Episode 11

I Have Confidence

April 7th, 2021


In this episode, we speak with the fabulous Vari McGaan. We explore, being courageous, taking the leap into a career of your dreams, embracing confidence, and how to overcome limiting beliefs.


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Vari McGaan | Courage & Career Coach


Vari is a Courage and Career Coach, living in Melbourne, and working with amazing clients across the world. She loves helping and empowering other women, and that’s why she chose to be a Coach. She wants to inspire & empower you to do the same – to make confident action easy every day, to make big brave things FUN, to dance outta your comfort zone and into a career full of empowerment and alignment.

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Full Episode Transcription

Unknown Speaker 0:03
Welcome to take control with Nicole. As business owners, we experienced firsthand the fine line between our personal and business lives. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.

Unknown Speaker 0:34
Hello, Hello, and thank you for joining me for this fabulous episode of take control with Nicole. Today I had the lovely Vari Magon here with me and we are going to be exploring confidence. But firstly, I would love to introduce you to Vari. Vari is a certified coach living in Melbourne working with amazing clients all across the world, spending 10 years in leadership roles in events including a castle, an Olympics and a zoo. She loves the people she works with, but felt sorry, frustrated and stuck. longing to bring herself 100% to work queue singing this is me as I walked into the office, a career a business that she wakes up to to be excited, energized and inspired for Well, that is all amazing. So Vari Hello, welcome.

Unknown Speaker 1:29
Hello, thank you so much for having me. And for that beautiful introduction.

Unknown Speaker 1:33
It’s a lot of words there, but

Unknown Speaker 1:35
we got through it. Which is so

Unknown Speaker 1:38
so great. Thank you so much for joining us here today and just sharing your amazingness with our community here. And I would love to start with you sharing a little bit about you and your story how you joined us here today.

Unknown Speaker 1:52
Amazing. I’m so I’m very I live in Melbourne, like you said, and I started my coaching business 2020 I love the pandemic. And for me the big mission is empowering women to end the gender pay gap and discrimination at work and all those other things that we know that women have to fight so much harder for. And for me, in my corporate life, I didn’t have that many shining amazing inspiring examples of women in business and leadership in anything. And that’s my mission now to create this beautiful community really empowered women being an example to younger people in the community really living confidently living with courage, just do whatever they want to do. No explanations, no apologies.

Unknown Speaker 2:39
I love that. It’s so, so needed. You know, I absolutely hear you when, you know, I did work for some amazing women in in my career and in my corporate world. But it was still in a very heavily male dominated sector, I worked in finance. So being able to create that space for for women now and going forward into the future is just lovely start. Good work fabulous, I love it. Now talking about corporate space, you know, working and in the corporate space, and then moving out taking that big leap for anyone who’s currently in their out of their comfort zone, it can be a bit daunting can be a little bit like it’s

Unknown Speaker 3:26
not possible solution for us.

Unknown Speaker 3:29
I’d love to know, for you. How did you go through that experience of making that leap from that to now where you are now.

Unknown Speaker 3:41
So it’s something I’d always wanted to do. And my parents had their own business since I was a toddler, and their office was at home. So I’d seen a lot of that kind of entrepreneur on business lifestyle. And I kept telling myself had been told by people around me that I wasn’t experienced enough or old enough to do it for myself. And I told myself lots of silly things like I was almost raised in London, but then I was moving to Australia. So I’d have to start again, like what nonsense, but I know we’re gonna talk about that sort of stuff later on.

Unknown Speaker 4:13
And then

Unknown Speaker 4:15

Unknown Speaker 4:17
went through a redundancy a couple of years ago that completely suddenly like completely broke me. And that’s a sign that I experienced coaching and spent my first coaching session not really being able to see the redundancy work without crying thinking it was me it was a whole big mess. And that experience of coaching and knowing my strengths and taking it back to like the inner work and not listen to other people was just amazing. I did end up in another corporate role, which was just too exciting to turn down at the time. And I because it was a contract rules like when this ends like I’m gonna do my own business thing. I’m doing the work in the background and this is gonna happen. And then when people say like, what was the move I was like, well, the movie was that role became redundant. So I had to do it like, never never had a redundancy package. And there were a few different signs kind of on that day. And at that time, they were like, this is the time to do it. So I just did it. Love that? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 5:17
that was one of the things I was going to ask you like, what was that moment where you just know knew? And you said to yourself, okay, very, it’s time, we’ve got to take control of my life, we’ve got to take control of this situation. And this is what we’re going to do. So you found that that was at that moment when that last role was made redundant? Or do you feel that maybe it was kind of like, tweaking along like working throughout all of it to that momentous like, this is what we’re going to do now?

Unknown Speaker 5:46
Yeah, definitely a little bit of a build up. And they were to sort of moments for me, the first one was, knowing that I wanted to do something in the coaching space and kind of put myself out there. So I wanted to start blogging and share my experience. And then a good friend and mentor of mine said, Oh, she probably just get your own website and do it there for when you are ready to launch a business. And I was like, cool. So sitting at the dinner table, when I my partner is making carrot cake, and he doesn’t bake, like ever. So like that was quite important to start with. And I was like, I’m just gonna write this to blog and talk about redundancy, my experience in the corporate world. And the reception was like, incredible. And I was like, Okay, this is great. gave me a lot of confidence sort of was that first step, I guess, in jumping out of my comfort zone. And then the day that it all sort of happened, I was still kind of hedging my bets and thinking like, I’ll still do the event kind of consultancy and strategy work. And I’ll do coaching and that’s a bit safer. And I went for a walk, listen to this podcast that was like, Well, what do you actually really want to do? Like, I should really just want to do coaching. And then I couldn’t come up with my word for what I wanted to be. And then as I was walking home, listen to this podcast. I was like, you know what the word I want is courage. Because it’s so much about support confidence, but like actually getting that stuff done and taking action. And then I was like, Okay, so what my website was, like, couraging, career coach, look up, no one had the URL, no one had the ins to handle. So it’s like Dan, webs like URL bar Insta handle changed. had a really amazing session with an Instagram coach that day. And then literally two hours later, my boss was like, hey, by redundancies official roll done in a month, and I was like, Wow, there were the signs I was waiting for.

Unknown Speaker 7:37

Unknown Speaker 7:37
I love that. And that’s, you know, it’s that universe, you putting it out there. Courage, this is the word up this is it available? This is what we’re doing. This is an Do you know, what if you decide to go down that way, and you can always change it later, you know, but right now, and then and there, the doors are open, and it’s saying, hey,

Unknown Speaker 7:57
let’s start a business. Let’s

Unknown Speaker 7:58
do this. Let’s do this thing that you want to have. We’ve always wanted to do. That’s all the green green, the ticks happening. Love it.

Unknown Speaker 8:06
Absolutely. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 8:07
that’s so cool. That’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 8:11
being courageous, though, and stepping into that courage, it can be eroded, some may seem as unattainable for them. But how do you work with your clients and getting them through that, that journey from? I don’t have that car can’t make that big, bold step? Like you’ve already like, that’s amazing what you’ve done. But that is, I can’t do that. So how do you help them to really truly embrace their own inner confidence?

Unknown Speaker 8:36
Great question. So I think the first step is you sort of already said it, people are looking for confidence elsewhere. And it’s self confidence for reasons, we have to bring it back to ourselves back to our beliefs, back to what’s going on inside our own mind, their own mindset. And that’s the place I always start with clients is forget the outer stuff. Forget what people are saying, forget those stories. You’re telling yourself like, what do you actually want? Like, if you could just press a button? What would be happening in your career and in your life? And everyone’s always like, Oh, I don’t know, I’ve never thought that. And I’m like, well, let’s go for right now. Like, just intuitively Tell me what’s happening. And then it’s really about what’s the worst that can happen? And what’s the action step? Just to start today, and I always say to people in coaching sessions, like what’s the first action and it’s going to happen today? Unless it’s like an evening session, then I’m like, if you’ve got to wait for hours, that’s fine. You can you can sleep on it. It’s got to happen. And then if a lot of people it’s a fear, it’s the unknown, it’s being really unsafe, and I’m like, Okay, well, what is that thing you can also do to try and not lean too much into that fear, but just sort of give it a little bit of a stroke and be like, it’s gonna be okay, we’re doing this. So whether that’s keeping a part time role that you have while you’re building your business, whether that’s doing something in your career. While you’re starting a side hustle, whether that’s staying in an industry that you know, you can do, but just changing employer, like whatever that step is like, you have to start today. But it’s okay to put some sort of backup safety net in place at the same time.

Unknown Speaker 10:17
Yeah, that’s so true just for alleviate some of that worry, or some of that concern that comes with those big changes in in our worlds. And I really like that question of what would you like to be doing? What would your life look like, you know, I’m, you know, me, I’m all about that creating and designing a world in a day in a life that is truly going to support you to be doing what you want to do, starting this year, sebesar prep now. So having the flexibility to create and design how I work is really so integral to that being able to be there and pick him up from school, when talk to the teachers at the door, and, you know, all of those little things, which are massive things in my world. It’s Yes, it’s such a great, great area to really stop and think in and I don’t think we may not do that enough. You know, so, yeah, I love that. And I just want to talk about limiting beliefs and how that can play a big role in in the reduction of our confidence. And when you’re working with your clients, and you’re going through that process, are there any sort of tips that you provide or advise them so that they can start to overcome that and remove that little imposter that’s sitting there right in your shoulder? I know, she’s always she comes, she comes. But having that conversation and saying, Have you got

Unknown Speaker 11:43
stairs? So I think there’s two parts there. So limiting beliefs, the first part you have to realize is, what’s the truth? And what’s the story you’re telling yourself? Unless you can Google it and find a factual answer. It’s not the truth. And it’s something you just made up in your head, like me being like, I’m not old enough to start my own business. See? And that is because I my whole corporate career, like, oh, you’re quite young type of leadership role, should we be giving this to young women? Are you just gonna leave it to have kids is that even any of your effing business, like all of that stuff, and sitting in rooms full of men who are at least 15? If not, 20 years older than me for a really long time, like, dug away the idea? And it’s not true. And what I always say to clients is, can you find evidence that it’s not true? And yes, I can find many women younger than me running successful, like six, seven figure businesses and absolutely smashing it. It’s not a truth. And that’s the first part, the limiting beliefs. And then you have to really dig into what is a draw there, tell yourself, so once we sort of done that work, and I would say that people are always looking for a quick fix. And this is like, at least in my experience, two to three, like hour long sessions to really dig into this because it’s such a big part of our mindset is, you can imagine that belief written somewhere like on a chalkboard on your phone and skywriting, whatever. And if you just got to scrub that off, like what would you love to replace it with? Like that future you who’s living that dream life? Like, what does she actually believe? She believes that she is enough to do anything that she wants, whatever that is, and then you just have to find ways to embed that in your day and in your habits and in the way you show up. And and I’m not an advocate at all for the sort of fake it till you make it thing that’s not true. But look for evidence that this is true, the actions you can take to make this closer to how you actually are every day. And it is ongoing work. It’s not something we can just do. And then next week, I’ll done supers or next like that’s not true can’t motion and

Unknown Speaker 13:53
it just overnight appears. changed, removed all those No,

Unknown Speaker 13:58
no, I had a client say to me recently, she was like, okay, and are today it would be a miracle if you could and I was like, Okay, well, let’s not be over thing. We can start this miracle. But the thing for me is the most important part of coaching isn’t what happens in the time together. It’s what you then do with it and that action steps and then continuing the work. And it’s the same with imposter syndrome. You know, I actually don’t believe in this whole overcoming imposter syndrome thing. I think that’s the wrong answer. And I think anything in the world that we’re trying to, like, suppress and ignore will end up coming back. So for me, it’s about listening to that imposter, like, what are they saying to you? Why are they Why are they saying that and being in conversation with yours and also, I knows a lot of chat about naming it like I’m an advocate for naming something that makes you laugh. So I comment Ursula, like from The Little Mermaid like she’s a sassy see when she is trying to steal my voice. So when I I hear these things coming up, I’m like, get back into your cave, go and talk to your heels like this is not for me, I understand why you think this and just trying to like, soothe comfort and take that voice on the journey with you.

Unknown Speaker 15:14
I very, that’s

Unknown Speaker 15:15
fabulous. And

Unknown Speaker 15:16
I just, I’m a very visual person.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
So as soon as you said, Ursula, that is exactly where when my mind Went, went a little mermaid trying to steal Ariel’s voice and, you know, make her give her legs and she’s gone, you know, and it just takes me back to when I was dancing, and I would have an achievement day. And I would say be doing waltz rhythm. And I would have a persona that I would talk, like, envisage. You know, and that would take me to that space. And I locked I’m going to need to name mine now what I’m going to color report back on that one. But thank you for sharing that. I think that’s so true. Anything that appears, you know, world, trying to push that to the side or trying to suppress it, as he said is, I feel does do more damage than good. Because we need to understand why have you joined us? So on my shoulder here? And why is this coming up as a conversation right now? How can I address

Unknown Speaker 16:20
that? How

Unknown Speaker 16:21
can I learn from that?

Unknown Speaker 16:23
And how can I then evolve that into the way that I address or action? That particular thing? That’s that’s trying to hold me back? Trying? Because it wasn’t? Well, we’re gonna move forward through it. So

Unknown Speaker 16:36
I love it. That’s

Unknown Speaker 16:39
really cool. Thank you. I’m talking about musical Disney. For those listening, you know that I love a bit of music. Well, Valerie and I share a love of music as well. Particular The Sound of Music. And I love how confidence and the song instead of music is just it’s as soon as I think of you very that’s what I think of is her running around Maria

Unknown Speaker 17:07
running around

Unknown Speaker 17:08
saying I have confidence in sunshine, like I just love it. I’d really be interested I had a conversation recently. It’s an ongoing one about creativity, and business and how they really support you support each other to grow. And but for you, how do you find that your sort of creativity really helps you to take bigger and bolder actions in the way that you look at your business and life and life? Not just business? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:37
so I think the thing with creativity is, I always used to think and that’s something my coach actually picked me up on last year. But I wasn’t a creative person, because I’m not into art. And I say that I actually am I just don’t think I’m very good at it. But creativity is just looking at something differently, or solving a problem a different way, or having a different approach or a different lens or different frame. Like that’s what it is, it’s not being able to paint a masterpiece or any of that stuff. Yeah. And for me, it’s really when you stop focusing on something or stop having this really like kind of laser sharp view of what something should be like or look like and, and for me the most creative things and all the best ideas and creative I guess, solutions I’ve come up with have been when I’m doing something completely out of business, but something that makes me feel like super excited and creative and all that stuff. So you know, people always say you get your best thoughts in the shower. Yeah, cuz you’re singing away, you’re not thinking about anything like that’s when the good stuff happens. And like the courage thing happened on a walk listening to a slightly non related podcast, it just sort of happened. The way that I have designed my newest offer a cane dream when I was like having a nap in the hammock and listening to Harry Potter podcast. And it’s all these things that make you stop and think Oh, actually, like I could do that differently. And in terms of the big bold moves, I think for me, because the best things have happened to me have come from like quite, I don’t use Word risky, but quite big uncomfortable, like new jumps and directions and leaks that I’m like, well it worked last time, like, what’s the worst that can happen? And I think as well you realize quite quickly, whether you’re in the corporate space or in business, it’s being like super uniquely yourself that’s going to make you stand out and successful. So actually, the fact that I’m the person that talks about Maria from the sound of music is the thing that people will remember and the way that you I had a conversation with the client last week about the way she was presenting, presenting herself for job interviews and writing her resume and I I was like, well, it’s about making yourself memorable. So mine would start with something about working in like a zoo in a castle, like keep introducing us, because people, people would call me or I call them back for injuries. And they’d like, oh, Zoo lady. And I was like, I’ll take it. It’s unique. It’s great. And it’s making these things a bit more exciting. And that’s why I always say to clients, when they’re like, Okay, this is the action step. But like, Oh, my gosh, this is terrifying. And like, how could you make it more exciting? Like, how could you make it easier, and sometimes, for me, whether it’s like, sharing my story more, posting really vulnerable content, launching a new thing, what makes it easier for me is doing it like in my pajamas from my bed. Like, that’s how we’re gonna do it. And it’s all about finding what works for you.

Unknown Speaker 20:47
Yeah, that’s so true. Interesting, you say about being you, embracing you, because so many years in the corporate world, you just become the number, even though they make you feel like you’re not the number, you’re still a number in a big one little fish in a big pond. And transitioning away from that is something that I’ve been doing over the last year, and it feels so freeing to be me. Not that I wasn’t made before. But I’m really mean now like I was on Insta stories, and I’m sure I was saying I’m just saying on the podcast, like I would never do that is never in the past. Previous Nicole in the corporate space would be very refined, be very on the think think think before I did you know, whereas now it’s like I’m here. He like me, that’s cool. Welcome, hello, come and talk, click up all day long. Like whatever you want, you know, come into my world where? Yeah, it’s so freeing, isn’t it? And that some, that’s lovely. And I love that the definition of creativity, how you feel about it, because that’s very much how I do as well, that we’ll just actually talking up just before you established for us to record about creativity and how it’s not just about if you’re a designer? Yes, of course, you’re creative. But if you’re a, if you’re a coach, you’re helping people to, you know, find creative new ways to be them to discover them, we all have that element of creativity in our world. So thank you for sharing that. That was really that’s really good. Well, I don’t think we could have this conversation without mentioning community. Because like you, community is a massive thing. And it’s a reoccurring theme for me across all of my conversations so far. For me, I know that surrounding myself with my people has really elevated my confidence, you know, I joined were both members and other beautiful members of the she mentors community here today. We both but I joined she mentors, sort of May last year, may 2020. And really dived in and found that by doing that, it really helped me to gain my confidence to be able to step into who I am and grow my business to be evolved my business to be what it is now. How for you have you found your community, your people, your business family has supported you on your journey for launching your business.

Unknown Speaker 23:25
Yeah, the community thing is incredible. I joined she mentors in October 2018. So like, almost three and a half years ago. And it was such a big lightbulb moment for me. Because sort of like we’ve talked about in the corporate world, you’re like this is how you should dress and behave. And this is what a leader looks like and acts like and all that stuff. And I hadn’t been surrounded by people kind of believing the same things, I believe and showing up the way that I you know, felt was the correct the correct most imperative way to show up for you. And I it literally popped up and I’ll be forever thankful to whatever algorithm did this on my meetup app. I’ve only been to a girls hiking group, and market Turks. I was like new in Melbourne on the app, but it was like, Hey, you should join this. And I was like, cool. And then they had an event like that week. And it was about imposter syndrome. And I sat there and I was like, it’s not just me, like these people feel the same. And they sat in board meetings, thinking this same things and like, here they are this incredible, diverse group of women who are all dressed differently at different ages and different positions in different industries. But like, this is all uniting arts. And it was just incredible to have that. And it was so supportive, especially like em my first redundancy when I was just like broken and the community just rallied so much. And while there were parts of me thanks seem like it’s me. There was also part of me being like Nana, it’s them. And that community, which is like it is them. And I just remember like getting hilarious, angry message from Ali, who’s the founder, she mentors being like, how dare they treat my very like this? And how dare they say that this is unacceptable and you are worth more than that. And I was like, This is exactly what I needed. Like I needed people to be like,

Unknown Speaker 25:26
what Yes.

Unknown Speaker 25:28
And I was like, this was beautiful. And it’s just helped me. I think, know that there are people who believe all the same things that I do her showing up as themselves, even if it looks quite different how I show up, because that’s the point. And just knowing that the first day that I noticed on my personal Instagram stories that coaching was happening, and this is it, just like the love that was thrown back, even from people that I’d never actually met before, by near in the community, from people who were like, friends or contacts of the she mentors, community and other people, I was like, oh, my goodness gracious me like, this is incredible. And it just is that lovely circle. And it also shows that you do get to pick those people. But at the same time, if there are people in your life who are harming your confidence, or your self belief, or who aren’t adding to what you’re doing, if they are dragging you down, rather than lifting you up, like it’s absolutely within your power to just be like, no, this is not what I need, what I want what works for me anymore. And knowing that there are people who are lifting you off is just so powerful.

Unknown Speaker 26:43
I absolutely agree with everything you’ve just said then

Unknown Speaker 26:47

Unknown Speaker 26:49
seen and witnessed the celebration and the support. And just the joy of the members when somebody else has done this big thing or little thing, whatever it is, if they need support, like people were just like, Hey, I’ll help. I mean, come chat with me. Like I’m a cheerleader, and exactly what you said, I’m not gonna let you be spoken to like that, you know, that is not acceptable behavior. Like No, no, no, no, you are better than that. And you deserve better. And I’ve been in the in the place where I was surrounded with people that weren’t good for me. You know, they were they had that sort of atmosphere that was making me question making me second guess like, Am is my value worthwhile? Am I do I actually know what I what I know, or is it just said I’m think I do when you know, and making that decision, having the confidence to make that decision was really helped by the support that I had for my community to boost me up going? No, I

Unknown Speaker 27:57
am valued. I

Unknown Speaker 27:58

Unknown Speaker 27:59
I do know what I know. And what is going on? I don’t know what they’re talking about. But I know like all validation. I’m getting this validation from my amazing community over here. That is saying, Yeah, cool, like do it and removing that other side, then just encourages more of the other, you know,

Unknown Speaker 28:17
not saying that.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
We’re celebrating absolutely everything that makes sense. It sounds like we’re all in a big cheer squad. But

Unknown Speaker 28:25
we are. But also

Unknown Speaker 28:27
it’s fabulous to see when people need actual advice and go, hey, I’ve seen you doing this. But how do you thought about it this way? You know, that we will constructive collaboration of I can see what you’re trying to achieve here. But there’s there’s this other way that you may not have thought about? I’d love to help you with that. There’s that element as well, which is just

Unknown Speaker 28:52
good goals. Yeah. Oh, cool. Awesome. Well, we’re at the end. And it’s the fun time not that it wasn’t fun. All of the three questions. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 29:06
Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:09
What is your go to app that creates ease in your day?

Unknown Speaker 29:15
So I think this is a slightly odd answer, but I’m gonna say my podcast app.

Unknown Speaker 29:21

Unknown Speaker 29:22
Yep. Because for me, the ease comes from the lack of overthinking that just doing and I know if I’ve got a wonderful woman such as yourself or others in our community, like talking in my ears, taking up a slight amount of brain space. I can just get stuff done and I’m not gonna overthink and overcomplicate things. So what I am doing, like I was redesigning one of my web pages, a few different things this morning. I was listening to podcast because I was just like, yep, I know as I’m like, typing away, no one’s going to see that I’m fake typing on the screen now. beautifully. So good. Yeah. And I’m just Up top and then listening. And it just helps me get into that really flowy space.

Unknown Speaker 30:07
I love that I do love my podcast app as well. Yeah. And it’s have to, I want to listen to them all but new people listen. But yeah, thank you. That’s cool. Yeah, I thought about that as a as a go to app, but I’m in there every day, like every morning if it’s not their clubhouse, but most of it is. Cool. Um, okay, number two, are you an online or paper to do lists lover?

Unknown Speaker 30:39
Both. So I’m absolutely a cricket fan. Thanks to all the work that we’ve done together. I love that online. But for me, I’m really conscious of not being in front of a screen all the time. And for me, that kind of creativity really flows with pen and paper, and I love journaling, and writing and all that stuff. So I have all the kind of important things in the structure online. And I do love to work through that and be able to sort of, you know, drag and change things and make it all easy. But I also live every day to have little notes and things to do and just ticking things off on paper is so much more satisfying. I don’t know why, but it is,

Unknown Speaker 31:20
I look I do, I do agree there is something about crossing it out or being ticking through it. And the art of you know, if you’re designing something and thinking through something and having to actually depend to paper, I do the same. You know, I I love online, as you all know, I love organizational structure and all the stuff. But if I’m really trying to get into that creative zone, I am not in front of my computer. I go away, and I find paper and pens and whatever else I need, and I design and then I’ll come back and I’ll refine it online. But yeah, no, that’s perfect. I think that’s a very popular answer. That real middle ground, but they both have such purpose, too, to the actions you’re doing. Sorry. Thank you. Now the final one, what would you do if you created more space in your world?

Unknown Speaker 32:19
So this is interesting when you sent me this question because I had a Polish for like a second during my bit of a pause. And so for me, more space is time freedom. But more space is also a new home, close to the beach, because that’s my happy place. So the thing for me, that’s like the signifier of this dream life is like swimming in the sea. Like, that’s my happy place. That’s my thing for lots of different reasons. I could talk about it for a very long time. But the time and the space to just like walk to the beach, go for a swim, sit and work in my salty hair and like beach clothes. And that being great and being able to do that whenever I want. Like, that’s what’s always on my vision board. That’s what’s always in my journal. I have like what a perfect dream day looks like. So that’s that’s the thing. That’s lovely.

Unknown Speaker 33:19
Well, that sounds nice. Well, when did we go to? Where are you going to end up? One which beach you’re going to be now.

Unknown Speaker 33:25
I’m doing a suburb tourist. I took my partner to one a couple weeks ago. And I was like, isn’t it nice here? And he’s like, yes. And like, isn’t the coffee nice?

Unknown Speaker 33:34
Look at all these nice places. And he was like, I see what you’re doing here. And I was like just

Unknown Speaker 33:42
yeah, I’m my

Unknown Speaker 33:43
parents live literally a two minute walk from their local beach. And it’s on the bay. We’re in Melbourne here. We’ve got the big Bay and sorry, yeah, that’s where I grew up with that having that at the other end of the street. So yeah, I can I can hear that will be that sounds beautiful. I’ll come.

Unknown Speaker 34:05

Unknown Speaker 34:06
thank you so much for joining me today. I would love for you to share with all of our listeners here today, how they can find you how they can connect with you how they can work with you all the things work

Unknown Speaker 34:17
all the things. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:20
So I hang up mostly on Instagram. That’s my platform of choice. So act courage and career coach, I would love to chat to you there. My website is courage and crew coach.com. And yeah, all the different ways of working with me, I have a five day automated course you can pick a single coaching session, you can join my career confidence club, you can work in long term, all the options, whatever is right for you

Unknown Speaker 34:48
of that and we will have all of that in the show notes. So if you want to pop on over there and have a look and connect and say hi and

Unknown Speaker 34:57
send via voice message with some Music songs like I might do that, actually, why not have fun?

Unknown Speaker 35:06
Well, thank you very much again for joining me very, that was such a wonderful conversation. It’s really, really lovely. And it’s now time to say goodbye. So to all our wonderful listeners today, thank you so much and have a wonderful rest of your day, enjoying creating space and time freedom

Unknown Speaker 35:25
by now.

Unknown Speaker 35:27
Well, there we go. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you on board. Have we connected on social shares? If not, please come on over. Say hi, I’m on all the platforms at the artisan solutions. So I’d really look forward to seeing you over there. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I would love it if you could leave a review. And of course, share this with others so others can come and join us next time. All right, then everyone have a fabulous rest of the week, and until next time, see you then



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