Design Your Own Support Package

You have already worked with The Artisans to introduce Clever System Design into your business, your team are loving the new ways of working and now you are looking for support to continue to enhance your experience.

We listened and invite you to design your own Artisans support package to align with the support you need right now.

How fabulous that you have arrived right here today.

After feedback from our fabulous clients, we realise that continued improvement is important for you and you know that your experience with our team made it easier to discover the shift you are actually looking to uncover.

Living and breathing continuous improvement at The Artisans, we did a thing and created this for you, our fabulous clients.

Single half-day or ongoing weekly sessions…

What is really easy is that we already know your systems, tech, and team so we can jump straight on in and connect with where you are right now to support your move forward.

We are excited to join you to continue supporting your team and business to love what you do more easily than you once knew was possible.

Tell Me About The Artisans Support Elements

30 Min or 1 Hour Sessions | $225 or $397 + GST

Connecting (aligned with your support package) we discover, design or create your new procedures into your tech based on the focus area highlighted by you at the start of each call. Your Session, 30mins or 1 hour, will be shaped based on your priorities. Each session will be recorded and you will have action items ready to support your continuous improvement.

Online Chat Support Desk Support | $150 + GST per week

We understand the most fabulous questions arise in those moments in between. This is why we offer our clients direct access to The Artisans Team Systems Support Desk. Our responses can range from a voice note, text chat or a loom video depending on what support you to move through to the next stage. The support works beautifully to align with our Artisans Connection Sessions and we ask for a minimum of 1 x 30min or 1 hour connection session per 4 week support block. We ask for a minimum of 4 weeks for this support, are that we can continue on a weekly basis.

Book A Support Block | $597 + GST

We offer three bookable blocks to support the continue improvement of your business operations.

  • 1. Discover + Document
  • 2. Review + Recommend
  • 3. Translate + Create
Each block will be tailored to a specific outcome and deliverable aligned to your current need(s).

Half Day Connection Session | $1597 + GST

Have you collected a number of areas you want to work through, we can create a dedicated half-day container where we connect with you In Person (Location dependant) or online and gain greater tracking quicker. These sessions work beautifully scheduled once a month or when there is a bigger shift you are investigating.

Half Day Workshops or Team Trainings | $2497 + GST

This is our favourite place to play. Our workshops and team training sessions have a little more planning and involvement to get us all ready and rocking to enjoy our time together. Once you are ready to proceed, we will:

  • Agree on date, time and location
  • Outine purpose and content
  • Identify attendees
  • The Artians team will shape your learning experience ready for the day
This session is fabulous to support the rollout of a new system or way of working for your team Or on a specific new feature you will now be utilising in your business.

The Artisans Experience

So often when we think about bringing in support for our business, we look at ourselves as business owners and what we need. What about your team? Whether you have in-house human(s) or humans virtually supporting you in your business, who’s supporting them to support you better? This is one place a Design Your Own Support Package can get you more.

Below we share one of our client’s experiences.

After discovering, designing, and building a better system

To support the brilliant business owner business their way, soon they were ready to bring on a new team member. Now, this new human was ready and excited to learn how the system worked in their role and how to keep it up to date.

The Artisans Business Solution Team was engaged to discover, design, and deliver training with this fabulous human over a couple of months. With regular check-ins, tailored and targeted training, and support materials all housed in their primary system, can you guess what this human told us on our last support call?

Okay, when we heard it, you could see the ripple of smiles across the team and feel all the fabulous feelings knowing this human was more confident and comfortable to grow into their role and was already working out ways to continue to grow their systems.

What did they say?

They went from

“Learning a new system and feeling like being thrown in the deep end, there’s so much to learn..”

They arrived to

I feel like our sessions, particularly on my second day and meeting you in person…I loved it. I loved it. You were very understanding. I felt very supported.

This experience all started with

A fabulous business human asking, ‘Hey Nicole, I have a new person starting and I’m wondering how you can support them to settle into our systems. Can we chat about how this can work?’

Whether you have a new team member, or a team that’s ready to work better in your system, it starts with the form below.

You have already experienced working with Nicole and The Artisans team so the next part is really easy.

Complete the form below, selecting the element you would like to see in your support package and as soon as you click the button you know that support is only a moment away.


Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.