Episode 16

Time To Go From Busy To Productive | Part Two

May 12th, 2021


In this episode, we speak with the fabulous Hollie Barac and Lauren Stratford and had a lovely discussion about their passion for helping women in business to design their business systems and structures to suit their life and smash society’s expectations of productivity.

How fabulous when you connect with other women in business who just get it. That is what happened with the three of us jumped onto a zoom to record this special episode. There is absolutely no competition here, just recognition for our similarities and how we are all on a mission to support women to create ease in their businesses.

In part two of this conversation, we look at

  • Streamlining communications
  • Cleaning up your subscriptions
  • Decluttering your inbox
  • Booking Calendars

Our discussion lasted for over an hour and a half. We have split this into two sections and you will find part one below.

Take a listen to Part One

Connect with our fabulous Speakers

Hollie Barac – Accountability and Productivity Partner


Hollie is an accountability and productivity partner committed to providing a safe, inclusive space that allows women in business to understand and develop the best way(s) to be productive that is right for them – and no one else.

Website | Facebook: Hollie | Instagram: Hollie | LinkedIn: Hollie




Lauren Stratford – Seriously Sorted

Lauren from Seriously Sorted is a Productivity Coach and Systems Designer who helps overwhelmed creative solopreneurs maximise their impact, by providing practical advice and solutions on how to beat business overwhelm and manage their time better.

Website | Facebook: Seriously Sorted | Instagram: Seriously Sorted | LinkedIn: Seriously Sorted | LinkedIn: Lauren




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Session #1: The art of breathing ease into your every day
Nicole Smith | Process and System Designer, The Artisans Business Solutions
Tuesday, 18 May 2021 @ 12pm – 1pm AEST


Session #2: Staying productive while working from home
Hollie Barac | Accountability & Productivity Partner
Wednesday, 19 May 2021 @ 12pm – 1pm AEST


Session #3: Secrets to business planning for the solopreneur
Lauren Stratford | Productivity Coach, Seriously Sorted
Thursday, 20 May 2021 @ 12pm – 1pm AEST


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Full Episode Transcription

Welcome to take control with Nicole. as business owners, we experienced firsthand the fine line between our personal and business lives. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce, overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.

Hello, Hello, and thank you for joining me for this fabulous episode of take control with Nicole. Today we have part two of that special episode we recorded leading up to the gig super productivity Pro Series, I am joined by two fabulously wonderful women, Holly Brock and Lauren Stratford. Now starting on the 18th of May this year, we will be hosting a series of masterclasses for the team at geek super for their productivity pro series, which is going to be so so fabulous. Now the minute we all connected over email, I knew that we had to come together for this conversation with three extremely passionate people in this episode. I know it will be full of absolute amazing this. But firstly, I would love to introduce you to Holly and Lauren. Holly is an accountability and productivity partner committed to providing a safe, inclusive space that allows women in business to understand and develop the best ways to be productive that is right for them. And no one else while learn from seriously sorted is a productivity coach and systems designer who helps overwhelmed creative solopreneurs maximise their impact by providing practical advice and solutions on how to beat business overwhelm and manage their time better. I hear you all thinking right now, this sounds exactly like what you do for your clients in a call and you would be smack bang right on the money that this is why I’m so excited about this conversation. Holly and Lauren are absolutely singing from my from the same sheet of music as I do. And I love how passionate we all are about helping women in business to design their business systems and structures to suit their life and smash society’s expectation of productivity. Get ready, ladies, it’s time to go from busy to productive. Well, hello, ladies, thank you so much for joining me today. I’m so so excited about this. And you being here to share with my community just how fabulous you are.

Unknown Speaker 2:43
And the whole thing. Thanks for having us. We’re so excited. Yes. Hi, thank you so much. It’s amazing to be here, we’re talking about communication, which is pretty key. Because when we work with our clients, the communication element or within a team, you know, having removing the doing chats from the email, and making it more streamlined into whatever area like we all use. Click up. So for me all of my communication, even with my clients go through, click up. So I have a dashboard created and we have a chat widget on there. For those who do not click up. If you don’t know about the chat widgets go and press that plus view and have fun with that. And that’s where they all go they get access to that Shana my assistant, we communicate everything through ClickUp. Because it’s one central location, I even now email through ClickUp as well as that new functionality, you guys using that?

Unknown Speaker 3:37
Yeah, no, I have seen it. And I was actually keeping an eye on the updates for that to come in. I haven’t started implementing it yet.

Unknown Speaker 3:48
But it is something that I’m very keen to look at I and to be honest,

Unknown Speaker 3:52
I actually only use the free version of clear cups of water and have a lot of the whiz-bang things that a lot of other people do. And it’s starting to get frustrating. But I’m also at that point where because I am starting a new business that the financial side of things is really not flush. So I have to be careful. And this is something else that I really want to stress to people is just because somebody says that you need to pay for something, please don’t do that. Because you will own like all said and done. A new business is not likely to turn a profit inside of three years. And I think that this is something that a lot of people have. There’s a general misconception that if you’re not making money, it’s just a hobby, it takes time and a lot of effort and a lot of stamina to build a business from the ground up.

Unknown Speaker 4:44
If anybody says that if you’re not making money, it’s just a hobby. Please don’t listen to them. Please don’t because it will come. Rome was not built in a day.

Unknown Speaker 4:56
So for me,

Unknown Speaker 4:58
I’m prioritising where I am

Unknown Speaker 5:00
need to spend right now I can get by without needing to in, and I say invest or spend. And I’m also realising that there are things that I can drop from my expenses as well. Because they are no longer relevant to my business. Or they might be. But there’s another way that I can do it.

Unknown Speaker 5:22
Sorry, yeah. So for me, and I’m not even sure if the email capacity is available in the free plan. But I just wanted to, to, to make that point that, please don’t ever feel pressured to spend money that you don’t have. Because, yeah, I get a lot. I think as well.

Unknown Speaker 5:45
Like when people come and work with me, I mean, I told him about it anyway, it’s also in my client form about like, how tech-savvy are you? And some people like, what’s the complete, like, you know, what’s that thing? And they really word that, like, are you gonna make me sign up to a whole bunch of software that I don’t understand? I’m like, absolutely not like some people will come in and go, look, I want to work with you to streamline it, because my intention is to eventually use a CRM or project management system and other people, like, I have no intention of ever using software, I hate software, blah, blah, blah. And like, that’s fine. My service, like, probably all of our services, in some ways are no different. In that, you need to figure out, like I said earlier, what are the steps in your process, regardless of whether a human is doing it, whether a system is doing it, you need to know that either way? And then you can decide, okay, well, I can still just basically follow that workflow manually and print it out and put it in on the front of a manila folder, and is tick it off as I go.

Unknown Speaker 6:48
It’s really just yeah, software’s can elevate, and automate those things. But yes, I agree, Holly, like you don’t have to pay for things just because everyone else seems to have a particular software, because all they’re doing is automating something that they still have to do. And you still have to do, and they just had a point where, okay, I’m prepared to invest in it. And I have the time, like, I can get that time back to do other things. But ultimately, the process is the process, regardless of whether it’s a person or software. So I agree. Absolutely. And also, if you have been

Unknown Speaker 7:30
signing up to everything under the sun, and you’ve got 100 different accounts with lots of different things, just setting yourself some time to have a little bit of a review of those. And maybe unsubscribe or cancel those subscriptions, even if they’re not paid even if they are the free versions, because going back to the email clogging, if you’re signed up to say 10 plus project management tools, I’m sure there’s probably more than that, but just say, and you’re getting all emails, like how much noise is coming in your inbox right now. So make that decision to just do a bit of a detox and clean and just keep the ones that you’re loving right now, it doesn’t mean that that’s going to be the one long term, you might discover something new later that you do want to move to, but making sure that you’re good, clean, nice and sorted

Unknown Speaker 8:25
is something that I talked about, as well as removing the noise, and unsubscribing from any kind of email newsletter that as soon as like, you start to realise, every so often, I stopped myself that one from this particular brand, where I bought a hat from two years ago still emails me and I as soon as I see it, I just delete it. And I’m like, that’s not serving me. And it’s actually also not serving them either, like coming from a background at Priceline where I was in the loyalty area. And obviously, it was all about how many sister club members there were and subscriptions. Like I see it as a favour. I’m unsubscribing from the things that I don’t want like the vanity metric of how many subscribers you have, obviously, like that gets talked about a lot doesn’t matter compared to the people that actually react so like yes, unsubscribe from any like not just software stuff, but unsubscribe from just emails you can like get an unroll.me I think it is one of the best ones that isn’t specific to a particular platform. Like obviously with Apple, they’ll often go Oh, I can tell this a subscription. Do you want to unsubscribe?

Unknown Speaker 9:31
But unroll me is a good one.

Unknown Speaker 9:35
And yeah, just check yourself that you’re not just going Oh, such and such delete such and such delete like I do every morning. It’s like, everyone sends the emails like 6am in the morning. The first thing I do in the morning is get up and I delete like seven emails. Mike, why did you do that learn tomorrow. Can you just remember on enrollment?

Unknown Speaker 9:52
Yeah, I actually just over the weekend. I didn’t really manage my personal emails that much because they were old account

Unknown Speaker 10:00
And exactly that historically, I had an unsubscribe. So I moved everything to a done folder. So it was clear inbox zero, which was fabulous. And I’m doing exactly that project right now. Anything that comes in that I don’t want to see anymore. I’m unsubscribing to it, so that eventually, only the emails I actually want to see come in there, which is nice and refreshing to see it empty. It’s nice and clean, nice and clean.

Unknown Speaker 10:28
Ladies, we are coming up to an hour.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
I knew this would just flow a super easy. Is there anything else we want to touch on? Before we wrap up? I have three questions. I asked everyone that comes on and you guys will be included in that as well. But is there anything you want to touch on? Before we were I feel like that’ll end up being a whole other episode.

Unknown Speaker 10:52
As promised that we will do another episode but yeah, maybe rotate and Oh God, we’ve all got outcasts. Maybe we’ll do like a little crossing. I think I was talking about this on the channel. crossover episode. Yes, I do. tv.

Unknown Speaker 11:08
19. It’s like crossovers.

Unknown Speaker 11:12
That sounds great. Yes. Okay. So we promised listening and again to the community that we will be back. Watch this space. How exciting. Awesome. Okay, well, are you ready? Yeah. For my questions. Who wants to go first? We can both just jump in. Lauren, you go. First is Tyra fine. Sharon you caring. As I say, all right, what is your go to app that creates ease in your day acuity Scheduler. So acuity scheduler is an appointment scheduler, the other one people mostly would know would be calendly. And that is the one that I say if people are being inundated with people’s opinions about you need a CRM or you need a project management. Often for service-based businesses. The biggest quick win you will get from software if you’re ready for some software is acuity scheduler is an appointment Scheduler. Yeah, I use acuity scheduler, because the biggest time suck in a service-based business is I’m free on this state at these times to any of them suit you, oh, I’m not free on those times. What about this day? Okay, I’m free on that day. But what are the times that you’re free on that day, I’m free at this time on this day. And you just go back and forward when you could just go, here’s my scheduler booking with me. And it has obviously functionality around reminding people that you’ve booked a, you know, a call with me and text messages and all that stuff. So if there’s anyone out there who wants to sort of start with something, I will always actually recommend for a service-based business that potentially a schedule hub, even if you usually just go Oh, I just booked in my Gmail or whatever, like, no, try and get people to choose from a schedule much easier. I love that. Yeah, I use Microsoft bookings, because it’s part of my subscription with Office 365. But yeah, I’ve heard acuity is absolutely fabulous.

Unknown Speaker 12:57
What about you, Holly? Similarly, I use calendly, as Lauren just mentioned. And I was tossing up. So for me, it was there was an integration, acuity didn’t integrate with my email, software. So I went with calendly based on that.

Unknown Speaker 13:18
And yeah, for this for the exact same thing. So like I’ve got

Unknown Speaker 13:23
I was using the free one, but realised that I needed to really step it up. And I, for me, it was a sound investment.

Unknown Speaker 13:33
And, you know, you can have

Unknown Speaker 13:36
a booking slot for podcast interviews, you can have one for each of your services. So and you can set different time availability. So like I only record podcasts on Thursdays, it was like an absolute dream that you sent this through for a Thursday

Unknown Speaker 13:51
even though it’s not, you know, my calendar, right, you know, so if people want to be a guest on my podcast, it’s Thursdays, of course it’s not rigid. If Thursday’s don’t work for them, I work around it, but that gives them an idea. And you know, it, you know, I can say Well, I’m not available from one to two because I have lunch then or, you know, I have co-working sessions and I’m not available during my co-working sessions and it’s just so much easier, there’s no back and forth it’s just they can pay directly through calendly as well.

Unknown Speaker 14:23
Alternatively, if they want to pay in instalments they can come to me and then I can invoice them and then you know that bit does have to be manual but the process is still there

Unknown Speaker 14:34
Yeah, that’s true it’s and it’s it’s just simplifies it all and it removes the well my time is more important than your time thing. You know it gives that this is what I’m this is how I’m available find a space that really suits you and your your day. So yeah, people booking things months in advance because, you know, the availabilities don’t line up and that’s the beauty of it. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
It also stops you from trying to lead again, when we’re in sales-based businesses, we’re in acts of service of others. And it stops us from trying to squeeze someone in when we actually don’t have time because we don’t have that structure. And someone goes, Well, what about tomorrow at nine o’clock and you thinking, I actually usually do something else that I that maybe I couldn’t cycle. Yeah. It stops that I love that Father.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
Yeah, there

Unknown Speaker 15:26
you go. You go. Yeah, no, I was gonna say, like, I love that, you know, you can set a buffer. So, you know, if you want to take 15 minutes to prepare for a meeting beforehand, it’s like, Okay, well, nothing is going to be scheduled 15 minutes beforehand. And similarly, if you need to, let’s say, your process involves going and writing up a strategy straightaway or, or, or delving into that,

Unknown Speaker 15:50
then, you know, nothing will be booked an hour to an hour and a half, like, you know, you can if there’s just so much flexibility and capacity for you to conduct your business the way you want to, and I think that, you know, it’s Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:04
I was just gonna say, I found myself Lauren doing that the other day, because I am, I want, I want to help people so much that I’m like, of course, you can come in, but I stopped myself and like, hold on, hold on. No, no, you’ve got you’ve got quite a lot going on right now. You need the space that you’ve allowed in between, so you don’t need to, and if they really want to work with you, they’re going to find that time that’s going to be suitable for them. And sure enough, I sent the link and they booked in straight away for like, three weeks time when my first available slot was. And it was like that realisations. So like, I’m sure there’s a few listeners there that may be at that start of their journey as well and feeling like oh, but they weren’t booked me. If I can’t pander to their need, or jump to their need and their timeframes. It’s just not the case, you know, they’ve come to you because you’re the person that they want to help them with this particular area of their business. So having those tools in place, and those systems set up, will just really help you remember that as well.

Unknown Speaker 17:08
A bit of a, like a

Unknown Speaker 17:11
sense, check that they’re the your ideal client, yes, that respecting your boundaries. It’s like they’ve come to you for structure. And in some sense, like I said earlier, like us having schedulers as an example. It’s almost like an advertisement for business in itself. Like it’s upfront, we’re showing you we have a structure to the way we work. And we sort of want to check and test the waters that you guys can respect that too. Because if you get someone that can’t do that, how are you then going to work with them? Like, is that is that going to work? Well, equally, I have a buffer for me that apart from buffers between appointments, I have a buffer of scheduling in general, so you can’t schedule appointments with me any less than five days in advance, because I need to know, for me that I’m getting up today and that I won’t have like, right, you know, you know, appointments without notice, yeah, today or tomorrow or the next day. And I found for me, it used to be 48 hours. And even that was just a bit too close when I had action plans to write and things like that. So I’ve chosen to have it five days out. So even though technically, my calendar might be free tomorrow, that doesn’t mean I’m not doing something that is not client-facing. So for me, I also have that buffer of knowing that my next five days in advance, I can actually see and probably plan out without anything sort of changing. If anything, something might drop out.

Unknown Speaker 18:34
That’s the other feature I sort of use for that. But I really, I do love that. I really like that. Yeah, that’s very, very good advice there. I’ve just found this, really believing your time is valuable. And if you’ve organised to plan to do something on your business, that’s just as important as doing the client work as well. So, yeah, I love that. Okay, question two. Are you an online paper to

Unknown Speaker 19:04
me first, again, online, so yeah, I run a definitely run a paperless office. I don’t like notes just because I do like to be able to pick up when I can and go anywhere. Obviously, we’ve all talked about ClickUp.

Unknown Speaker 19:21
But like, even from a personal sense, just making sure like I like the ecosystem of, you know, notes online and stuff like that. My favourite Task Manager outside of ClickUp. As for just sort of personal use that’s a little bit more simple is any list.

Unknown Speaker 19:40
It’s a really great app. And I like it because I can have like a grocery list that’s sorted by aisle. So when I like into like tomatoes, it goes into produce and produces at the stock that’s at the start of the you know, that’s how Yeah, that’s how I got my shopping.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
It also integrates with, I’m going to just whisper into my friend Alexa. So that I can just say, Alexa, add eggs and she does it and it’s then when I rock up to the supermarket, my list is using the order of aisle and it is nothing gives me more pleasure than trying to like

Unknown Speaker 20:22
get a personal best of getting through the shops quickly without accidentally going having to double back and I’ll I don’t know if either of you have that. lm I know which shopping centre I’m going like which supermarket I’m going to and the layout. I’ve always been that person that like our walk into Chadstone is a massive shopping centre over here in Melbourne. My Local Ah, it’s literally like it’s my old house was 650 metres from Chadstone. Like it’s literally my local Yeah, I yeah, that was my go to mom’s favourite shop. So think of inherited that. But it’s massive this thing, but I can I know where I’m guided by shop? I know. Okay, I gotta turn left here. And that’s where whatever it is, is Myers here. And then David Jones is a little bit further along than but yeah, it’s that guidance system. So

Unknown Speaker 21:12
anyway, oh, she’ll be back on topic online. Oh, paper for you, Holly. Both? Yeah, both I’m very much. So I am a, as I said earlier, I hate podcasts. I don’t hate podcasts, because I think they’re an excellent medium. But for myself, I I can’t listen to them. Because I need to be able to stop take notes. Like I can’t do it in the background. Like I can’t just have them on it. For me. It’s music so so when it comes to lists and such, so I have my planner beside me I have

Unknown Speaker 21:44
my time blocking pad, where I lay things out where I’m, you know, what I hope to achieve in the day. And I say hope because not everything gets done. I’m a realist. Um, but then when it comes to like, obviously this click up and I have a lot of systems and processes in my business. And but personally, we use and the,

Unknown Speaker 22:07
the JWG la

Unknown Speaker 22:11
for the same reason that Lauren was whispering before, I will have I have two devices here that will, you know, ping as soon as I say that word.

Unknown Speaker 22:20
And we use

Unknown Speaker 22:23
the it’s called cape, so or Google cape down, I said it.

Unknown Speaker 22:28
And we use that for for our grocery list. And we can say the same thing, you know, hey, you over there, add to shopping list or whatever. I don’t know if it’s as whiz-bang as adding it like any least stores.

Unknown Speaker 22:46
But my my husband also has Google, a Google phone. So for us, it’s just you know, we have the same shopping list. And we can both add to it. We can the same for our calendars, we have access to calendars. And we’re actually

Unknown Speaker 23:01
looking at just having one calendar for family things like where we both need to know.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
Because you know, we had to set up a family account or something for something. I can’t remember what it was. But yeah, so for me, it’s definitely both. And they integrate like things, things get missed sometimes because I’m human. My husband does not have an organised bone in his body. So I like

Unknown Speaker 23:29
I don’t know about you, too. But

Unknown Speaker 23:32
if he leaves something somewhere, he’s like, Oh, where did you put it? You know, I might have seen it three days ago, but I’d be like, Oh, you know, it’s in xx place on top of behind, bla bla bla bla bla, like, that’s the level of detail that my head is at.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
So you know, so I need to have both operational in order for our house to function. Yeah, I’m a bit I’m a bit of a both person for different purposes. So when I’m in that real creative space, sometimes I like to be completely off

Unknown Speaker 24:05
and go to my get my kitchen bench. I’ve got all the coloured pens and the things and I just do what I need to do. But I’ll always bring it back in online. So it’s really depending on what type of activity I’m doing to where I where I am, I do have the notebook still because I do a lot I’ve got sparkling nice or fun, but predominantly, I’m an online person as well. So I like the satisfaction of actually physically ticking things off.

Unknown Speaker 24:33
And, and having a status update. So like I’ve actually got a status update column.

Unknown Speaker 24:40
You know, and I think that’s also because,

Unknown Speaker 24:43
you know, one of my jobs when I was in management, it was a retail management position, but I was in the service delicatessen, so there wasn’t actually technology there. Everything was pen and paper. And I think that a lot of that stems from there.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
With my creative side, you know, I just it just feels more natural. I’m not surprised if you’ve done you know, your previous business was a stationery business, then I’m not surprised that you love paper.

Unknown Speaker 25:15
Actually, yeah, that’s a good point. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:19
Okay, final question. What would you do if you created more space in your world? Now this, this question may not be as relevant for you too.

Unknown Speaker 25:30
But if you had more of whatever, what would you want to do with it?

Unknown Speaker 25:39
I’m quite introverted. So any extra time is usually just for myself read.

Unknown Speaker 25:47
Yeah, I really need to decompress after client-facing work, I find they really need that downtime. Because it’s a it’s a completely different switch in my head. So

Unknown Speaker 25:59
as I said earlier, like I work to live I don’t live to work. So it would be more time with family friends, my niece and nephew.

Unknown Speaker 26:10
That kind of thing for me. Yeah, perfect. So me. Yeah, I love that. I’ve recently just worked out that I’m an introverted extrovert, if that’s what you say, I went on Suze chadwicks retreat, which was amazing was so good was three nights away with all these fabulous women in business. But I was go, go go, you know, I was in it. I was, we’re up dancing, singing and all the fun stuff. I got home. And I was like, exhausted, so tight. And we didn’t do any physical things. But it was an all the mental stuff. So yeah, that’s Yeah, I’m Holly.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
I too, am an introverted extroverts

Unknown Speaker 26:50
relate entirely.

Unknown Speaker 26:53
If I had more space in my world, I would

Unknown Speaker 26:59
create more, I would get back into drawing, I really loved drawing and illustrating, I would take up singing lessons. Nice, we’re gonna have to have a chat about this. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 27:13
Sorry, can sing, but no formal training. So I would just like you know, more technical things,

Unknown Speaker 27:19
and not be as hard-pressed to spend time with family and friends. So I’m originally from Geelong. And it’s all from the Bellarine Peninsula. So it’s not often that I get to see my family. My mom doesn’t drive in Melbourne, and my dad and she also works every second weekend.

Unknown Speaker 27:39
So you know, getting back for my daughter to spend time with them and to spend time with her cousins enjoy Long

Unknown Speaker 27:48
You know, that they would definitely be priorities, you know, it’s to do a day trip, you’ve got to spend three hours travelling. Yeah, you know, and that’s a lot, you know, you get there, you’re there for an hour or two, and then you’ve got to turn around and come home. So for us, it would definitely be having more space to spend, you know, take a long weekend.

Unknown Speaker 28:10
here and there. And because, you know, I get down there and I just see my family, I don’t get to see any of my friends. And I’m you know, like and this is the other thing, I’m sorry, this is my pet peeve now

Unknown Speaker 28:24
is that it’s a two way street. So the road to Geelong is just the same as the road to Melbourne. So, you know, I think that if you’re looking to create

Unknown Speaker 28:34
space, more spice in your world, and you’ve probably got to look at who’s in your world as well.

Unknown Speaker 28:41
Yeah, yeah, that’s true surrounding yourself around with the right people.

Unknown Speaker 28:47
You know, I know that there have been moments where I’ve had to make that tough decision and because I’ve been experiencing that having certain people has actually been because I’m very empathetic person and I, you know, I feel quite a lot. And it was overtaking my world, and I wasn’t able to be over in the space that I needed to be in because this particular person at that particular time was not we weren’t serving each other anymore. And having that, you know, ability to go Do you know what, thank you so much for our time together right now. But we’re not serving each other anymore. And I’m letting saying goodbye right now with love and, and all that support. Maybe one day we’ll come back together. And by doing that action, which is hot at the time. It’s amazing. What happens that power of No, which is something we’ll talk about in another episode. is so so, so important.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
Okay, well, we’ve done it, we’re here. Thank you so much, ladies, I have loved this and I am so so thankful that we’ve managed to connect because it’s just I think this is gonna be an ongoing thing and definitely even thing maybe

Unknown Speaker 30:00
I know it’s crazy. I know. Awesome. Sorry. Good. Um, now, where can we find you? I’m obviously going to talk about the geek super thing in a minute. But where can you be found?

Unknown Speaker 30:14
Lauren, go for it. Okay, so seriously sorted comm.au or on Facebook and Instagram at seriously sorted.

Unknown Speaker 30:24
Beautiful. Thank you, Holly. And you can find me you can just pretty much drop into Google Holly Barac’s, so that’s h o l l i e. b, I see. I’m actually named after the English group, the Hollies.

Unknown Speaker 30:39
My website at the time of recording is made a va.com.au. But I am in the throes of moving over to Holly barrack.com that are you but everything will point to there anyway. So Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, all Holly barrack. Love that. And I’m going to put all of those links and everything in the show notes as well. So we can all connect and be friends.

Unknown Speaker 31:06

Unknown Speaker 31:08
as I go ahead, now, while we are here, and why we’ve connected is because coming up in a couple of weeks is the gigs super productivity Pro Series. And we would love you to come and join us for what this week of fabulous sessions. So it kicks off with me on the Tuesday the 18th of May. And I will be holding a session on the art of breathing ease into your everyday. And what we’ll discover there is a guide to your supportive fabrics of your systems, the natural process of a workflow, and how to introduce an effortless, effortless pattern into your day if I can actually say that properly. Then on Wednesday, the 19th, Holly will be sharing her tips on staying productive while working at home. And you’ll discover how to set up your ideal work week, what is time blocking and how to implement it the relationship between your ideal work week and time blocking and how to set realistic expectations for your day. So some of what we’re talking about today, but more. And then Lauren will finish up the week on Thursday, the 20th of May, where she will share the secret to business planning for the solopreneur. And you’ll discover the solopreneur SEO approach to planning what areas of your business to include in your plan. what questions to ask in order to plan successfully, and how to implement your business plan without overwhelm. Now all of those sessions are pretty pretty exciting. So you can come and join 123 or just come along and say hello, every session is at 12 o’clock Australian Eastern Standard Time. So grab your lunch book, your lunch book, your lunch, your notebook or your lunch book. And we can’t wait to see you there. As I said, everything will be in the show notes. So the link to register all of the session information. And yeah, that’s it. So again, thank you so much, everyone for joining me today. I’m so excited that we’ve connected.

Unknown Speaker 33:03
Thank you all thank you so much. It was so good. I’m sure this hope just be the first episode of mini me so fabulous.

Unknown Speaker 33:11
Well, that is it, everyone. And I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and enjoy creating space and time freedom buy down.

Unknown Speaker 33:21
Well, there we go. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you on board. Have we connected on socials? Yes, if not, please come on over. Say hi, I’m on all the platforms at the artisan solutions. So I’d really look forward to seeing you over there. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I’d love it if you


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