, and in particular social media is a big thing for for small businesses. And a lot of it is done by ourselves because we are you know, one the team owner of the business. Have you particularly utilized any software’s or practices that simplify that process for you?

Unknown Speaker 4:03
So was that for Sorry, I missed that was that for posting the social media or was that for the whole process so

Unknown Speaker 4:10
for planning, creating, posting all of that, like for me I actually do and surprise surprise all in click up. I’ve got a whole planner built in. I’m shocked boy to call using click on That’s crazy. I’ve got a whole planner in there and I work with my assistant Sheena and we create the topic ideas we create the content, we approve the content, any imagery already for posting. Then we use a system or issues to we use one chord later which posts on Facebook, Instagram and it also does Instagram Stories still pushes it through but you can plan those if you’re a big Instagram story person and then we use Hootsuite for my LinkedIn business page for my personal one. The algorithms like you to post direct. So yeah, so they’re sort of the ones that I use. Also Canva is a fabulous tool for designing your posts. And even just to resize them for the different platforms to make sure that they fit in there. A new one that I’m using, actually, since Instagram real says hit the stage is InShot, which is a Yeah, it’s a mobile app. And it’s fabulous. You just take your lucky little videos, you can cut them all together, you can do transitions, you can add music, you can do text, you can do all the different filters, looks, anything that you want to do, you can actually record on there as well. So if you’re doing a particular presentation, wanting to talk over the top, you can do that all directly from your phone as well download it, and then you real is ready to rock and roll on Instagram. Yes, they’re kind of my top four, five, and a must. Okay, what what do you guys use when you do your social media posts? Maybe Evan has idea?

Unknown Speaker 6:05
Yeah, thank you. So I’m not like the world’s best marketer by any means. And I find when I’m doing so many other things with my business, working on my business and doing work for my clients, there’s not a whole lot of time left over. So I need to make really good use of my time and be efficient with the social media. And the two things you can do with that are either to use the system and or to delegate to an assistant or someone like that. So for me, then I think, well, I’m going to be the one producing the essence of the content. And as much as possible, try and then outsource the rest of that. So a couple of tools that I’ve used. One is called content studio, which is probably similar to later or buffer where you can, when you’ve already produced the image, the text the video, then you can shoot that off into multiple social media channels. So content studio, and I found that to be pretty reliable and good. And then another one that I use a few years ago was called missing letter. And back then that was pretty powerful. Because if you were into creating blog posts, then it could sort of put in pull the content from your blog posts, and other ones can do that now. And then turn that into images with text and the text that’s overlaid in the images, and do that in a fairly efficient way. So there have been a couple of tools that I’ve found helpful.

Unknown Speaker 7:33
That’s that missing letter. That’s the second time I’ve heard that in the last week. So I think I might need to check that one out. Because that sounds like it’s a popular, just really good album in regards to I’ve just launched the podcast. And one of the things that you’ve probably seen on social media are those voice snippets with the little voice II things going over? headliner is a great one for that if you are doing any audio grabs, it’s really great. You upload your image, you upgrade the audio, upload the audio, and you can select exactly which part you want to to be on your Insta square or whatever your whatever type of content you’re creating. That’s another good one. Lane I know you’re in the marketing space. Is there anything maybe not social media wise? But is there any marketing sort of related or social media? What?

Unknown Speaker 8:24
You mentioned something that’s more for sort of typing, writing, typing any documents? This has been around for many years, but as far as I know, not too many people use it these days, but maybe I’m wrong. It’s called Hemingway app. Whenever anyone’s called of Hemingway app, so it’s a single em Hemingway app.com. I just put up things. What was the name the thing anyway? And what it does is it actually basically uses some sort of AI to read through what you’ve written, and it will tell you if it’s too dense. it’ll it’ll tell you if you’ve got too many comments are not enough. it’ll it’ll seriously find a ton of stuff within your rights. So regardless what platform you own, so I seriously anything that you do you know, that that you even, you know, slightly unsure of, I would paste it in the Hemingway app. It’s free. As far as I’ve Yeah. I’ve never paid for it. I’m not aware of a paid version. Maybe they’re gonna do my app, but

Unknown Speaker 9:15
probably now you said it tomorrow, they’ll watch their paid version.

Unknown Speaker 9:19
Yeah, so seriously, jump on. It’s just Hemingway. app.com I’ll post it into Can I just can I post that straight into the comments?

Unknown Speaker 9:27
Yeah, go ahead. Please do another one lane that exists I was actually going to mention a prompted me is Grammarly. So, yes. And they’ve got the, you know, either plug in to Chrome, the Chrome browser, and it goes through everything you’re typing and it does what does little emoji so you set your tone of voice that you want to have if you want to be happy or you know, professional, got a little emoji with tie on it and you know, thumbs up and all these sorts of things. So it really counts. Engage the tone that you’re trying to achieve in a particular post or document that you’re presenting. Looks at, obviously, all the grammar because it’s called Grammarly. And it’s Yeah, it’s a really, I’ve loved it. I’ve got that on my Chrome and I use it all the time, you can do the same thing. I paste it into the document.

Unknown Speaker 10:19
It’s it’s actually amazing how many times like I’ll talk to a client, they’ll send through content and you go to put the content on their website and Grammarly goes, puts a red line and every you know, third, third, third, third sentence, not the third line, and you’re like, Oh, so I must admit probably a bit too often. I go, yep. Except, except now. Anyway. I probably shouldn’t. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 10:39
I’ve checking. You got a good sense, check this out. Be prepared. appreciative. I’m sure.

Unknown Speaker 10:46
He’s obviously does the American you know, I need to check.

Unknown Speaker 10:48
Yeah, yeah, I think he probably can change a setting there. I would say somewhere just like turning off Siri, there’s a way to do that. And we’ve managed to thank you, Evan, just before this, we went live we, we disabled Siri. So she’s not popping up every five seconds during this call? Which is great. What about you, Liam? Is there anything that you particularly love,

Unknown Speaker 11:10
to be honest, honest confession that I don’t have any social media automation, in terms of posting, it is something that I’m going to be implementing in the next couple of weeks. So I’ve taken down a lot of notes from this sort of five minute window, and I’ll go back in and implement so I can get the most out of posting because obviously, in the digital world, like I’ve, I’ve been on site with clients for pretty much full time, the past two weeks, my social channels have gone very quiet. So I know that the algorithms aren’t going to really work. So I have to start posting again, too, you know, so even if I’m going to be busy setting out, you know, maybe a day every week or two to write a whole bunch of content, to then schedule will make life so much easier. And then I don’t have to worry about it. So that’s definitely something I’m gonna do and an implement very soon.

Unknown Speaker 12:00
That’s fabulous. And you’ve kind of hit the nail on the head there with planning, and the socials, it’s all about consistency. And it’s not about posting five days a week on every platform, doing all the things it’s about checking in and seeing what’s going to be your, your amount, what’s what’s realistic for you and your business, and just being consistent with it. So if it’s three posts a week or two posts a week on the same day, then you schedule those to happen. That’s that’s the best thing I know, since I’ve started to shine as join me, and she’s helping manage that whole process for me. So delegation, yes, winning, and consistency, I’ve really seen such a change in my engagement with my communities. And yeah, so that’s absolutely to everyone out there. If you’re going, I don’t have time to do social media, just set aside you know, 1020 minutes, something a week, and just put down what you can and then just go ahead, see what the difference is from from not planning to being a little bit consistent about it. There’s nothing wrong with scheduling tools as well, people sort of say, you know, doing it live is best, but I think getting it out there is is the best result for everyone. So

Unknown Speaker 13:15
I had a friend of mine who used to teach the brushes, video cameras, schools years ago, and he had people there who had, you know, just bought very expensive video cameras at the time, talking 20 years ago. And they said, Oh, you know, what’s the best camera? What’s the best camera and he said, really simply, it’s the camera you’ve got in your hand at the time. It is really that simple. The best camera is what you have there at the time. You know, like, for example, a small camera, you’re probably less you know, you’re probably more inclined, obviously, to take it out with you and do things. I mean, obviously now, you know, we’ve all got these but yeah, it’s amazing what?

Unknown Speaker 13:48
I think that’s it, right? We all want what we’re talking about tech, we all want this shiny, brand new best model on out there. But realistically, we can create some fabulous coffee, coffee, you know, content with whatever you’ve got right here. Most of my pictures of me and taken off my phone. Like, you know, selfie so fine. You’re getting out there. They’re seeing you. They want to know who you are, right? It’s not about the curated content. It’s about getting your, your passion and your message out to the world. So

Unknown Speaker 14:21
100% I just am sorry, just before we move on, on that point, I, I did a client project where I was doing a whole bunch of desk setups funnily enough at Waterman and narrow Warren. And what I did is I had an old, it’s a really old but it’s an iPhone six, but the actual touchscreen like stops working about two minutes after you turn it on. I don’t know why. But basically I set that up in the corner of the office, turned it on quickly did a lot of time lapse, and did a couple of time lapse clips that I’ve compiled together and you can see me running around like a madman getting everything set up. But so far on my personal social channels that I posted that on I’ve had a very Very good engagement from it. So I’m going to post that later. But 100% of you don’t need, you know, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, whatever it’s called, you can just make content yourself. That’s organic, I guess. And I’m To be honest, like, I’m not a marketing person at all, but from what I can understand, in my very limited time of marketing yourself, it’s about you and being organic. No one wants to, I guess, cookie cutter or someone else. So

Unknown Speaker 15:25
absolutely. I’ve had a number of clients say, Oh, look, you know, can you run our social media for us? Now, as you can tell from my brand, I mainly deal with trades. But I’ve you know, in the last few months, I’ve done sites for a number of other types of businesses. But the point is yet, as a lot of them say, Oh, you know, can you run out social media? I’m like, Look, I can. But it’s not really a service that I offer. And I’ll be a bit you’re always in front of a computer. I’m like, yeah, I’m in front of a computer doing stuff. Lucky me. But I said, I send them really simply, no one knows your business as well as you do. So that that really needs to come from you or someone within your business who you know, really has that genuine knowledge and stalking me wrong. Some of my clients, yes, I’m sure I could run their social media, but others are looking I go, Yeah, I got no idea. But you’re right. It needs to be it needs to be organic, it needs to be genuine. And I think Yeah, people, you know, people respond.

Unknown Speaker 16:11
I think we are the business, right? Like is for small businesses, we are the face of the business, people want to know what’s happening in my world, you know? So yeah, I think I just started sending out a weekly newsletter. And that’s something that I’m loving doing, because it’s about connecting with my community there and just doing a little bit of, Hey, this is what’s going on this week. And did you know this click up tip? It’s exciting. You know, just sharing those little bits of knowledge. And yeah, it’s just it’s connection. I’ve had some really amazing feedback, just from the genuine connectivity point of view. So. And Liam, those videos you did where I loved them. That was great was that they’re the ones that yeah, that’s where you need to go everyone on here. When you have you. Back up? You need to Yeah, it’s a work of art. If you’ve never seen a what’s the right word for the cabinet? a server rack or network? Yeah. If you’ve never seen that, right.

Unknown Speaker 17:17
Have a look. They’re

Unknown Speaker 17:19
lame. Did you have some apps that you wanted to talk about?

Unknown Speaker 17:24
A couple of couple of pieces of software that I I love, one of them in particular, that the second, the second one is the big one. And I’ll get to that in a second. But the first one, the first one is called fireflies.ai fireflies.ai. What it is, it’s in? Yes, I’m just reading off the screen for this high voice assistant for meetings. So for example, if you’re running it in this meeting, and you do have to go the paid version, unfortunately, to get the transcription, but it works really well. So let’s say for example, you were sitting there listening to this or watching this afterwards. And we’re gonna go through and work out who said what if you, it’ll transcribe it. So obviously, you’ve got the recording, it’ll transcribe it. And so something that Liam said, for example, as soon as you type Liam against to the first thing he said, everything that he said afterwards, we’ll come up with his name. And same with Evan and myself and and so forth. So seriously worth having a look at if you’re going to I think it’s off top my head. It’s about 15 bucks US per month for the paid version. Some businesses will we are brilliant, others will be like not donated. But if it sounds like might be the interest, I definitely have a really good look at it. I’ve used on a couple of meetings over Milly only a few. So far, I’ve been really happy with it, it seems to work really well. And I won’t go into that one any more than that. But there’s another one that I’ve only found two weeks ago. And I honestly think it’s some of the best software I’ve ever played with. And yes, I’m the nerd is it’s up till 2am. And he’s fine, you know, playing with it looking for other apps. And it’s and

Unknown Speaker 18:52
we’re gonna talk about app Sumo at some point. And so

Unknown Speaker 18:55
maybe, well, actually, you’ve kind of you’ve kind of, you’ve kind of really taken the punchline from me there because it’s fun. It’s fun. So the apple the software I was going to talk about if I could quickly, it’s called warm welcome. Now, if you just got a warm welcome, calm, it’s been on appsumo available. I’m not sure if anyone knows episode I will explain in a second. So it’s been on appsumo, which is basically an online marketplace for generally newest software for entrepreneurs and small businesses. So if you haven’t checked out appsumo.com I certainly suggest to have a look. Anyway, warm welcome is one of the programs on there. It’s already been out for a couple of weeks. So it’s literally probably got a couple of days a week to go. Sometimes they go longer with their offers, but generally, I say around three weeks, but again, very warm welcome. I went and bought a few licenses. And what it does. If you jump on to walmart.com you’ll find in the bottom right hand corner. It has a little video bubble. So it’s got a little circle of a lady like a GIF image or It looks like a video and you click it and what happens is she pops up doesn’t Introduction to the business. But while she’s popping up there, you can have your own branding there as in your own coloring for the buttons. And you can reply because obviously most of us run these things half the time, you can hit video to reply to them, you can hit audio to reply to them or you can text. So whilst websites are great, and as good as we may build a website or may not, it’s still a website. So the closest thing that you can get that I’ve seen, the way you can interact with a human is something like that. Okay, something like warm welcome calm, and I’ve been looking for a while I couldn’t find much. They’ve got another program on there on the appsumo. That appears to be like, I think it’s called sin spark or something. And it looks okay, but it’s not, it hasn’t gone. Well, this has got to, it’s actually got about five different things it does. But just to break it down very quickly, I’ll break down three, the first one is a video business card. So again, you record yourself, it has the basic details, and so forth, it creates an online video business card, the second one and then these two of my favorites. The second one is that video bubble that I mentioned. And again, you can film it on this. So don’t feel that you’ve got to go and spend a fortune on a camera or a professional to do it, you can do it yourself. Again, have you branding, you know, be you know where it’s relevant to what you do, and then fill it. The other thing you can do is a basket, the video bubble, but in your email signature. So when you send your emails out, all of these new potential clients you’re dealing with, or whoever seeing your email is actually seeing that that animated GIF or that video in your email. So again, I can click it and I can start interacting. Now normally about 20 callbacks, US per user per month, which look if you’re going to use a lot is probably reasonable. But if you go to App sumo.com at the moment, it’s $69 American for one last year here offer two licenses which gives you unlimited video Bibles. So in other words, you can put a different video Bible on every page your website if you want to or a different pages to explain certain things. You can have unlimited, you know, email signatures, unlimited users, so if they’re within this, I’m going to stress within the same business. So same domain. Okay, you can have all of your staff and subcontractors if you want me to, can have video bubbles on their emails, they can you can have it on the website, you can have explanations, and that’s two licenses, which is 69. us so it’s roughly 190 bucks Australian at the moment for two licenses. And there’s no monthly fees on that. That’s that’s what they call an Ltd a lifetime deal. I’m going to stress one thing though. If for anyone who doesn’t know a lifetime deal on software is not your lifetime till you pass away. It’s a lifetime of the company and the product. So just something to keep in mind. Anyway, that’s my rant.

Unknown Speaker 22:35
Holy Dolly.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
You like it? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:38
yeah. Evans like what what?

Unknown Speaker 22:43
I love playing with apps and software and this is one of the few that has seriously has blown me away with this. This to me, is brilliant software for it. Well, I think for any business, okay, now,

Unknown Speaker 22:54
we’re talking about that, you know, that connectivity with your, your community. But that’s already starting in isn’t a you know, video is here to stay like video, you know, I was listening to something the other day and they were like, oh, video is the new thing. And no, no video is here on videos today. So being comfortable behind the camera is something that really I would encourage everyone just to give it a go just rip that band aid off and just give it a go post in your stories. If no one’s following you and watching you right now it’s a perfect place because it’s gone in 24 hours. So that’s how I started practicing, you know, on video. But yeah, that’s fair. Thank you so much. Like, that’s great.

Unknown Speaker 23:33
Your strokes are thrown just one more tiny thing.

Unknown Speaker 23:35
Please do that one license, you

Unknown Speaker 23:37
only get one email signature, one video babbling cetera. If you get two licenses, you get unlimited of all the ones I mentioned. But there’s one little bonus down the bottom that you don’t sort of realize unless you go looking for it. It says integrations net. So in other words, for those of you at home, what it means is as the as that information is typed in, you can then send it to your CRM or to other software you’ve got. You don’t have to go Oh, where was that person’s details. I’ve got to go and fiddle around. Yeah. So again, it integrates so you can use programs like Zapier, pi sync, integrate Li there’s there’s a ton of them out there that will start talking to each other. And yeah, I Liam I, by the way, for anyone who’s not aware, I haven’t met Leanne and Evan until five minutes before tonight. So Liam, please tell me if I’m wrong here. am I forgetting to guess that part of what you do is integrating systems like that, or is that

Unknown Speaker 24:32
essentially for me? I’m more on the I guess quote unquote, IT infrastructure side so more email systems talking to each other security systems, a lot of back end stuff but yeah, integration is the way forward generally, and it can save you a lot of time.

Unknown Speaker 24:51
So anyway, yeah, the integration with that two licenses, it’s it is worth everything. I honestly don’t think they’ll hold that off of there for much longer. I could be wrong. Sometimes. They do haven’t go for a fair while but the majority of them roughly three weeks, people take on appsumo. So

Unknown Speaker 25:06
and we apologize in advance for anyone who has not discovered appsumo. And now gets addicted to App Sumo because of this conversation. But honestly, it’s a really great platform to dive in and have a look at what’s available. You know, when you’re starting that search, having those lifetime deals are a fabulous way for you to explore and, you know, remove that monthly subscription that are there. There’s some great thing that’s where did you both get 30 off there? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 25:36
did. Yeah. So that’s where I got Pluto. And that’s where I got sales flair as well. Yep. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:42
Yeah. That’s, that’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 25:46
Well, I have to say there’s the comments are pretty happy. Jess was really happy about that transcribing software lane that you mentioned to start with. And Jason says integration is absolutely where it’s at. Do we have an office? 360? Yes, you do. Liam is our office 365 expert in the house here. He knows all the things about all the stuff. So he’s your man. His comments, he’s all the contact details we’re going to share at the end of this in the comments as well. So please reach out that was Jody there. Liam in the comments. If you want to connect lane, go for it.

Unknown Speaker 26:22
Sorry. Not to mention earlier, um, if you’re a fan of fireflies.ai, there’s another program out there. And I’ll just double check the URL. I think it’s otter.ai. Ai. Thank you. Yeah. So also.ai is the straight audio version, you still get and I believe you get 600 minutes for free per month. I don’t think that’s changed. So it’s, it’s transcribing audio. So again, if we were actually sitting in a meeting, oh, you’re probably just put your phone down there now and report it, you can do it on a computer, or you can do it on a device. And this will let’s take it’s definitely is it’s just taking me to come up. Yeah. So otter.ai is brilliant for transcribing meetings, as I said, fireflies that AI is more your video stuff. But all of that is is worth having a look at just just for straight audio.

Unknown Speaker 27:12
Yeah, and that’s and with that one, it’s, it’s, you use it for recording, you have to record into there. But I’ve been able to use stuff that I’ve pre recorded and get that transcribed by using to be gigabit using a audio router software, like voice meter. So then you’ll you’re replaying the my audio file and it picks it up as a microphone into there. So there’s a bit of a cheeky that’s

Unknown Speaker 27:36
another way that I found just if you know you’re not looking if it’s the odd, occasional thing or just say you like to transcribe by voice by rather than typing in Word. So office 365, Microsoft Word, they have a dictate function in there. And I’ve used that, on occasion, I’ve played the audio back had the microphone happening, press dictate and it’s all it’s 99% accurate. It obviously doesn’t do that. This is who said what, smell it like yours does. But yeah, for anything that you’re looking to do, from voice to text, that’s another very cost effective way of doing it.

Unknown Speaker 28:16
And if you’re in the Google suite, then Google Keep can do that as well. And another cool thing Google kid can do is you can put an image in there, if it’s got text in there that you need to pull out of an image and it can then grab the text from the image too.

Unknown Speaker 28:30
And that will do that in which one Google Keep.

Unknown Speaker 28:32

Unknown Speaker 28:33
Brilliant. Thank you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
I’m loving this geeky conversation. We’re

Unknown Speaker 28:40
all like, what,

Unknown Speaker 28:41
what told me that?

Unknown Speaker 28:45
Oh, goodness gracious. We’re only 30. We’ve got a couple of bits to still talk about. So thanks so much for holding me this, everyone. Wow, I honestly loved this conversation. Evan, lamb and Lane are just so knowledgeable in this space. And honestly, every time I have a conversation with either one of them, I walk away with some amazing new insights to the way that I can run my business and the tools to use to make things more efficient. Righty over everyone have a wonderful day creating space and time freedom. Well, there we go. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you on board. Have we connected on social? Yes, if not, please come on over. Say hi, I’m on all the platforms at the artisan solutions. So I’d really look forward to seeing you over there. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I’d love it if you could leave a review. And of course share this with others so others can come and join us next time. All right, then everyone have a fabulous rest of the week, and until next time, see you then



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