Episode 110

Connecting The Tech With Clever Systems

April 12th, 2023


Today I’m talking all about investing in the foundations of your systems design which will allow you to zone into that area of genius that you love to play in.
I dive into:
  • Communication strategies
  • What design means in the systems and tech world
  • Automating processes
  • Creating systems to support your business
  • Reviewing your current tech stack

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Welcome to Take Control with Nicole, as business owners we experience first hand the fine line between our personal and business lives. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.

Hello, Nicole Smith, COO, operations specialists and systems designer from The Artisans Business Solutions, and welcome to take control with Nicole. Following on from the fabulous episode last week, we are going to continue to talk about clever systems design. But today with the lens of the tech connection, let’s really touch base on what we spoke about last week about what actually are systems. So systems when we’re talking about from a business sense. So that holistic high level are the ways of working in our operations of our business. So, coming up a step, we have the silos that I spoke about. And remember, silos aren’t there solo, they are all intertwined and connected, supporting your business to continue to move forward to where you’re traveling to that we have seen marketing, HR, finance, IT, client support, internal admin, etc. So, if you think about a corporate org chart structure, these are the systems that we’re creating for your business.

As we talk about this a little bit further, we’re going to be looking at those individual areas of ways of working, and how you can really enhance those through really using clever systems design. And being able to follow that four part prophase set that I spoke about in last episode, Discovery, Design, Create and Connect. And then all of a sudden, you’ve got the most glorious ways of working in your business that is designed exactly for you and your team to really take and make that next level of enhancement. Experience. Just make it just easy. Let’s just say it’s easy. It’s beautiful and easy as we go through knowing exactly what button to press when and who is doing what. Ah, it’s honestly just a glorious experience when our clients connect in to the beautiful designs that we work together to create. The ease just radiates through the Zoom Room when we’re presenting for them.

So today, we want to talk about tech, I’ll share with you the tech connection. So obviously as part of our ways of working and in the world that we are now Tech is a big part of how we operate each and every day. Right now I’m sitting at my desk in my study, I’ve got my screens, my laptop, my Logitech BRIO camera right there, my road mic, I’m on Zoom, I’ve got ClickUup open with my notes, and my phone’s over there somewhere on silent. So we don’t have hopefully here any vibration noises coming through. So you can see already just to produce. That’s only just to record this podcast. But as part of our podcast production, there is already so many elements of tech that are involved.

Now I know when we first start out in business, and we are looking to find the perfect solution. Let’s say CRM, let’s talk about project management tools. Google vs Office 365. Let’s not even go down that path. But there are so many options out there available, and not even sometimes knowing which way to start. I’ve had clients in the past arrive with spreadsheets full of research and columns. And it’s beautiful data, love a bit of data and research is important. But actually making sure that as part of our clever design strategy or process those phases, that we’re actually really stopping asking ourselves is this piece of tech supporting the ways of working that we are encouraging in our business? So I shared in a previous episode that a real focus for my business, The Artisans and my team is to create sustainable work practices that’s going to really support a sustainable growth of our business. I’ve seen so many times where beautiful businesses very successful, fabulous of what they do have just escalated and grown to a capacity where fabulous. They’re working with beautiful people but the operations have stayed the same way or similar to when they first started when it might have been one or two people, and now they’re a team of 20.

So being able to look at each of those phases, as you’re going through in real time, and being able to make those micro changes as needed, or in the realm of tech, you may find you get to a point that that tech is just not working any more for you, our team are not enjoying it, it’s not being utilized, the features aren’t even being accessed or, or used at all. And you’re really realizing that when, if you continue in that way, it’s doable, but it’s gonna end up being hard and clunky. And some blockages will arrive with your team and your humans that are growing around, you starting to feel a little bit uneasy on where and what and how to actually execute their work to support you to do your work and run your business there too. So that’s what tech is, any piece of equipment application that supports you to operate your business on a daily basis, these are connected in all different ways. And when we’re looking at our systems and our workflows, our processes, you may have one or more pieces of technology that actually together, formulate the entire way of working that new system for your business. And so as you’re going through those phases, and you’re identifying the whats in the ways in the house, and you know, all of those things being really clear on,

Okay, at this stage of the process. Let’s say let’s just use podcasting, because we’re talking about it today, at this phase of the process. This is the tech I’ll be using, and this is why I’ll be using it. Do I enjoy it? Is it time that we need to upgrade? Or are we okay with where we are right now, one thing that just go off on a side, shiny object syndrome is a thing. And I know that Joe Bloggs next door may come and say, Hey, there’s this new piece of tech, and it is going to blow your socks off in the way that you experienced during da da da. Amazing, it may be a fabulous piece of tech for Joe. And if you’re curious, and you have the capacity to invest the time to have a little dabble. Absolutely. But keep true to yourself. Just because Joe loves that piece of tech does not mean that it’s the perfect piece of tech for you, at your business, at the stage of business that you are at right now as well. So that’s always a good thing to keep in mind, I know that I was on a on a phone call with someone the other day. I’m obviously a lover of ClickUp. He’s a lover of Monday. And we both shared how maybe we’ll bring you over to the other side. But we all know I know ClickUp is the perfect solution for me. And he knows my needs the perfect solution for him. And so if there was that opportunity to look at investigate, add a period of time that it’s no longer supporting the team that feels like the right way and moment to do it instead of a spur of the moment. Oh, that’s nice and shiny over there.

Hello, there, I’m just interrupting this episode as I would love to invite you to come on in and join us inside the members lounge, my community have shared with me that they joined initially, because they really wanted to discover the power of ClickUp. They wanted to be able to design, build and connect their ClickUps within their own individual businesses. However, once they were inside, they really discovered how the power of looking at the foundations of your operational areas of your business. And designing those really to set you up for success is such a powerful element. And guess what else we have a fabulous community inside. So once you’re in, you’re never gonna want to leave. So come on over, have a look. Go to my website, the artisans.com.au and pop up to the members lounge button at the top. And we look forward to supporting you as you discover how fabulous it is when you’re confidently striding down easy street, see you inside the lounge.

Coming back into clever systems design. So, something that we can do and really enhance the experience with from a tech point of view are automations. Now there are, let’s just talk ClickUp for a moment. And many of the other systems have them as well, in-built native automation features. So things like updating statuses or due dates or assignees or adding in task templates into your ClickUp workflows. We just designed the most beautiful workflow I’m actually going to invite this client onto the podcast to chat about the experience but it was all part of the lead nurturing process and we’ve got ClickUp, and we’ve got Eversign and we’ve got Acuity and probably something else. All of them are connected internally and click up using Zapier to bring things in and out. And it’s just such the most glorious experience as you flow through from a user point of view in the business. But from a client point of view, as well, you’re getting all those beautiful touch points. And it’s all driven by humans, but really some of that beautiful functionality of tech to make it easy. Click a button off that email goes, you know, create update status, and agreement is in Eversign already for the team to populate and send off to the client. So it’s really, really exciting. It’s endless in what is possible.

And so, as you’re going through that design process, give yourself some space literally go into a big space. What and how, if I had, you know, an ideal situation, what would I love this experience to be for me and for my team, and if it’s a client facing experience for our clients, as well, I would love them to walk away feeling surrounded, supported, and excited to work that next step with us, or is it internally, my team feel confident in knowing exactly where the information is going to be at the exact right moment when they are ready to action, set, task, whatever. So as you can see, tech I love I love a bit of tech, it’s so much fun, there’s lots of opportunities that you can do, there’s loads of options, as you already are aware of. And this is really a great opportunity to have a moment and think about the tech that’s currently in your business. You may have active and dormant tech as well, you may also have an opportunity here to just go and have a look at your subscriptions and cancel off any of those ones that maybe just legacy hanging around, you’re not sure if you want to cancel them or not. You might have data in there, that’s hard to get out. Let me know if that’s that’s a thing, because there are some systems that like to really hold on to your data. So just gonna go off and on as we talk about tech here, when you’re selecting your tech, be really aware of those things. So how easy is it to extract my data? When and if I decide to move systems in the future? Thinking about from a price point point of view? Is it feasible just now or as I grow my team, if that is what is planned for you in the future, as well.

So there’s a lot of other things that I’m sure I’ve spoken about in a previous episode, we might find that pop the link around selecting tech and what to do. Again, if you get stuck, if you’re not sure on a particular piece of tech pop on over, we’re happy to have a chat about you know if that could be the right thing for you or not.

So today we have spoken again about systems and how they fit to business. We’ve spoken about what tech is in the context of clever systems design, and really how and where they’re connected and why they’re connected. to really bring those efficiencies forward, remove the multiple button pressing into a single button and make it all flow beautifully. What a fabulous experience when you get that working beautifully aligned with how you want to operate as a business owner.

Okay, so some action points, this is an opportunity for you today. I’m inviting you all to review your current tech stack when I’m talking tech stack. So the things we spoke about today, anything that’s an application in your business, a paid or non-paid subscription, have a look and write down, we do actually have a template available of ClickUp template, if you’re interested, pop me a DM and I’ll shoot it across to you. It’s not something we share out in the world. It’s part of the Metacell. I’ll shoot it across to you for listening on today. And give yourself that opportunity. Once you capture it in a central location, you have a look at those costs that are associated with that you look at if you’ve got a team, how many subscriptions you actually have associated with that particular tech as well, that can help you to make some informed decisions moving forward as well. Is there a piece of tech that is actually sitting on my tech stack that would be perfect for this part of that design for that systems design?

Have a look at one area of your business that previously you’ve been invited in the last episode to have a deep dive of a system and go through those four phases. So maybe it’s on that one, have a clear guide on what you’re doing when and how and what tech we’re using. So to give you to really pull out and see all of the moving parts and also identify any areas that are not quite working well in your selected tech. So say we’re in ClickUp and you’re getting 100 notifications in your inbox each day. That’s something that you can easily fix by updating your notification settings but bottom left hand corner two circles, go into your personal settings. If you’re in a, if it’s your workspace, or if you’re working for someone or only one setting, and there’s notifications, turn them all off apart from your daily updates, they’re instantly that will elevate your experience and your team’s experience removing the noise that can come from Tech.

Okay, well, that is it. I would love to hear from you. How has Tech really enhanced your business operations and your ways of working and supported your systems in your business to just be the most glorious experience for you? And what are you really excited about when you’re thinking about your systems right now, after listening to this conversation? What are those opportunities that are right there in front of you ready for you to design, click those buttons and connect them into your team. Well, thank you for joining us today. I hope you have the most fabulous rest of your week creating clever systems for your business by now. Well, there we go.

Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you on board. Have we connected on socials yet? If not, please come on over say hi, I’m on all the platforms at The Artisans Solutions. So I’d really look forward to seeing you over there. And if you enjoy today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I’d love it if you could leave a review. And of course share this with others so others can come and join us next time. All right, then everyone have a fabulous rest of the week and until next time see you then.




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