Episode 94

Change - Challenging, Fabulous or Both?

November 30th, 2022


Today I’m chatting about wrapping up the year and begin to plan for next year.
We dive into:
  • Reviewing what worked and didn’t work in 2022
  • Planning for 2023
  • Change can be challenging, but rewarding
  • Questions to reflect on in your business

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Episode Transcription

Welcome to Take Control with Nicole, as business owners we experience first hand the fine line between our personal and business lives. During our conversations, we will look at simple hints and tips to create time, reduce overwhelm, and help you to navigate through your journey to where you want to be. If you’re looking for smarter ways to work, and create space and time freedom in your day, then you’re in the right place. All right, let’s go.

Hello, hello, and welcome to another episode of Take Control with Nicole. We are coming fastly up to the end of 2022. How has that year just flown on by? I know that when I’m looking back and reflecting on all of the bits and pieces and actions and humans that I’ve met across this year, it’s just such a fabulous thing to reflect on and take a moment, especially as we’re moving from here into 2023, what are those things that we’re going to hold on to? And what are we going to say thank you so much and I’ve really appreciated you being in my space, but now I’m ready to take that next step forward into whatever 2023 might be for me. So planning for next year, I’ve already decided to give some of these things, some thought, what actions they were going to be doing earlier on in the year that need to start planning for it. Now, before we go on that Christmas break or that holiday break, what are my goals for next year? Financial, feeling, experience, clients, team, business? What does my business look like at the end of 2023? What role am I going to be playing? Already you’ve seen across the socials over the last few months that there’s been definitely an evolution of me as a human and where I am playing in my business in this space right now. So how does that look going forward? Where am I going to be sitting in my business in 2023? And for the end of the year, if I sit at this time next year, and look back and reflect on all the fabulous things, what are those milestones and what are those experiences that have been beautiful and easy and enjoyable all the way through the year that’s arrived at this exact moment? So strategy planning, business planning, goal planning, or big planning, the bigs that we talk about can sometimes feel a little bit restrictive, but like everything with those foundational elements and those focuses for our worlds, this is something that can actually help to give you that structure of a bit of a guideline. Think about Dorothy again. We’re talking Dorothy all the time at the moment, with that yellow brick road. She knew that where she was going because she had that one foot instead of the other, she knew that her aim, her focus was to arrive at the Emerald City. She did take some detours, as you know, she went all over the places as will we all in business. It’s amazing those discoveries that we explore, we meet new humans, we work with new clients, we actually look and explore and ask ourselves the question, is this still serving me right now? I know something that the fabulous Suz Chadwick does quite frequently as well is take check of all of the tech in her business, what’s still working and serving the way that she wants to operate going forward. Sometimes as well we do here, I don’t know if you’ve heard this, I hear the term “Well we’ve always done it that way. So it’s just easier to stay.” I love questioning that though. Because just because we have been doing the things the same way, I don’t know if it does always still serve us. Sometimes we need to take that step outside of the box and find a different solution or look at the way that we’re operating in a different way. Change can be challenging, but it can also be the most rewarding experience when it’s managed well. When you create those beautiful containers for you and your team that are about collaboration and support and feedback and truly listening and connecting with the people that are in your business. What’s working for them what is a real pain point? And what can we actually create and design that’s going to help smooth out those bumps in the road so that they can actually focusing on those core actions that they love themselves, which is why you’re working together and you’re engaged them in your business.

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So take this time, as we jump on over to the holidays in a few weeks time, even over your holiday break, take a moment to just give yourself the space to genuinely and fully connect in with where you currently are sitting in your business. How is your business operating? Is your team happy? That’s Emmett giving this nod of approval if you just heard that the noise down there. Is your business operating in a way that you enjoy? And that also allows you to be living the life that you actually want to be living. I had a fabulous conversation with Sam from Ads for Breakfast, which was last week. And you know, she shared with us that I asked her the question about what would you do if you created more space in your world? Which is a question you’ve heard many, many times before on this podcast. And if you haven’t listened to the episode, and you’re listening to this now, I won’t repeat what she said. But pop on back and have a listen. In a nutshell, though she shared that she has designed her world, her business, her personal life so that space is just the normal. Allowing the way that you ebb and flow between the operations, being a human, how you structure your business to support you what you need as the business owner, who do you have in your business that supports you to do that? What are your systems and your tech and your processes that really support you to do that as well? And even taking it a step up. How are you actually branding and marketing yourself? What level of clients are you attracting? Are we sharing those right messages out and you’re actually stepping right into the land that, you know, is your space and your stage your your place in the world? How and what does it feel like for you right now? You’ve been right here as I’ve been going through that journey and I have to say it’s feeling pretty damn fabulous up here right now in this new space, knowing that I can confidently do all the fabulous things as I have always done. But now with that knowledge of this feels right. I can make decisions that lead from experience evidence, the feeling in my stomach that says yes, Nicole, that’s the thing to do, leaning on into that having a look at the evidence that I’ve collected over the years of working in my business, but also in wider organisations, global SMEs in Melbourne here, being able to really pick and fine fine tooth comb those things that just give me that confidence to go. Yep, you got it. Sorry. Coming back, went on a little whirlwind there, thanks for coming on the journey with me. Take the moment, as I’ve encouraged just a few sentences ago to give yourself that space. And I’m really, really excited to hear from you and what you’ve discovered about you, your business and where you’re heading in 2023. Have a fabulous rest of your day, whatever you’re up to enjoy creating space and time freedom. Bye now.

Well, there we go. Thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been such a pleasure having you on board. Have we connected on social jazz? If not, please come on over. Say hi, I’m on all the platforms at the artisan solutions. So I’d really look forward to seeing you over there. And if you enjoy today’s episode, don’t forget to tag me and I’d love it if you could leave a review. And of course, share this with others so others can come and join us next time. All right, that everyone have a fabulous rest of the week and until next time, see you then.


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